The Red Room Teasers for November 2021: What is Boncuk's sister up to?

The Red Room Teasers for November 2021: What is Boncuk's sister up to?

In an era where people are conscious about their mental health, a show that promotes the message is the icing on the cake. The Red Room teasers for November 2021 reveal the benefits of seeing a specialist who helps confront your past and the benefits of doing so. If mental health is your passion, you might want to check out The Red Room.

The Red Room November 2021 teasers
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The Red Room storyline features Doctor, a mental health specialist, who offers therapy to The Red Room cast members. She engages them in conversations and convinces them to open up about their pasts. The sessions reveal what happens during therapy and how important it is to see a specialist. As you wait for the show's episodes to air, these The Red Room teasers for November 2021 reveal what you should expect.

The Red Room teasers for November 2021

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Previous The Red Room episodes revealed Kumru's complicated past and how insecure she is. She is constantly in survival mode, and when things do not go her way, she begins to worry. Her life is a paradox, and every therapy session unearths a layer of her life. Check out these snippets for more details about her life.

Episode 84 - Monday, 1st of November 2021

Boncuk panics as she looks for the wise men, and she worries that they left her. Later, she discloses details of her experiences with Can, and her face lights up as she tells Doctor how Can visited her in Istanbul and how her sister locked her up in the house and prevented them from meeting.

Episode 89 - Tuesday, 2nd of November 2021

Boncuk's behaviour reflects how much damage Kenan made her go through, and it messes with her ability to recognize what is real and what is not. Doctor pleads with Sadik to take care of Boncuk, and a fight ensues between Deniz and Piraye since Deniz insists on telling Doctor about their relationship. Later, Piraye questions why Ayse left the office.

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Doctor insists on finding out more details about Ayse's past, and she is shocked to discover that her father was an alcoholic. She pinpoints how much damage her upbringing had on her life.

Episode 86 - Wednesday, 3rd of November 2021

A vulnerable Ayse opens up about her suffering, what her father made her go through, and how her family broke. She also reveals more saddening details about her family. Meanwhile, Kumru dissociates herself from the cliff of darkness thanks to her daughter; however, things are not safe for her. Doctor tries to engage her in a conversation, hoping to change her view, but sadness gets the better part of her, and she cannot see the world as it is.

Episode 87 - Thursday, 4th of November 2021

Kumru finally gathers the courage to open up about her life with Yavuz. She narrates how he treated her like a queen by buying her expensive jewellery and gifts, although Yavuz lied about what he does for a living. Despite her worries and questions, she chose to look at the brighter side of the situation.

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Episode 88 - Friday, 5th of November 2021

A sad Boncuk worries about the wise men not visiting her, and she self sabotages by referring to herself as an evil woman. She feels guilty for sneaking out to meet Can, yet she is married. She reminisces on her past, although her sister discourages her from talking about her past.

The Red Room cast
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Episode 89 - Monday, 8th of November 2021

Boncuk worries that Doctor will judge her, although Doctor reaffirms she is professional and Boncuk is doing the right thing by opening up. Boncuk meets with Can after reading his letter, and as she walks towards him, he disappears. Boncuk is sad to realize it was a dream, and later, she falls off the bed and starts to have a seizure.

Episode 90 - Tuesday, 9th of November 2021

Boncuk is sad to realize she was hallucinating over some people in her life. She opens up about how challenging it has been for her to deal with loneliness, and another fight breaks out between Piraye and Deniz. An angry Deniz storms out of the room.

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Doctor encourages Ayse to open up about her childhood and memories of her life after her father's passing. She reveals how she never mourned her late father and why she blames herself for his death.

Episode 91 - Wednesday, 10th of November 2021

As Ayse opens up to Doctor, she reveals how her mother disappeared and its impact on her. She explains why her grandmother had to fill the void her parents left her and how it did not work out for her.

Kumru hurts herself in an attempt to get Yavuz's attention, and when things go south, she blames Doctor for her miseries. However, she feels lighter and better after opening up to Doctor. She explains how being rapped by Yavuz ruined their relationship and how she did not consider his pleas to be forgiven.

Episode 92 - Thursday, 11th of November 2021

Kumru gets a panic attack in the middle of the night, forcing her to wake up and numb her pain. She hops into the shower, hoping to feel better, but Yavuz behaves as though nothing happened to her but pretends to be ready to do anything for her.

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Episode 93 - Friday, 12th of November 2021

Deniz and Piraye are excited to be in their new house. As they head to the clinic, they are in high spirits and even flirt secretly. Later, Kumru comes to the clinic and informs Doctor how difficult it is to live with Yavuz. She explains her plan to move into a stranger's house and later meet a young boy called Hakan.

The Red Room episodes
Therapy sessions can trigger pain. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Episode 94 - Monday, 15th of November 2021

During her session with Doctor, Kumru opens up about the man she met while working and how decent he was. She goes ahead to reveal how she rejected him to avoid getting into trouble. Later, she tells her big secret about Duru being Yavuz's daughter and not Fahri's.

Ayse reveals her next plan after quitting her job at the clinic, and Deniz realizes that Tuna and Aynur think he crossed paths with Piraye. Therefore, they pretend not to get along.

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Episode 95 - Tuesday, 16th of November 2021

Ayse finally opens up about her past and how attached she was to her grandparents to the point of seeing them as her parents. However, the bond is affected when her mother gets married and moves in with her. Her attempts to convince her mother to let her stay with her grandparents do not bear fruit.

Boncuk is livid about someone attempting to kill her, and when she spots a rat, she rushes to the grocery store to get poison. At the store, she meets an old man who warns her about her next move. Nonetheless, she still convinces herself that someone is following her.

Episode 96 - Wednesday, 17th of November 2021

Boncuk thinks Sasik and Rezzan are on a mission to kill her, but Doctor attempts to talk her out of the thoughts to no avail. When she spots Kenan, she panics. He triggers all the bad memories; hence, she insists on seeing the wise men again. Doctor recommends she stays in the hospital, although Sadik disagrees with the suggestion.

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Episode 97 - Thursday, 18th of November 2021

Doctor thinks it is time to unearth the primary cause of the scares in Kumru's life; hence, she asks about her childhood. Kumru reveals how much her childhood was filled with betrayal and abuse. Her woes begin when her mother gets married to Servet.

Episode 98 - Friday, 19th of November 2021

From Kumru's confession, Doctor realizes how much her life is drenched in pain and the cause of her insecurities. Elsewhere, Ayse hangs out with her colleagues for the last time before she leaves the hospital.

The Red Room episodes
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Episode 99 - Monday, 22nd of November 2021

An unexpected visitor shows up at the hospital with an uncanny vibe, and Doctor and the others do not know what to do. Doctor is shocked to realize that the guest has a gun, and their outrage makes her note there is more to them than what they show to the outside. Later, Daredevil Sadi shows up at the clinic when his anxiety attack problem heightens.

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Episode 100 - Tuesday, 23rd of November 2021

The three wise men return, and they are the cause for Boncuk's change in mood. She plans on seeing Doctor one last time, but Doctor discovers what she is hiding from her demeanour. The missing part solves her puzzle.

Episode 101 - Wednesday, 24th of November 2021

Doctor does everything to save Boncuk from the dream she fell into, and Rezzan, Boncuk's sister, talks to Doctor, and they agree to admit her to a facility. However, Hüseyin, Rezzan's husband, neglects Boncuk's needs once more.

Episode 102 - Thursday, 25th of November 2021

Rezzan and Doctor finally succeed in convincing Boncuk that she has been living in a bubble. Elsewhere, Sadik hears of the accident and immediately returns to the country. Boncuk hears the words she needs to hear from her husband.

Episode 103 - Friday, 26th of November 2021

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Another couple shows up for therapy, and Doctor is fascinated by how opposite they are and how they view the world. As she talks to them, she realizes the significant difference in Nazil and Recai's personalities.

Episode 104 - Monday, 29th of November 2021

Nazil feels miserable watching her relationship crumble, but Recai insists on getting a divorce. She pleads with Doctor to reunite them, but Doctor insists on hearing their past. Doctor realizes that Nazil had a troubled childhood and her mother was a dominant person.

Later, Kumru finally opens up about her past and how her father raped her. She reveals how painful it was for her when her mother did not believe her.

The Red Room storyline
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Episode 105 - Tuesday, 30th of November 2021

Doctor realizes where Kumru's insecurities issues stem from and why she keeps asking whether Doctor believes her or not. Kumru reveals how her mother sent her to her grandmother's house when she did not believe her claims about being raped.

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Sadi spots a fight on his way to Doctor's office and stops the man from hitting a woman. However, the altercation reminds him of something familiar.


Boncuk's therapy sessions reveal a void in her life. She longs for Can's love, although her mental state is so messed up that she lives in a bubble and is constantly hallucinating. The therapist suggests her admission to a facility, although Hüseyin refuses to support her.


Kumru seeks help regarding her emotions, and the therapy sessions reveal how much she endured under Yavuz. She unmasks how Yavuz rapped her and even traded her to repay his debts. When the therapist engages her about her past, she reveals her strained relationship with her mother. She also states how her mother's husband raped her.

The information makes the therapist discover how Kumru's mother betrayed her when she refused to believe her about the rape. She also understands why Kumru is insecure about the therapist believing her.

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