Imbewu Teasers for November 2021: Fikile bleeds uncontrollably

Imbewu Teasers for November 2021: Fikile bleeds uncontrollably

The Imbewu television show has become one of soapie fans' favourite shows since it premiered. The South African soap opera has a unique way of keeping viewers' attention glued to their television screen until each episode ends daily. The fascinating actions of the Imbewu cast have lent credence to the uniqueness of the show. Check out these Imbewu teasers to discover how splendid the show is and the exciting stuff that awaits you this month.

Imbewu Teasers
Imbewu cast members. Photo: @etvimbewu
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South African soap operas uniquely amaze viewers, especially because of the storyline's setting and plot. Since the Imbewu series has been airing, the show's humour and drama are enough to keep you begging for more from the cast members. Besides, what viewers learn while being entertained are why most of them never wish to miss a day's episode.

Imbewu teasers for November 2021

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If you love local shows and are yet to start following the Imbewu soapie series, you are missing a show with an enthralling experience. Even though it is a South African drama series, it has garnered viewership outside the country because of the scripting uniqueness. These November 2021 episodes have proved that the time spent watching the show can never waste, considering its fantastic entertainment stuff.

Episode 926 – Monday, the 1st of November 2021

Fikile expresses her desire to have a child with Nkululeko, but she is disappointed when he dismisses her overtures. Meanwhile, Nkululeko is in charge of delivering the DNA test samples. Could Fikile and Nkululeko relate?

Episode 927 – Tuesday, the 2nd of November 2021

Khanyo can no longer put herself together at the funeral service. While presiding, she breaks down at the sight of the casket as it falls, and Thokozile's corpse drops out.

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Episode 928 – Wednesday, the 3rd of November 2021

Fikile's bleeding becomes excessive, and she passes out at the burial while Nkululeko hurries her to the hospital. However, she remains critically ill. This experience seems to be a pointer from their forefathers that their union is cursed.

Episode 929 – Thursday, the 4th of November 2021

At the ceremony, Khanyo is compelled to overcome her anxieties to exorcise Thokozile's spirit permanently. Elsewhere, maZulu feels Nompi's tales at the Bhengu residence are a money-making scheme.

Episode 930 – Friday, the 5th of November 2021

Fikile passes out in the hospital. Meanwhile, Macingwane arrives with a word that could save her life, while Nkululeko takes the appearance of someone who bears the brunt of the world.

Imbewu Teasers
Nkululeko takes the appearance of someone who bears the brunt of the world. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 931 – Monday, the 8th of November 2021

Khanyo's wildness is irrepressible as she stabs Sebenzile with a knife, mistaking her for Thokozile. So, what happens to the aspiring pastor? Her spirit is consumed by blood and death.

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Episode 932 – Tuesday, the 9th of November 2021

While unresponsive, Fikile's mother, Nompi, seems to be the only person capable of saving her. However, Macingwane cautions that the ancestors have only given her a limited amount of time. Nevertheless, Fikile must acknowledge that her father is Ngcolosi, or she will slip to eternity.

Episode 933 – Wednesday, the 10th of November 2021

Khanyo, according to KaMadonsela's Gobela, needs to bring the church and African spirituality together. Consequently, what will the congregation's reaction be?

Episode 934 – Thursday, the 11th of November 2021

Nokuzola comes to Fikile's aid but is troubled by her claims to be carrying Nkulukeko's child. Elsewhere, Khanyo is found unresponsive by Sebenzile, who requests an ambulance. Could this be the final episode of Khanyo's story?

Episode 935 – Friday, the 12th of November 2021

Nkululeko postpones the DNA test because he is terrified of the findings revealing that he and Fikile are related. Meanwhile, Khanyo awakens in the hospital, but she loses her sight.

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Episode 936 – Monday, the 15th of November 2021

Phakade holds kaMadonsela responsible for all of his family's problems. However, after learning that kaMadonsela had ordered Khanyo to burn muti in his house, Phakade sets fire to kaMadonsela's healing materials.

Episode 937 – Tuesday, the 16th of November 2021

At Emsamo, Buhle undertakes an extensive reform, while Lindo is demoted, and he is perturbed. Hence, working at Emsamo is no longer an option for him. Buhle addresses the staff members and announces the promotion of Thu Sheleni as the new manager.

Episode 938 – Wednesday, the 17th of November 2021

The congregation is packed with traditional healers to intervene in Khanyo's sight. Also, the police officers arrive to collect Khanyo's statement as regards Thokozile's death.

Episode 939 – Thursday, the 18thof November 2021

Nompimakes inquiries on Nkululeko's relationship with Fikile from maNdlovu, and then discovers that Nkululeko has obtained a DNA sample from Fikile.

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Imbewu Teasers
Nompimakes inquiries on Nkululeko's relationship with Fikile from maNdlovu. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 940 – Friday, the 19th of November 2021

Fikile is heartbroken to learn that the lover is her brother. Elsewhere, Phakade informs his family at the Bhengu residence that he will not comply with Khanyo's requests.

Episode 941 – Monday, the 22nd of November 2021

Fikile refuses to open her bedroom to Z.akithi's assistance. Instead, she sets fire while she is in the bedroom, and Zakithi panics because she is unable to open the door. Is it true that Nkululeko is cursed?

Episode 942 – Tuesday, the 23rd of November 2021

Lindo's jealousy gets the best of him, and he sets up a ruse on Emsamo to disrupt Buhle's birthday. Meanwhile, Emsamo, unfortunately, catches fire, and the attendees begin to vomit.

Episode 943 – Wednesday, the 24th of November 2021

Fikile escapes from the hospital, and Nkululeko learns about it. He hires a private investigator to track her down. Elsewhere, the church board is appalled by Khanyo and Phakade's conversion and excommunicates them.

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Episode 944 – Thursday, the 25th of November 2021

Lindiwe realises Lindo is also involved in the party disaster and vows to reveal him if he does not confess.

Episode 945 – Friday, the 26th of November 2021

Nkululeko ignores his family and continues to make wedding arrangements of Thokozile's soul to Ngcolosi, thus fulfilling his mother's sole wish. Will this be enough to put his mother's soul to rest?

Episode 946 – Monday, the 29th of November 2021

Makhosazana disguises herself as candy and beds Stefan. Unfortunately, the sight of this makes Menzi resentful and envious. Furthermore, Menzi becomes uncomfortable as Nirupa declares her love for him. Is Menzi capable of dealing with all of the women in his life?

Imbewu Teasers
Nkululeko proposes to Fikile at a party. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 947 – Tuesday, the 30th of November 2021

When they celebrate salvaging the Marino deal, the love passion sparks between Nkululeko and Makhosazana. However, he tells her that he is not looking for an office affair.

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Fikile has a sexual relationship with Nkululeko before discovering that she is related to her lover based on the DNA report. Before this knowledge, she was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition that she found herself in when she was at the funeral. While at the hospital, the news of her relationship with Nkululeko breaks. Only time will tell if she will survive this.


Khanyo, an aspiring pastor, is torn between the murder of Thokozile, her faith, and her sight. Her conversation with Phakade is revealed to the church board, which they find appalling. In the end, they decided to excommunicate the duo.

This month's Imbewu teasers introduce you to intriguing plots that you must not dare to miss for anything. Do not miss the premiere episodes as they broadcast on from Mondays to Fridays at 21h30 and on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 10h15. You can watch the repeat version on the same channel every weekday at 12h30 or the omnibus on Saturdays at 11h20.

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