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Helang: Amapiano DJ Obza fakes Covid 19 results to perform in Namibia
Amapiano DJ Obza was arrested after providing fake Covid-19 results to gain access into Namibia as he was set to perform there. He was eventually released.
Bonnie Mbuli stands her ground after being slammed online for comments about men
Bonnie Mbuli spoke about who is responsible for raising abusive men online and got slammed by social media users for her comments and allegedly shifting blame.
Rapper Ifani puts AKA on blast and gets dragged by fans for his opinion
Ifani took to social media to drag AKA and Black Coffee but social media users put him on blast for his comments. Fans were not impressed with the rapper.
Linda Mtoba celebrates 10 years with the love of her life and is grateful
Linda Mtoba is celebrating 10 years with her partner and has been married for four years. The actress took to social media to share her gratitude and love.