Geet Teasers for November 2021: Dev and Geet vacate the temple

Geet Teasers for November 2021: Dev and Geet vacate the temple

The Geet Indian soapie is new and will start showing from the 20th of November, 2021. The storyline is rich in Indian culture and many themes surrounding love, betrayal, and familial bonding. The Geet teasers for November 2021 introduce you to what to watch out for before the official broadcast.

Geet Teasers
Geet soapie cast members. Photo: @Blasters Series
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Geet has to deal with the fact that her husband had left her stranded and to make matters worse, she is pregnant for the man. Unfortunately, her insistence on keeping the baby gets her in trouble with her family, which is why she meets another lover. Discover what is to come in this series as you read through the highlights of the show below.

Geet teasers for November 2021

Starlife offers you another romantic drama for your entertainment and educational pleasure. The drama series will be broadcast every day of the week, and it promises to be a needed source of relaxation. Continue reading the Geet teasers for November to keep yourself abreast of what this eponymous Indian television drama has to offer.

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Episodes 1 and 2 - 20th of November, 2021

A group of miscreants tries to kill a lady, but she manages to wriggle out of their captivity. Meanwhile, Geet gets a lot of beating from Darjee because her Dupatta was not with her when she returned home. Finally, Geet's mother grows concerned after her daughter fails to return from school as early as expected. The men located the girl; will they murder her?

A suitor's family visits Geet's family, but Geet wants nothing to do with marriage. Meanwhile, Darjee pleads for Geet's immaturity to be forgiven. Finally, Geet's suitor, Dev, consents to the wedding plans and proclaims that he loves her. So, will Geet's household consent to their daughter's request?

Episodes 3 and 4 - Sunday, 21st of November, 2021

Darjee forces Geet to consent to the marriage after Dev's family agrees to the wedding arrangement. However, Dev is furious when Geet is adamant about her decision not to go to Canada. Everybody is surprised when Dev asks to converse with his potential wife in private while the elders make decisions about pre-wedding rites performance. Will Dev have a change of heart after the conversation with Geet?

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Channi is dead, and the mother interrogates Brij about the circumstances that led to the death. Dev's failure to attend the Lohri festivities bothers Rano and Rupinder. Elsewhere, Dev's family hears the conversation that implicates Brij in the murder of Channi. Finally, Rupinder quenches the news of Geet's dissent to migrating to Canada. What will be the consequences of Geet's refusal?

Episodes 5 and 6 - Monday, 22nd of November, 2021

Dev reassures Geet about the comfort that awaits her in Canada, and she is glad that her potential husband's family are not aware of her preference for remaining in India. However, Darjee's family gets cursed by Channi's mother while Dev receives a troubling phone call. What is the phone call about, and how does it affect the decision of Dev's family?

Geet Teasers
Daarji goes back on the decision to get Geet married to Dev. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Dev tells the Handas that he must journey to Canada, and returning within a year is not feasible. Meanwhile, Daarji goes back on the decision to get Geet married to Dev after returning the bangles to the latter's mother. Nevertheless, Geet does not accept a present from Dev, and Brij clashes with Dev because he meets with Geet.

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Episodes 7 and 8 - Tuesday, 23rd of November, 2021

Daarji rebukes Geet for seeing Dev, but Dev insists that he was the one who asked that Geet meet up with him. An inspector informs Daarji that there is a complaint against Brij, courtesy of the wife of Ranjeet Singh. Then, Daarji asks Dev about his willingness to wed Geet in another three days, while Geet's roka is well celebrated by the Handas.

Mohinder attempts to be Geet's comforter while Rano consents to pass the jewellery across to the mother of Dev. But, apparently, Rupinder does not deliver the jewellery to Dev's mother, which leads to a clash with Daarji. Meanwhile, an unknown caller contacts Mohindar about the intention of revealing the secrets about the Khuranas to him, while Kayma takes a necklace without consent.

Episodes 9 and 10 - Wednesday, 24th of November, 2021

Dolly accuses Kayma of being the necklace thief, but Daarji strongly feels otherwise. Brij informs Daarji about the journey of the whole of Dev's family to Hoshiarpur while Dev visits the Handas in the company of his family. Daarji wants nothing to do with the jewellery, even though Dev's mother is returning it, while Mohindar shares the content of the phone conversation with Daarji.

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Dev requests that Geet meet up with him in the garden while a lady informs Mohindar about the evil deeds of the family of Dev. Meanwhile, Dev confesses his love for Geet, while the lady does not want to reveal the Khuranas' identity. Daarji vehemently disapproves of Mohindar's suspicions about the Khuranas and also wants him to plead for forgiveness. Eventually, Mohindar agrees and seeks forgiveness from the Khuranas.

Episodes 11 and 12 - Thursday, 25th of November, 2021

Naintara attempts to calm Dev's mother by informing her about the woman who received a reward for misinforming the Handas. The Khuranas and Handas go to a festival, while Dev wants Geet to present his mother with a Ganesh idol, after which she would give the bangles to Naintara and Kayma. Some guys make some jokes about Geet.

Geet runs into the jungle as the goons pursue her. In the process, she falls into a river after slipping before a stranger saves her. However, the Khuranas and Handas are concerned after discovering that Geet is nowhere to be found, while Raaji informs Daarji that Geet must have remained at the festival by mistake. Dev, Brij, Mohindar, and Daarji lead a search party for Geet's recovery.

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Geet Teasers
Dev informs the Handas that Geet's only chance of getting a visa depends on an interview. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 13 and 14 - Friday, 26th of November, 2021

Brij hits Geet across the face for going about with a stranger, while Naintara challenges Kayma about being the necklace thief. Finally, the Khuranas and Handa celebrate the Mehendi ceremony of Geet, while Mohindar informs Daarji that the Khuranas will be going to Canada without Geet. Elsewhere, Dev informs the Handas that Geet's only chance of getting a visa depends on an interview.

Parminder is not convinced that Geet and Dev are compatible, and she requests that Dev take a second look at the wedding plans. Meanwhile, Dev tells the Handas that Naintara will be in charge of obtaining a visa for Geet. Then, Naintara acquires Geet's signature on a blank sheet of paper and proceeds to the formalities.

Episodes 15 and 16 - Saturday, 27th of November, 2021

Parminder attempts to inform the Handas that Naintara and Dev are dishonest in their dealings with them. Meanwhile, Kayma connects Naintara and Parminder over a phone call, and Naintara gives Parminder a breakdown of the situation and requests the latter's cooperation. Elsewhere, Maan visits the town while searching for somebody, and finally, Dev and Geet become husband and wife officially.

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Geet's family gives Parminder the will to the family's property. Later, Geet and Dev say their goodbye from the temple after the wedding ceremony. Then, Geet's family members are in tears while she bases them farewell before a car breaks down, leaving the newly wedded stranded on the road. Finally, Naintara shouts at Parminder because of her attitude.

Episodes 17 and 18 - Sunday, 28th of November, 2021

Geet and Dev stay in a lodge at night, and Naintara is agitated after hearing that Geet and Dev are nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Naintara locates Dev and suggests that he is dishonest, but Dev hits her across the face to question his character. Geet stumbles into Maan as she is looking for Dev.

Geet cannot find Dev anywhere, and she begins to get scared. Finally, Dev meets a distraught Geet, and he attempts to pacify her. Geet and Dev get to the airport the next day. Elsewhere, Maan contacts the Handas for a discussion involving a property deal, while Naintara and Dev roll out a plan that will complete the execution of their trickery.

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Episodes 19 and 20 - Monday, 29th of November, 2021

Dev is agitated about something, while Parminder attempts to open the eyes of Dev and Geek to Naintara's deceit. However, Naintara foils the plan, and Geet takes part of the coffee that Dev laced with a sleeping drug. Dev pretends to mistakenly pour the coffee on Geet so that there will be ample time for him to escape without raising her suspicion. Then, Dev and his family run away while leaving Geet stranded.

Geet Teasers
Geet loses consciousness after an employee at the airport announces that no one bearing Dev Khurana is on the plane. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Geet feels dazed, and she requests that the airport authority help her locate Dev, while members of Geet's family pray for her well being. However, she loses consciousness after an employee at the airport announces that no one bearing Dev Khurana is on the plane. Then, Geet meets herself in prison after coming out of her unconsciousness.

Episodes 21 and 22 - Tuesday, 30th of November, 2021

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Geet informs Mohinderlaal and Daarji that Dev disappeared at the airport, while Brij tells Daarji that Dev never planned to move to Canada. Meanwhile, Geet finds it unbelievable that Dev would trick her, while Geet's family are distraught over the news about Dev. Elsewhere, Dev's mother is unhappy about the fraud that Dev pulled at the expense of Geet and her family.

Chander Kaur tells the family of Geet about the money that Dev provided for her to get him wedded, while Daarji informs his family that Dev and Geet were never married as things stand. Then, Geet is on a mission to locate Dev. In another news, Maan Singh Khurana visits the Geet family only to tell Mohinderlaal how he paid to claim ownership of the latter's land.


Geet becomes the means to a greedy end for a young man and his family. She was reluctant to marry the suitor her family suggested but had to play along after some level of coercion and a gentleman display from the husband-to-be. She is adamant about leaving India for Canada after her wedding, but another round of deceit gets her in line. Eventually, she might regret her deeds.

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If anyone is as cunning as a fox, then it is Dev. He approached a family to ask for their daughter's hand in marriage, and even though his bride to be is not initially convinced, he manages to gain her trust. However, Dev's love for the lady is fake, and he only wants to marry her for her family's property. So, he plays the long game with the girl's heart and her family's head.

The Geet teasers for November is the first of many to come in this new Indian series. If you are a fan of Hindu inspired romantic thrillers, then the Geet Indian series is a must-watch. Do not miss out as the series broadcasts on Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 18h00 and 18h30.

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