Scandal! teasers for November 2021: The Kubekas peace is marred by endless disasters

Scandal! teasers for November 2021: The Kubekas peace is marred by endless disasters

This November, the Scandal! family drama is about to redefine South Africa’s local entertainment with a mind-blowing storyline. The Kubeka household experiences devastating issues as Uthuli Waste grapples with financial straits. Meanwhile, the once-calm community is about to explode due to a prolonged electricity shortage. How will the situation be contained? Keep reading the following Scandal! teasers for more.

Scandal! teasers for November 2021
Scandal! is a daily drama on eTV and airs from Mondays to Fridays at 7.30 p.m. Photo: @PhilMphela
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Dintle’s quest to make everyone happy by biting off more than she can chew risks killing her dreams. Elsewhere, Nomvula discovers a huge deception committed by a member of the family while Tebello’s curiosity is likely to put him in danger.

Scandal! on eTV teasers for November 2021

The Scandal! daily soap opera remains one of the most followed household shows across South Africa. So, what should viewers expect this November? Here are all the Scandal! teasers on the drama to expect.

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Scandal! on teasers
Dintle struggles to keep everyone happy in the upcoming Scandal! episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st November 2021, Monday: Episode 3944

Dintle is doing everything she can to ensure everyone is happy. However, she is trying to fight on too many fronts, and this may not end well. Meanwhile, the situation seems to be working in Lindiwe and Nhalamulo’s favour.

2nd November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 3945

Something terrible is about to happen to an individual who is in a happy place. Dintle is cautioned, but is she going to stop all she has been working on?

3rd November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 3946

Zen has no choice but to make a radical decision when they are almost caught. Elsewhere, Lerumo finally proposes, but the romantic moment is ruined.

4th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 3947

Dintle chooses to overlook the warning given by a friend as she attempts to handle many issues simultaneously. Seipati and Lerumo are experiencing a hard time due to a past occurrence.

5th November 2021, Friday: Episode 3948

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Rachel finds herself in a difficult situation when she fails to find a way to control the men in her life. Seipati struggles with her past and is also doing her best to right her present wrongs. Elsewhere, Dintle and Layla cannot see eye to eye regarding Dintle’s dreams.

Scandal! teasers for November 2021: The Kubekas peace is marred by endless disasters
Lerumo and Seipati struggle when her past influences their present. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

8th November 2021, Monday: Episode 3949

Coming home leads to a life-threatening discovery. The once quiet community has been turned into a terrifying force due to the disappointment caused by the prolonged absence of electricity.

9th November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 3950

Information from the depot ruins a happy morning for the Kubeka household. Lerumo does all he can to calm the storm brewing in the family but only worsens the situation.

10th November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 3951

The situation worsens for the Kubeka family when Uthuli Waste experiences a devastating turn of events. Dintle has a hard time doing away with something that gives her Quinton’s memories. Elsewhere, Tebello decides to do things his way but has numerous obstacles to overcome.

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11th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 3952

A mother discovers that she must disclose a particular past secret to her son, but the revelation may strain their mother-son relationship. Meanwhile, Uthuli Waste experiences yet another devastating surprise and war is declared.

12th November 2021, Friday: Episode 3953

A video is uploaded on social media and instantly goes viral. Elsewhere, Seipati is shocked when uninvited guests come to her house.

Scandal! teasers
Uthuli Waste suffers financial distress in the Scandal! November episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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15th November 2021, Monday: Episode 3954

Zenzele’s actions result in a fatal ending, while Dintle meets a difficult-to-overcome obstacle and does not know how to proceed. Meanwhile, Tebello feels that the grown-ups are making illogical decisions, and his plan ends up having unexpected results.

16th November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 3955

Dudu formulates a risky plan amid Uthuli Waste’s financial troubles. On the other hand, Seipati feels there is hope for a better future when she gets a surprise visit from Ditsheho.

17th November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 3956

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A mother goes insane when her kid disappears without a trace, and Zenzele is at the centre of the situation. Home is where the skeletons are for a particular inhabitant at the commune. Elsewhere, a father and daughter finally forgive each other.

18th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 3957

A father asks his daughter to turn her back on their family. Will she listen to him? Elsewhere, Seipati decides to take Tebello to a particular place, unaware that it will make him angry.

19th November 2021, Friday: Episode 3958

Nomvula discovers a huge deception committed by a particular member of the family. Nhlamulo tries to convince Lebo that one person cannot raise a child, but he disagrees. Elsewhere, the atmosphere is full of love.

Scandal! teasers
The situation seems to be changing in Lindiwe and Nhamulo's favour in the upcoming episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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22nd November 2021, Monday: Episode 3959

Zenzele is confused and does not know what to do when he discovers his end could be around the corner. Meanwhile, Seipati is convinced that her sister will become more friendly and open to ideas when a man comes into the picture.

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23rd November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 3960

A mother lies to her spouse as she does all she can to save her baby. A sister finds it hard to forgive and is convinced that her anger will never leave her. Elsewhere, a grandfather is disappointed when he faces competition for the first time.

24th November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 3961

All the people are not at a comfortable place but continue to take risks while a wife is filled with anger when her former fiancé becomes the life of the party. Javas navigates his feelings, but the woman is not concerned.

25th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 3962

Nomvula comes across some details that leave her shaken. Tebello is willing to make peace, but the other person remains adamant, while Zenzele finds out that he did not come to the farm to have fun.

26th November 2021, Friday: Episode 3963

Vukile is convinced that he is only taking a financial risk, but the consequences might be more. Meanwhile, Rachel is unhappy being on the sideline and is determined to get into the sport light while Tebello’s curiosity has reached the highest level.

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29th November 2021, Monday: Episode 3964

Tebello is playing with danger while the situation at the Kubeka household worsens when another disaster strikes. Meanwhile, Zenzele continues to experience problems at the farm.

30th November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 3965

A son and his dad cannot see eye to eye regarding the best way to rescue the failing family business. Elsewhere, a lady is horrified after witnessing a violent occurrence.

Scandal! teasers
Dintle struggles to part with something that reminds her of Quinton. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Scandal! cast?

The Scandal! television series has all the exciting and chilling fun this November as characters strive to right their wrongs. So, what happens to your favourite actors and actresses in the upcoming episodes of Scandal! on eTV?


She struggles to ensure everyone is happy. She does many things at the same time and ignores people’s warnings. She and Layla cannot see eye to eye because of her seemingly blind dreams. How will things end for her?

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The Kubekas

The household’s near-perfect life is ruined by devastating news at the depot. Family problems escalate when Uthuli Waste suffers endless blows and faces dire financial difficulties. Who will come to their rescue?

The above Scandal! teasers reveal the heightened drama and unforeseen twists in the upcoming November episodes. Ensure you follow the action on eTV from Mondays to Fridays at 7.30 p.m. Viewers who are busy during the week can have a relaxing weekend by watching the omnibus every Saturday on eVOD.

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