Dokter Ali Teasers for November 2021: Ali is summoned by the board

Dokter Ali Teasers for November 2021: Ali is summoned by the board

Dokter Ali teasers for November 2021 are out, and the hospital's drama seems to get intense by the day. If you thought the previous episodes were dramatic, you might want to check out these highlights. You will be bummed by how quick tables and how a villain turns into a hero.

Dokter Ali November 2021 teasers
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Dokter Ali storyline features the operations of a hospital and what happens behind the curtains of a hospital. The soapie features Ali, a resilient autistic doctor who strives to grow his career in an environment filled with negativity. His colleagues dampen his mood and kill his spirits; hence, he constantly doubts his competence. Apart from Ali, the show reveals how other Dokter Ali cast members get into relationships and find it challenging to balance work and their pleasures. Check out the hints in Dokter Ali teasers for November 2021 for more details about the show.

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Dokter Ali teasers for November 2021

Recent Dokter Ali episodes revealed Ali's traumatic experience and how it affects his concentration. His colleagues alienate him, and he has to prove he is in the right state of mind to treat patients. Will he have another chance to demonstrate his commitment and competence in treating patients?

Episode 12 - Monday, 1st of November 2021

Ferman leaves Tanju in charge of the assistant surgeons to attend the conference, and Nazli attempts to make a gloomy Ali active. However, Acelya's mean comments send Ali into a meltdown.

Episode 13 - Tuesday, 2nd of November 2021

Everyone is busy looking for Ferman, who is hiding, and when Beliz locates him, she pressures him to confess. Demir insists on proving himself to Tanju, and when the new patient shows up at the hospital, Ali gets confronted by his past.

Episode 14 - Wednesday, 3rd of November 2021

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Beliz questions Ferman about his lies, and it looks like Ferman is not the good man he pretends to be. Ali tries to get Kerem's attention by telling him he has been misdiagnosed. Despite his efforts, Kerem kicks him off the case.

Episode 15 - Thursday, 4th of November 2021

A rumour about Ferman and Beliz angers Nazli and puts Tanju on edge. Elsewhere, Ali finally sees his brother off after delivering the good news to Kerem and his family.

Episode 16 - Friday, 5th of November 2021

The rumour about Ferman and Beliz being married stirs confusion and unhappiness. Meanwhile, it is a bustling night at the ER, and the pressure causes emotions to run high.

Episode 17 - Monday, 8th of November 2021

Demir shows up on time to rescue a patient, and Tanju is impressed by that, although he wonders why Demir has to prove herself. Nazli makes a mistake that could jeopardize her career.

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Episode 18 - Tuesday, 9th of November 2021

Ali opens up to Adil, who makes him realize he could be falling for Nazli. Tanju goes on a risky mission to find out what happened to Nazli and Adil's patient.

Episode 19 - Wednesday, 10th of November 2021

A woman desperately pleads with the hospital staff to check on her baby, and another refuses treatment for her sick child. Sadly, the doctors are unable to help.

Episode 20 - Thursday, 11th of November 2021

Demir worsens the situation for an already heartbroken Acelya by telling her the truth, and it looks like Tanju is on a mission to unmask the truth. Ali opens up to a patient's mother about his past and suggests that the mother change her opinion about meeting her son's needs.

Episode 21 - Friday, 12th of November 2021

Kivilcim and Beliz seem to be in terms, although their joy ends when Tanju tells Kivilcim the truth. Meanwhile, Nazli and Ali take over Tamer's operation, and they seem to get along so well.

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Episode 22 - Monday, 15th of November 2021

Nazli tries to be objective while attending to a patient, although it causes a scuffle with Tanju, and Doctor Adil expresses his concerns about Ali's troubles after the robbery.

Episode 23 - Tuesday, 16th of November 2021

Adil expresses his concerns about Ali's ability to integrate into society besides the hospital walls. Kivilcim struggles to come to terms with the reality of never working side by side with Beliz; hence, she declares war on her!

Episode 24 - Wednesday, 17th of November 2021

Is Ali ready for the afflictions in the future? Tanju reveals the truth about Nazli's patient to Ferman, and Ferman confronts her about it. Later, Tanju and Kivilcim met to concoct the next step in their evil plan.

Episode 25 - Thursday, 18th of November 2021

The hospital board convenes a meeting to discuss Ali's issue after receiving several complaints about him. Later, when Ali goes through the article written about him, it kills his morale and dampens his mood.

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Episode 26 - Friday, 19th of November 2021

Tanju struggles to come to terms with the pain of losing a patient. Ali has a rough time when one of his patients brushes shoulders with him. He struggles to concentrate as the preparations for the board meeting are underway.

Episode 27 - Monday, 22nd of November 2021

Kivilcim is upset when she realizes that Tanju might be losing his taste of all the scheming. Ferman becomes Ali's unlikely saviour during the board meeting, although Ali does not receive the news he had anticipated.

Episode 28 - Tuesday, 23rd of November 2021

Demir and Acelya try to help a special needs patient, and Nazli persuades Ali to diagnose a patient. She hopes that the move will lead him back to the surgical room, although she is unsure whether Ferman will fall for it.

Episode 29 - Wednesday, 24th of November 2021

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Beliz and Ferman doubt the decisions they have been making. A patient shows up at the ER, and Demir and Tanju invite Ali to help with the diagnosis, and the gesturer renews Ali's hope in the security of his job.

Episode 30 - Thursday, 25th of November 2021

Adil engages Ali in a conversation and offers nuggets of wisdom about lessons learnt while growing up. Later, the hospital prepares for a critical experimental procedure, and everyone worries whether Ali is in the right capacity to participate.

Episode 31 - Friday, 26th of November 2021

Beliz is in a dilemma and gambles with reporting a friend to the authorities, and Kivilcim offers her support. Will Beliz gather the courage to do the right thing? Will this incident bring them closer?

Episode 32 - Monday, 29th of November 2021

Ali takes a big risk but is successful in rescuing Sebnem and her baby. The incident renews everyone's hope in Ali, and they express their excitement about his heroism.

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Episode 33 - Tuesday, 30th of November 2021

The hospital staff celebrate Ali carrying the day, and Gulin and Gunes enjoy a private happy moment. Later, things go south for Nazli when the committee shows up to investigate the death of her patient.


Ali goes through a traumatic experience that disorients him, and his concentration becomes a cause for an alarm. Nonetheless, he shows up and tackles the less involving tasks. When the board convenes a meeting to determine his fate, Ferman sides with him, and he is reinstated. He wins everyone's confidence through his exemplary performance during the experimental procedure.


Nazli makes a mistake that threatens her career, and Tanju goes on a mission to bring her down. He investigates what happened to her patient, and after coming up with his findings, he lets Ferman in on what happened. Later, a troubled Nazli is summoned to explain the death of her patient. Will she get herself out of this dire situation?

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Dokter Ali teasers for November 2021 do not water down the juicy drama in the show. Catch the show's episodes on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30. You will be in for a bumpy ride!

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