DiepCity Teasers for November 2021: Will Thandiwe's secret be revealed?

DiepCity Teasers for November 2021: Will Thandiwe's secret be revealed?

DiepCity is an award-winning soapie that has captured the hearts of many South Africans. It follows the life of four young South African women trying to make a life for themselves. But, unfortunately, life keeps handing them lemons. Will they make it out of life's tribulations in one piece?

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In the DiepCity November episodes, Asanda and Charleston try to convince Sne to go to church. Elsewhere, Bonga catches Thandiwe in an outright lie, and it becomes clear to Thandiwe that her secret will be revealed soon. What will she do? Get the gist in these thrilling teasers below.

DiepCity November 2021 teasers

Nox is in denial about her father and refuses to listen to Thandiwe. She harbours a lot of hate towards her mother because she was lying this whole time. What news about her father made Nox this upset? Find out in these November teasers.

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Mgedeza receives an urgent call from his wife while in a meeting with Zola. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Monday, 1st November 2021 - Episode 151

Asanda vows to Charleston that she will take her responsibilities as Mamfundisi seriously. Elsewhere, the Jele family is in good spirits while Lungile almost walks in on her parents as they get intimate.

Tuesday, 2nd November 2021 - Episode 152

Maureen dictates that no concert will take place at her bar. Meanwhile, Charleston believes Asanda should put her friends on the correct path; otherwise, they will all be lost.

Wednesday, 3rd November 2021 - Episode 153

As Asanda and Charleston attempt to make Sne come to church, Maureen is suspicious about Malume Jantshi. However, Lerato believes that he is just nervous about the big event and album release.

Thursday, 4th November 2021 - Episode 154

Asanda believes that the raid is a sign from God that they should do a spiritual purification. Elsewhere, the Gedeza family officially concludes the grieving period for Khumo.

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Friday, 5th November 2021 - Episode 155

The distressed Mgedezasquares up to Malume Jantshi about the telephone call, and Malume is forced to answer. Later on, Asanda feels trapped, and Sne tries to comfort her.

Monday, 8th November 2021 - Episode 156

Mgedeza takes Malume Jantshi to his room and locks her in preparation for the questioning while Lerato has difficulty dealing with the angry people who purchased tickets. Asanda confides in Charleston about the girls being reluctant to get the cleansing - he decides to chat with them.

Tuesday, 9th November 2021 - Episode 157

Ringo and Khelina spot Thandiwe entering an unfamiliar person's car - they become suspicious. Soon after, Asanda and Charleston try to make Sne go to church, but she declines.

Wednesday, 10th November 2021 - Episode 158

Asanda is cheerful, making Sne hopeful that they have gotten over their past criminal lives. Elsewhere, Khelina feels like a 3rd wheel hanging out with Thandiwe and Bonga, so she calls her partner.

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Thursday, 11th November 2021 - Episode 159

Asanda receives strict terms from the girls while Lungile spots Thandiwe taking a picture out of the shoe box - arising her curiosity.

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Zola is upset when Mgedeza drops their unfinished conversation to attend to his wife. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Friday, 12th November 2021 - Episode 160

Thandiwe is bewildered as Bra Pat pretends not to know her. Later on, Themba proposes that Sne visits a sangoma to purge herself of Fistos.

Monday, 15th November 2021 - Episode 161

Bonga, Lungile, and Nox try to make Thandiwe happy by planning a romantic surprise. Meanwhile, Asanda represses her feelings as Sne says a prayer with her.

Tuesday, 16th November 2021 - Episode 162

Nox takes responsibility for something she is unsure about while Sne and Sizwe are all over each other before the test.

Wednesday, 17th November 2021 - Episode 163

Lungile's life orientation exam requires her to set up a family tree triggering Thandiwe, who stores out. Elsewhere, Sne tells Asanda and Charleston that she has a date with Sizwe; they have mixed feelings about this.

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Thursday, 18th November 2021 - Episode 164

Thandiwe arrives from her night out and is untruthful about where she has been. Meanwhile, Bonga discovers that Thandiwe talked to Nox about his biological father. Later on, Sne is preoccupied when Asanda tries to find out details about the date; she eventually reveals that the date went badly.

Friday, 19th November 2021 - Episode 165

Sizwe tells Sne that she is still great with kids while the Jele family finds out that Nox exited and her keys remained behind. Soon after, Bonga volunteers to pass by the workshop to hand Nox her keys.

Monday, 22nd November 2021 - Episode 166

Sne and Asanda discuss the picnic they had the day before, but Sne prefers that their next date be couples exclusively. Asanda responds that Lerato will feel excluded. Elsewhere, Bonga interrogates Nox after his discussion with Ringo.

Tuesday, 23rd November 2021 - Episode 167

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Nox tells Bonga that he raised a brilliant daughter who will not fall easily for anything. Later on, Sne happily tells Asanda about how couples night went, and Charleston wonders why he was left out.

Wednesday, 24th November 2021 - Episode 168

Bra Pat has to explain his actions to Bonga, and Thandiwe knows that her secret will be revealed soon. Elsewhere, Asanda is receiving the cold shoulder from both Charleston and Sne.

Thursday, 25th November 2021 - Episode 169

Bonga is suspicious of Thandiwe when she reveals that she hailed taxis to work the previous day. Meanwhile, Sne is overexcited about the upcoming trip, but Asanda is concerned that her feelings will be hurt.

Friday, 26th November 2021 - Episode 170

Bonga is disheartened when Thandiwe lies to his face about where she was. Elsewhere, Sizwe gives Sne a bouquet in the presence of Asanda.

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Monday, 29th November 2021 - Episode 171

Nox does not want to believe Thandiwe, and she leaves; she is in denial about her father, and Herbert only has bad news to give her.

Tuesday, 30th November 2021 - Episode 172

Nox is upset that she is trying to fix things with her mother when her mother was lying the entire time. Elsewhere, Maureen's symptoms worsen as she nears giving birth, hurting both her and Mgedeza.

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Maureen tells her husband, Mgedeza, her insecurities after suspecting he is cheating on her with Zola. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Charleston convinces her to ask her friends to go to church. She believes they all need a spiritual cleansing after the raid. She later prays with Sne but later receives the cold shoulder from Sne and CHarleston.


In the teasers above, Sne is reluctant when asked to go to church, and later Themba suggests that she visit a sangoma to purge herself of Fisto. Later on, Sizwe gives her flowers, but are Asanda's suspicions correct?

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The DiepCity teasers for November 2021 cannot compare to the exciting episodes coming up this November on Mzansi Magic on weekdays at 20h30. You will get hooked on the unending drama!

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