Perfect Husband teasers for November 2021: Pushkar reveals his dark side after the wedding

Perfect Husband teasers for November 2021: Pushkar reveals his dark side after the wedding

Perfect Husband’s plot is simple yet intriguing. The show’s November premiere episodes promise to keep viewers glued to their television as Pushkar tries to change Vidhita. In other news, Vidhita is shocked to learn about her new husband’s real personality. So how will they merge their preferences to ensure the union survives? Below are the Perfect Husband teasers for more.

Perfect Husband teasers
Perfect Husband airs on Zee World every day at 4.00 p.m. Photo: @Telivisionworld
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The Perfect Husband’s storyline follows the marriage of Pushkar Rathod and Vidhita Rajawat, who have different views of a perfect union. Pushkar’s mother, Rajyashree, likes Vidhita and feels she is the perfect choice for her son. The new Indian show on Zee World sheds a different light on marriage characterized by a good-hearted mother-in-law and whether an ideal son can make an ideal husband.

Perfect Husband teasers for November 2021

Perfect Husband on Zee World is a must-watch show if you love Indian serials with authentic storytelling. Here are the teasers on what to expect in the Perfect Husband premiere episodes this November.

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Perfect Husband teasers
Vidhita is shocked when Pushkar exhibits a different personality after their wedding. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1 November 2021, Monday: Episode 11

It is a memorable day for Vidhita and Pushkar. Each family is excited to host the marriage ceremony.

2 November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 12

Pushkar reveals his real personality to Vidhita. She is left speechless as she sees the other side of Pushkar, and she knows that is not the person she married.

3 November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 13

There is excitement and cheering as Vidhita enters her new home. Later, Pushkar is not pleased when his new wife opens up to him regarding her connection with Vivek.

4 November 2021, Thursday: Episode 14

Pushkar ruins a laptop belonging to Vidhita. He then asks her to change her conduct and get used to her new house.

5 November 2021, Friday: Episode 15

Pushkar and Rangeela engage in a long conversation. Meanwhile, Pushkar's wife advises Ashwin to pardon Bela and give her another opportunity.

6 November 2021, Saturday: Episode 16

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Ashwin is not pleased when Bela hangs out with Rangeela. Will this widen the rift that already exists between them? Elsewhere, Charu does all she can to pin Rajyashree against Vidhita by telling the former bad things about her daughter-in-law.

Perfect Husband teasers
Pushkar requests the doctor to confirm Vidhita's virginity in upcoming episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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8 November 2021, Monday: Episode 17

Pushkar makes up his mind to spike Vidhita’s orange drink with an intoxicating substance.

9 November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 18

Vidhita sustains injuries after being involved in an inevitable accident. Pushkar rushes her to a medical facility and asks the physician to confirm if she is still a virgin.

10th November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 19

Vidhita decides to confront her husband as she reveals she has lost hope in their relationship.

11 November 2021, Thursday: Episode 20

Pushkar is not ready to let Vidhita go and asks her to grant him another opportunity to prove his innocence. Will she give in to his plea?

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12 November 2021, Friday: Episode 21

Meera asks Vidhita if he can take her out to shop. Later, she puts western nightwear inside Vidhita's suitcase without her knowledge. What will happen when it is discovered?

13 November 2021, Saturday: Episode 22

Rangeela and Bela get somewhere to stay while in Mumbai. Meanwhile, a certain individual leaves an unnamed letter for Pushkar at the hotel’s front desk.

14 November 2021, Sunday: Episode 23

Vidhita reveals to her husband that it is not possible for them to consummate their union until she can start trusting him again. How will Pushkar ensure his wife regains her trust in him?

Perfect Husband teasers
Rajyashree feels she made a mistake to make her son marry Vidhita. Gif:, (modified by author)
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15 November 2021, Monday: Episode 24

Pushkar squeezes Badri’s palm after asking him to hold a glass and ends up injuring him. Pushkar later gives Badri first aid as the family looks on.

16 November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 25

Rajeshwari laments to Vidhita that she made the worst decision by making Pushkar tie the knot with her. Rajeshwari later tells Asha that Pushkar will return with Bela.

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17 November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 26

Pushkar blames his wife for having a very close relationship with Badri and Ashwin. He later concocts a narration regarding Badri being responsible for the accident that Ashwin encountered.

18 November 2021, Thursday: Episode 27

Rajyashree gets the wrong idea regarding Vidhita’s reaction to Pushkar. Later, Vidhita is filled with worry when her husband asks if he can take Nivedita and Ashwin home. Is he planning to do something to them?

19 November 2021, Friday: Episode 28

Pushkar decides to make his wife pay for her mistakes the way he usually does. Later, Vidhita reveals to Pushkar that she loves him regardless of the fact that he does not treat her well.

20 November 2021. Saturday: Episode 29

Vidhita discovers Max inside Meera’s chamber. She decides to cover up for Meera to save her from Pushkar.

21 November 2021, Sunday: Episode 30

Asha reveals to Charulata about Meera having a relationship with a certain boy. Will it land her in trouble?

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Perfect Husband teasers
Vidhita is not ready to consummate her marriage with Vidhita until she regains her trust in him. Gif:, (modified by author)
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22 November 2021, Monday: Episode 31

Vidhita asks her mother-in-law to take things slow regarding the alliance. Later, Pushkar and his mother give the boy their blessings as they give him the go-ahead to tie the knot with Meera.

23 November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 32

Vidhita munches the chillies to make Meera happy. Later, Dr Damini gives Pushkar and Vidhita an invitation to attend a Christmas celebration at her home.

24 November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 33

Rangeela becomes Sherlock and discovers that Damini works as a psychiatrist. What does this mean for them?

25 November 2021, Thursday: Episode 34

Rajyashree holds a discussion with Rangeela. The latter then takes her to link up with Dr Damini. What are they up to?

26 November 2021, Friday: Episode 35

Vidhita does all she can to break free from the basement where she is being held captive. A worried Dr Damini later contacts Rajyashree to inform her that Vidhita’s cellphone is not going through.

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27 November 2021, Saturday: Episode 36

Rangeela is convinced that Pushkar has murdered his wife, and the thought leaves him terrified.

28 November 2021, Sunday: Episode 37

Asha is horrified when Rangeela reveals to her that Vidhita was drowned by her husband.

29 November 2021, Monday: Episode 38

Pushkar pretends to be traumatized by all that is happening. Rajyashree then asks her son to seek the best treatment for his failing mental health.

30 November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 39

Pushkar is grateful to Rangila for ensuring everything is okay at home when he was not there.

Perfect Husband teasers
Can Rajyashree make her ideal son become an ideal husband to Vidhita? Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to the Perfect Husband cast?

The Perfect Pati cast has some of Bollywood’s finest actors and actresses. Sayali Sanjeev plays Vidhita, Ayush Anand stars as Pushkar, while veteran actress Jaya Prada plays the role of a good-hearted mother-in-law Rajyashree. Here is a summary of what happens to some of the characters in the Perfect Husband November episodes.

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Her wedding with Pushkar is held, and their families celebrate the big day. However, things change for her as soon as she becomes a new wife. Pushkar starts exhibiting behaviour that she does not expect her husband to have.


He wants Vidhita to adapt to their new home and even destroys her laptop. After a freak accident, he asks the doctor to confirm her virginity. He later holds her captive, and the family is devastated thinking that he killed her.

A Perfect Husband is off to a great start, as seen from the above Perfect Husband teasers. Rajyashree is already regretting asking her son to marry Vidhita when she sees her suffering because of him. Will she be able to save her ideal son’s marriage? Ensure you do not miss a single episode by tuning in to Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 4.00 p.m.

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