Broken Hearts Teasers for November 2021: An abortion stirs another fight

Broken Hearts Teasers for November 2021: An abortion stirs another fight

Broken Hearts teasers for November 2021 are out, and as the show winds up, it is time to find out whether the villain will be unmasked. As your favourite Broken Hearts cast members fight for love, others plot their downfall and do so in the most humiliating ways. Check out the gist in these teasers for more.

Broken Hearts November 2021 teasers
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Broken Hearts storyline features love between Ahana and Anant. They are soulmates, although their love goes through the test of time. Ahana has to deal with her ex-boyfriend, Rehan, who plots against her. Rehan masquerades as an angel to implement his heinous plans against the two lovebirds. He also hurts Vyoma, who genuinely loves him. Check out the highlights in Broken Hearts November 2021 teasers.

Broken Hearts teasers for November 2021

Watch the final Broken Hearts episodes to find out whether Rehan will end up with the love of his life. How will he deal with the outcome of his situation? Read on for more.

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Episodes 25 - 26 - Monday, 1st of November 2021

Ahana and Anant exchange their vows in an intimate family-only ceremony, followed by a flashy reception.

Mahendra provokes Ahana claiming she married Anant for his wealth, and the words hurt Ahana.

Episodes 27 - 28 - Tuesday, 2nd of November 2021

The family performs Ahana and Anant's post-wedding rituals, and Tarun shows Saloni the prenuptial agreement. He also apologizes to Anant for Mahendra's insensitive behaviour.

As the Mathur family members pose for a photo, Reema spots Rehan staring at Ahana. Rehan expresses his concerns about Ahana's plans and why she agreed to get married to Anant.

Episodes 29 - 30 - Wednesday, 3rd of November 2021

Kavita points fingers at Karan for stealing Laila's earrings, and Ahana suggests changes to be made in the kitchen. The directive does not sit well with Roshni.

Mahendra lets Rehan in on a secret about Ahana, and Ahana is startled to learn that Kavita stole Laila's earrings.

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Episodes 31 - 32 - Thursday, 4th of November 2021

Mahendra humiliates Tarun, and Laila convinces Tarun to stand up against Mahendra and claim his share of the property.

Rehan boldly tells Anant that Ahana married him for his property, and a hurt Ahana expresses her hate for Rehan.

Episodes 33 - 34 - Friday, 5th of November 2021

Anant supports his wife and confronts Rehan. Rehan feels humiliated; hence, he leaves the house.

Aarav and Roshni ask Ahana to help bring Rehan back home, and Roshni misunderstands Ahana's intentions yet again.

Episodes 35 - 36 - Saturday, 6th of November 2021

Rehan finally finds the person who interfered with Anant's wedding and attacks them!

Rehan arranges for a meeting with Shelly to find out more details about Ahana's intentions. Elsewhere, everyone points fingers at Ahana when their honeymoon trip coincides with Roshni's birthday.

Episodes 37 - 38 - Sunday, 7th of November 2021

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Ahana is worried after a fortune teller predicts her future and how tumultuous it will be. Later, she joins her husband for their trip to the Maldives. They are enthralled to spend some romantic time together away from the mayhem at home.

Roshni hooks up with an unknown person while Rehan swears to expose Ahana. Elsewhere, Ahana and Anant enjoy their honeymoon.

Broken Hearts Teasers for November 2021: An abortion stirs another fight
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Episodes 39 - 40 - Monday, 8th of November 2021

Laila shows up in the Maldives to ruin the mood, while Anant prepares a romantic dinner for Ahana. They take pictures of their romantic moments and sends them to Roshni. Later, Saloni and Laila sneak into Anant's room, and when Roshni discovers what they are up to, she reprimands them.

Shana and Anant plan a surprise for Roshni while Roshni struggles to hide her boyfriend inside her room.

Episodes 41 - 42 - Tuesday, 9th of November 2021

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Anik and Shivaay congratulate Ahana and Anant for braving the storm and finally getting married. Later, the newlyweds surprise Roshni on her birthday.

Laila's plan to instigate Rehan against Ahana works, and it leaves them heartbroken.

Episodes 43 - 44 - Wednesday, 10th of November 2021

A happy Roshni thanks Ahana for changing Anant's mind, and later, Rehan exposes Ahana before everyone. Will Anant believe him?

Rehan supports Roshni in keeping her secret from Anant, and Roshni says how much she hates Ahana. At night, Rehan gets a vision of Ahana talking to him.

Episodes 45 - 46 - Thursday, 11th of November 2021

After listening to Shelly's voice recording, Anant is unsure about his next step. Yamini is shocked to discover that Rehan went out with Roshni.

Laila questions Rehan and tries to turn Ahana against him, and an angry Anant storms out of the house.

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Episodes 47 - 48 - Friday, 12th of November 2021

Ahana and Rehan get into a fierce argument, and Ahana admits why she agreed to get married to Anant.

Anant ignores Ahana's attempts to reach out to him. Instead, he reaches out to Reema for nuggets of wisdom on how to deal with his situation.

Episodes 49 - 50 - Saturday, 13th of November 2021

Mahendra makes negative comments about Anant, and the remarks get to Rehan; hence, he pushes him into the swimming pool.

Roshni's video goes viral, and Anant puts their differences aside and supports her. He also makes the difficult decision to end his relationship with Ahana for betraying him.

Broken Hearts episodes
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Episodes 51 - 52 - Sunday, 14th of November 2021

Ahana discovers she is expectant and hopes that being pregnant with Anant's baby will salvage her marriage.

Rehan rejects Vyoma, although later, he second-guesses his decision.

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Episodes 53 - 54 - Monday, 15th of November 2021

Ahana's plan to win Anant back does not bear fruit; hence, she decides to terminate the pregnancy. She seeks Saloni's advice, and as they converse, Laila eavesdrops on the conversation and is shocked to hear that she is expectant. She plans on using the news to her advantage.

Ahana's attempts to talk to Anant are futile. Therefore, she writes him a letter hoping he will read it and look for her.

Episodes 55 - 56 - Tuesday, 16th of November 2021

Anant is despondent to think about Ahana and what happened between them. Meanwhile, Ahana goes ahead with her plan.

Rehan eavesdrops on Kavita and Nisrin's conversation, and Anant asks Ahana to forgive him. Later, she attempts to tell him about the abortion to no avail.

Episodes 57 - 58 - Wednesday, 17th of November 2021

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Anant is outraged to discover Ahana aborted the pregnancy, and Rehan is upset by the turn of events.

Anant is dismayed by how much everything is working against him, and a furious Ahana slaps Rehan when he tries to apologise.

Episodes 59 - 60 - Thursday, 18th of November 2021

Laila gets involved in an accident and sustains several injuries. Tarun struggles to get her treated, and her deteriorating condition worries Saloni and Ahana.

Rehan and Karan reprimand Roshni for hating Laila and Ahana. Later, the doctor meets Ahana to inform her about Laila's critical condition.

Episodes 61 - 62 - Friday, 19th of November 2021

Rahul opens up to Ahana about his feelings for Laila, and the details leave her confused. Later, she opts to stay in the hospital and watch over Laila, who seems to be getting better.

Roshni refuses to throw Ahana out of Anant's life, and Ahana worries whether Laila will get better. Rehan supports her.

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Episodes 63 - 64 - Saturday, 20th of November 2021

Anant's leaves Ahana heartbroken; hence, she seeks solace in Rehan. Later, they nearly get involved in a gruesome road accident.

Rehan discovers that Ahana's mental state is dire and that she is on anti-depressants. Will he make her feel better?

Episodes 65 - 66 - Sunday, 21st of November 2021

Rehan and Ahana travel to Goa to start a new project. He grows so fond of her that he believes she feels the same about him.

Roshni tells Rehan that Anant has signed the divorce papers and when Ahana overhears their conversation, she tells Rehan she wants to die!

Broken Hearts storyline
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Episodes 67 - 68 - Monday, 22nd of November 2021

Ahana and Rehan sneak into a stranger's bungalow, and when the owner returns, they hide under a bed.

Rehan loses control of his feelings and kisses Ahana. Later, she goes back to Anant's house, leaving him in Goa. What is she up to?

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Episode 69 - Tuesday, 23rd of November 2021

Anant apologizes to Ahana and Laila moves in with the Mathurs. Rehan argues with a frustrated Roshni.

Episodes 71 - 72 - Wednesday, 24th of November 2021

Anant decides to buy a pendant for Ahana, although Roshni concocts to ruin his plan. Vyoma drinks too much alcohol and calls Rehan, pleading with him to come back home.

Ahana and Anant visit Saloni and her newborn baby, and Roshni and Laila stumble upon a suspicious letter that leaves them curious about Anant.

Episodes 73 - 75 - Thursday, 25th of November 2021

Ahana worries about Laila's prediction about her marriage. Laila destroys Vyoma's letter and re-writes it. Anant books a trip to the Bahamas with Ahana, and the decision leaves Rehan shocked. Later, Rehan reprimands Roshni for hurting Ahana's feelings.


She finally weds the love of her life despite the opposition that she faces. However, Rehan spreads a rumour about her being after Anant's money. Later, she confesses her truth, and it hurts Anant so much that he ousts her. When she discovers she is expectant, and Anant rejects her, she terminates the pregnancy, and the decision irks Anant.

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Later, she seeks solace in Rehan, but when she discovers Anant signed the divorce papers, she goes back to salvage her marriage. Luckily, he forgives her.


Rehan's plan to plot against Ahana works and everyone brands her a manipulator. When she leaves her home, he gets close to her and gives her a shoulder to lean on. He convinces her to go to Goa with him. In Goa, Rehan attempts to get close to her, but she changes her mind when she learns of the divorce.

Vyoma expresses her pain through a letter and pleads with Anant to reunite her with Rehan. Will he warm up to Vyoma's love?

Broken Hearts teasers for November 2021 highlight the mood in the show as it winds up. You cannot afford to miss out on the show's final episodes. Ensure to tune in to Star Life from Monday to Sunday at 22h00.

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