USA presidential election 2020

Joe Biden Says He Won't Employ Family Members in His Government
The newly elected US president Joe Biden has said none of his family members will be involved in policy making in his administration unlike predecessor Trump.
Michelle Obama hails kids who recreated her inauguration outfit
Ex-US first lady, Michelle Obama, praised the kids who recreated her outfit as she said their attempt was spot-on. Many agreed with her and said they look cute.
Dolly Parton explains why she couldn't accept Medal of Freedom from Trump
Dolly Parton expressed why she couldn't accept a medal from Donald Trump. The award was the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Dolly stated the reasons why on TV.
Kids Go Viral, Recreating Michelle Obama's Funky Inauguration Outfit
Two young beautiful kids have gone viral after a stunning mimic of the majestic dressing shown by Barack Obama and wife Michelle during Biden's inauguration.
Kamala Harris introduces gorgeous lookalike sister in Instagram post
America's Vice President Kamala Harris posted a pretty picture of her lookalike sister on Instagram to celebrate her birthday and the response was overwhelming.
Military seizes power in Myanmar, detains government officials
Myanmar’s military has taken power over the outcome of the November election, which the ruling party won by a landslide. A state of emergency has been imposed.
President Joe Biden sharing kiss with wife lights up internet
Photo of US President Joe Biden sharing a kiss with First Lady Dr Jill Biden excited netizens who have appreciated how the two brought love back in White House.
Donald Trump's impeachment: 45 Republican senators vote against it
Republican senators say impeachment means to remove from office. They maintain Trump cant be impeached since law doesn't allow impeachment of a private citizen.
Joe Biden to place political activist Harriet Tubman on $20 note
The United States president Joe Biden has revived plans to put Harriet Tubman on $20 note after the process was delayed under the government of Donald Trump.
Ex-US vice president Mike Pence homeless after leaving office
Former United States vice president Mike Pence and his wife Karen are reportedly homeless after they left office. Pence has no permanent residence of his own.
Trump spotted golfing with supporters in tow after leaving White House
Donald Trump was said to be in his private club since Wednesday when he departed White House after a short-lived traditional farewell rally at Washington DC.
Full list of policies Joe Biden has signed since becoming president
President Joe Biden has made some giant moves towards re-connecting the US to the global chain with less than a week of entering the respected Oval Office.
Champ and Major: Biden's Lovely Dogs Moving into the White House
The US president Joe Biden and his wife will be having their two dogs live in the White House with them, bringing back the pet tradition stopped four years ago.
Explainer: Exploring President Biden's Looming Impeachment Saga
A Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene has released a statement disclosing the reasons why she thinks USA President, Joe Biden should be removed from office.
"All talk no action": Mzansi drags Fikile Mbalula for Joe Biden tweet
The South African Minister for Transport, Fikile Mbalula has once again got dragged on Twitter after Minister Mbaks quoted a tweet from President Joe Biden.
Twitter Creates Official Second Gentleman Account for Kamala Harris' Husband Doug Emhoff
President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris's inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, January 20, will not be the only transition of power.
Donald Trump's Second Impeachment Trial Set to Start on Monday
Donald Trump's second impeachment trial will start on Monday when the House sends the articles to the Senate for trial, the Senate needs a two third majority.
SA's white house connect Melissa Cohen stuns at Biden's inauguration
South Africa's white house connect, Melissa Cohen was among the many people who came out to show support for the new President of the United States, Joe Biden.
Inauguration day: Bernie Sanders' unique mittens become instant meme
The mittens he wore to sit six feet from everyone in attendance on a modest folding chair, arms crossed and brow furrowed were even more important than his coat
TV show 'The Simpsons' predicted Kamala Harris as vice president
'The Simpsons', which was created by Matt Groening certainly did foresee Donald Trump's presidency and even connected it to Kamala's. Read more on
Joe Biden faces impeachment 24 hours after assuming presidency
The acrimony in US politics continues as a Northwest Georgia congresswoman disclosed that she has filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden.
Emotional moment as Joe Biden invites Nigerian family to White House
The 46th president of the US, Joe Biden, has given a Nigerian family a special invitation to come and see him at the White House. The Nigerians were happy.