Legacy 2 Teasers for November 2021: What does Msizi's return have in store for us?

Legacy 2 Teasers for November 2021: What does Msizi's return have in store for us?

Legacy 2 teasers for November 2021 are out, and so much is bound to happen in the oncoming episodes. If you thought you had had a taste of the show's drama, the snippets of the oncoming Legacy 2 episodes prove that the show has just begun. These highlights reveal what you should brace yourself for in the oncoming episodes.

Legacy 2 November 2021 teasers
Legacy 2 Teasers for November 2021. Photo: @MUD Make-up Designory Africa
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Legacy 2 November 2021 teasers reveal the sudden change of events when Msizi returns. His presence brings about a lot of uncertainties, and it throws the lives of those around him into disarray. Dineo has a difficult decision since he walked out on her when she needed him the most. Check out these snippets of how the twisted Legacy 2 storyline will unfold.

Legacy 2 teasers for November 2021

As the Legacy 2 cast members reveal the different facets of their lives, Gordon's life proves to be a rollercoaster. He is not sure whether he wants to meet new people and explore his chances at love. Willem equally finds himself in several situations that require him to make life-changing decisions. Read on for more juice about the storyline.

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Episode 25 - Monday, 1st of November 2021

False negative

Elizabeth and Robbie lament their negative DNA test results, although Gordon insinuates there was foul play involved. Felicity and Dineo stay ahead of Marco's investigation, although Marco is steps away from catching the much-needed lead.

Episode 26 - Tuesday, 2nd of November 2021

Brothers and sisters

Marco expresses his feelings for Felicity, who keeps her conscience contained, and Lexi opens up to Sims, and the conversation turns into an argument. Angelique second-guesses herself, and Elizabeth finally finds out the truth.

Episode 27 - Wednesday, 3rd of November 2021

Morning in New York

Denise breaks the bomb by telling Angelique the devastating truth, and Robbie receives exciting news. Marco seems to have lost days' worth of progress.

Episode 28 - Thursday, 4th of November 2021

Positive ID

Robbie makes the brave step to meet the family as Angelique melts into obscurity. Meanwhile, Dineo and Felicity have to act quickly and intercept a witness before revealing their identity to Marco.

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Episode 29 - Monday, 8th of November 2021

A ticking time bomb

Willem is unsure of what to do with his recent discovery, and Felicity and Dineo race against time to keep their secret hidden. Is it too late?

Legacy 2 cast
A recent discovery worries the matriarch of a family. Gif: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
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Episode 30 - Tuesday, 9th of November 2021

Hope in dark places

Marco gives Felicity some bittersweet news, and Willem sets out on a journey that is more complicated than he had imagined.

Episode 31 - Wednesday, 10th of November 2021

Just desserts

Robbie debates whether to take Angelique's offer since he believes corporate life is not his dream. Willem is unsure whether he should keep the money or use it to help the people around him. Dineo and Felicity realize a disaster is lurking on them; hence, they think of a scapegoat.

Episode 32 - Thursday, 11th of November 2021

Avenging angels

Robbie struggles to find his place at Legacy, and he doubts whether the corporate constraints will prove much to him. Willem's search for the owner of the money makes him cross paths with Sanele. Felicity devises another plan to take care of the loose ends, although Dineo opposes it.

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Episode 33 - Monday, 15th of November 2021

Know your enemy

Robbie receives a Legacy-style makeover, and Willem is at the mercy of a desperate Dusty and Vlooi.

Episode 34 - Tuesday, 16th of November 2021

Let bygones be bygones

Robbie stumbles upon an influential person in Legacy, and Stefan shows up on time to rescue Willem, although Willem is unhappy to discover that his captors were arrested. Meanwhile, Felicity messes with Marco's investigation to deflect suspicion from her and Dineo. Nonetheless, Dineo remains uncomfortable about Marco's investigations nearly catching up with them; hence, she takes action to save herself from the lurking disaster.

Episode 35 - Wednesday, 17th of November 2021

Moving on and out

Willem finally decides what he wants to do with the money, and Robbie takes pleasure in his newfound respect and fortune. However, he does not realize how much he has gotten himself into.

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Legacy 2 episodes
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Episode 36 - Thursday, 18th of November 2021

This song is about you

As Sanele and Potgieters come to terms with the cash missing, life throws Willem and Charmaine another curveball. Robbie realizes the need to pull off another miracle to win back the trust of the Japanese investor and gain the trust of the Price family members.

Episode 37 - Monday, 22nd of November 2021

Water under the bridge

Msizi, the prodigal son of Legacy, is back, although Dineo is not sure she was prepared to have him back, especially with the mayhem in her life. A ghost from Gordon's past shows up, and they throw him off balance.

Episode 38 - Tuesday, 23rd of November 2021

Love won and lost

Willem and Charmaine struggle with the emotions of a promised child, and Gordon deals with the pain of a loved one they had left behind. Dineo realizes she cannot resist Msizi.

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Episode 39 - Wednesday, 24th of November 2021

Ghosts of our past

Gordon gets another unexpected visitor. Charmaine discovers information that could change her life and future, and Lexi unwittingly tells Sims something she was not supposed to.

Episode 40 - Thursday, 25th of November 2021

Love and other things

Charmaine's proposal shakes Willem to the core, and Gordon hooks up with a special friend.

Legacy 2 storyline
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Episode 41 - Monday, 29th of November 2021

Take a chance on love

Gordon opens himself to receiving love, and Willem realizes he is in a dilemma. He wants Charmaine to be happy, although he struggles with the pressure of going against his instincts. Elsewhere, Msizi's return throws the lives of those around him into disarray.

Episode 42 - Tuesday, 30th of November 2021

A love like this

Willem is in a dilemma as he has to choose between two women he has loved, and Gordon is hellbent on warming up to love. Thandi's reaction to Msizi and Dineo's love leaves them shocked.

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Marco's investigation throws Dineo and Felicity into survival mode, and they rush against time to conceal their steps and take care of the loose ends before it is too late. Felicity suggests a way to stop Marco from catching up with them, but Dineo does something different. When Msizi returns, Dineo is unsure how to feel about him. However, she gives in to her emotions and accepts him. Is she ready for the imbalance that his return could cause?


Willem goes on a difficult mission, and his discovery leaves him startled. He stumbles upon a whopping R500K and wonders what he should do with the money. Willem gambles with spending the money on the people who need it and returning it to its owner. Later, his relationship with Charmaine hits another bump, and he has to choose between the two women he loves.

Legacy 2 teasers for November 2021 cannot compare to the series of drama in the oncoming episodes. Ensure to tune in to M-Net from Mondays to Thursdays at 19h00. You will get hooked on the drama!

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