Wedding Planners Teasers for October 2021: New series for soapie lovers!

Wedding Planners Teasers for October 2021: New series for soapie lovers!

Wedding Planners on Star Life is an Indian series based on the themes of romance. Preeti is on her own after her son, Tarun, alongside his wife, demands that she leaves their home. However, this misfortune leads to the start of a relationship between two people who have decided to bury their pains in their separate wedding planning businesses. The Wedding Planners teasers offer a preview of how K.T and Preeti become business partners and lovers.

Wedding Planners Teasers
Preeti Jindal on Wedding Planners StarLife. Photo: @Rajshree Thakur
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K.T. and Preeti's first encounter is at a wedding ceremony that the latter hosted for her son. Although the sparks of love are not immediately noticeable, this duo would later grow on each other amidst different challenges. Preeti needs a job, a comforter, and someone who will always stand by her, and K.T. decides to be that person. There are lots of interesting things you cannot afford to miss in this month's Wedding Planners soapie series.

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Wedding Planners teasers for October 2021

Starlife offers a mix of education and entertainment in the new Wedding Planners Indian drama. Romance takes the centre of this series; however, themes of betrayal and uncompromising loyalty help push the major narrative of love. You can catch this new soapie on Starlife every day of the week, but before then, below are the highlights of what to expect.

Episodes 1 and 2 - Tuesday, 19th of October, 2021

Preeti is excited about taking charge of the plans regarding Tarun, her son's marriage. However, for unknown reasons, Preeti goes back on an oath of silence that she has held for 20 years at the ceremony.

An interesting movie actor popularly known as K.T. attends the marriage ceremony, and this makes Preeti happier. However, Juhi is pissed at some of Rati's actions despite his accolades from other guests.

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Episodes 3 and 4 - Wednesday, 20th of October, 2021

Rati makes a mysterious demand of Preeti when she finishes with the Gruhapravesh. Meanwhile, members of K.T.'s family observe shocking headlines in the papers.

K.T. plans to get his mother a brand new Almirah, and he decides to go for the one designed by Preeti. However, Preeti is in a difficult situation, and she turns to K.T. for assistance.

Episodes 5 and 6 - Thursday, 21st of October, 2021

Preeti tries to smuggle K.T. out of the mansion to avoid contact between him and Kusum, while Tarun and Rati face the boss as Preeti is accused of being a thief.

Wedding Planners Teasers
An event takes K.T. down memory lane. GIF:, (modified by author)
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An event takes K.T. down memory lane while Preeti wants nothing to do with Rati and Tarun for a while. But, unfortunately, K.T. misconstrues some of Preeti's intentions.

Episodes 7 and 8 - Friday, 22nd of October, 2021

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K.T. stops Preeti from hitting the ground after she faints. At the same time, Preeti is in disbelief after Tarun requests that she exit the house.

Kusum is hesitant to allow Preeti to stay while Piyu puts up a troublesome show in the house. However, Juhi ensures the continued stay of Preeti even though the latter wants to leave.

Episodes 9 and 10 - Saturday, 23rd of October, 2021

Rati confides in Tarun about being the one doing all the chores while Preeti is away. Preeti is uncomfortable with living at Kusum's place.

Preeti decides to move out of Kusum's place amid mixed emotions while K.T. and Chanda meet at his house. However, K.T. is shocked when Chanda begins to get too intimate for comfort.

Episodes 11 and 12 - Sunday, 24th of October, 2021

Kusum meets up with Tarun and Rati while K.T. leaves the house angrily. Then, K.T. gets an unexpected gift along with a letter.

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Preeti and Kusum meet with Rati under weird circumstances while Kusum goes back home. Meanwhile, Kusum and Preeti throw a large party in celebration of Mother's Day.

Episodes 13 and 14 - Monday, 25th of October, 2021

Preeti decides to be open about her expectations for the future while Rati and Tarun are having a difficult time at the house. Elsewhere, K.T. celebrates Mother's Day lavishly.

Kusum and her family assist Preeti in preparing her resumé for job interviews while K.Y. and his mom unexpectedly contact Chanda. Unfortunately, Rati misjudges Preeti's intentions.

Episodes 15 and 16 - Tuesday, 26th of October, 2021

Chanda humiliates Preeti in the eatery, and K.T. plays the role of a comforter for a devastated Preeti. However, Preeti receives a surprise when she gets back to Kusum's place.

Wedding Planners Teasers
Preeti receives a surprise when she gets back to Kusum's place. GIF:, (modified by author)
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The family is excited about the prospect of Piyu's new job, while Tarun's pride is revealed, thanks to Kusum's intelligent plans. However, Preeti is reluctant to accept K.T.'s offer.

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Episodes 17 and 18 - Wednesday, 27th of October, 2021

Preeti decides to work by herself after Rati and Tarun's insults. Elsewhere, Kusum asks Preeti to take K.T. on his offer.

Kusum seeks forgiveness from Preeti for maltreating her after she overheard her words of admonitions to Piu. Then, Preeti comes bearing good news, and she shares it with Kusum.

Episodes 19 and 20 - Thursday, 28th of October, 2021

Preeti and K.T.'s bond becomes stronger. Also, Mr Argwal withholds some part of Preeti's salary, leaving her in a difficult position. How will K.T. come to her rescue again?

K.T. orders Mr Argawal out of Kusum's house but not after making him tender an apology to Preeti. Elsewhere, Preeti tells K.T. something he has been longing to hear, and it excites him.

Episodes 21 and 22 - Friday, 29th of October, 2021

Rati gets a surprising car gift from Tarun. Meanwhile, K.T. and Preeti get ready for the unveiling of their new workspace.

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Preeti comes to the new space along with members of her family. K.T. puts Preeti in charge of duty during the launching of Puja.

Episodes 23 and 24 - Saturday, 30th of October, 2021

Neelima threatens Preeti about her coalition with K.T., while Tarun wants every opportunity to disgrace Preeti despite receiving a surprise from Juhi.

Preeti is nervous on her first day at work and asks Preeti to boost her confidence. Kusum arrives with a surprise present for Preeti on her first day at the job.

Episodes 25 and 26 - Sunday, 31st of October, 2021

K.T. and Preeti face a daunting situation on the first day of working in their new office. Meanwhile, Tarun is in disbelief after he receives news of a new worker in his office.

K.T. writes some beautiful words in honour of Kusum while Tarun disgraces Priyanka at the office. Rati is in a state of shock during the visit to K.T.'s new workplace.

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Wedding Planners Teasers for October 2021
Wedding Planners Teasers for October 2021 has an action packed storyline that will have you on the edge of your seat! Photo: @weddingteasers (modified by author)
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Preeti is a single mother facing the daunting task of keeping herself and her family in order. She gets into a satisfying relationship with a famous movie actor after going through some terrible treatment at the hands of several people. Unfortunately, some of them make wrong assumptions about her intentions. In the end, Preeti's relationship blossoms into a new job, new workplace, new residence and a comforter in the form of a lover.


K.T. is an interesting personality and a popular one at that since he works in the movie industry. However, he catches a love fever after attending a wedding ceremony. K.T. is in love with the groom's mother, but it takes a while before he gets the chance to show his intentions. But then, he begins with being there for the woman of his dreams and gets her a needed job in her difficult times. He also gets new office space and moves to work there with his sweetheart against all odds.

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The Wedding Planners teasers for October 2021 are the first of many to come in this new thriller. Lovers of Indian romantic drama have something new to look forward to every day of the week in the Wedding Planners Indian series. Therefore, do not miss out on the series as the episodes broadcast on Star Life at 21h00 and 21h30.

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