A Love to Die For Teasers for November 2021: Will Deep and Aarohi's love survive?

A Love to Die For Teasers for November 2021: Will Deep and Aarohi's love survive?

A Love to Die For on Glow TV has many unexpected twists in upcoming November episodes. A mysterious girl claims to be the real Aarohi, and Aarohi has a hard time proving that she is the one. She is excited when she discovers that she is expectant with Deep's child, but it seems that is the start of her misery. Read the following A Love to Die For teasers to discover how she handles her situation.

A Love to Die For teasers
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Since its premiere on Glow TV, A Love to Die For has delivered uncompromised entertainment to Indian soapie lovers. Aarohi's love life is getting more complicated as she discovers horrifying truths about the man she loves.

A Love To Die For teasers for November 2021

Nothing seems to be going right in Aarohi's life since she started associating with Deep. How much is she willing to endure because of her love for him? Here are A Love to Die For teasers on how the drama unfolds in upcoming Ishq Mein Marjawan episodes.

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A Love to Die For teasers
Aarohi tries to find out who is helping Tara from inside the house in upcoming episodes. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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1st November 2021, Monday: Episodes 199 Part 1 and Part 2

Deep spots Virat organizing the birthday celebrations. He approaches him and reveals his suspicions about Aarohi planning to do something.

Tara attends the celebrations. What is she planning this time?

2nd November 2021, Tuesday: Episodes 199 Part 3 and Part 4

Chawanni is nowhere to be found, and Harman, Deep, and Aarohi set out in search of him. Is he okay?

Tara sets her scheme in motion when a coffin-shaped cake is delivered at the ceremony.

3rd November 2021, Wednesday: Episodes 200 and 201

Aarohi is determined to discover the individual inside the house who is supporting Tara. She doubts if Danny is on Tara's side because something does not add up.

Aarohi learns a shocking fact regarding Dilip. She wants him to reveal the truth concerning Deep. Will she find what she is looking for?

4th November 2021, Thursday: Episodes 202 and 203

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Aarohi wakes up and learns that Deep has disappeared. So she sets out in search of him but what she finds leaves her speechless.

Deep loses consciousness during court proceedings. He then recalls his past and has a dream regarding blood. Meanwhile, Aarohi wants to offer him assistance but is not sure the best way to do it.

5th November 2021, Friday: Episodes 204 and 205

Aarohi devises a plot to offer Deep assistance and asks a sceptical Danny to help her. Danny reveals to her that he is yet to come across an individual who loves someone deeply the way she loves Deep.

Aarohi takes Deep to a lady who can tell them his past experiences. Deep is hypnotized and asked numerous questions regarding his past. What will they discover about him?

A Love to Die For
Aarohi and Deep plan their marriage in November episodes. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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8th November 2021, Monday: Episodes 206 and 207

Danny tells Aarohi that he will make the secret about Deep known within 24 hours. Aarohi does not know how the outcome will be and decides to have a great time with Deep during these moments she considers to be the last.

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Roma wants Aarohi to assist her in getting Tara out of jail to ensure Deep's life is rescued. What plan does she have to save the situation?

9th November 2021, Tuesday: Episodes 208 and 209

Aarohi changes her scheme as she abducts Tara. Meanwhile, Roma is fear-stricken and does not know what to do. How will things turn out?

Aarohi is able to rescue Deep and asks Chawanni to accompany him to the police station. But, will Deep get to the authorities on time to ensure he and Aarohi are out of danger?

10th November 2021, Wednesday: Episodes 210 and 211

Dilip catches up with Deep and asks him not to do it. He then takes him to a room where he can discover specific details about his past. What is Dilip planning to do with him?

Virat sets out in search of Tara and spots Chawanni in the process. He is convinced that Tara is not far from there. Elsewhere, Deep and Aarohi are locked up in a chamber that has no oxygen. Will they make it out alive?

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11th November 2021, Thursday: Episodes 212 and 213

Aarohi and Deep manage to break out of the room. They then contact the police to inform them about the whereabouts of Roma and her family.

Aarohi is convinced that she is responsible for the death of Riddhi and attempts to ruin her face. Later, Deep reaches home with a bouquet of flowers for his beloved Aarohi, and Danny finds his behaviour strange.

12th November 2021, Friday: Episodes 214 and 215

Aarohi wants Chawanni to be discharged from the medical facility and brought home to ensure nothing bad happens.

Danny reveals how much he loves Aarohi. How will she react to the confession? Later, Deep vanishes at night which leaves Aarohi worried.

A Love to Die For teasers for November 2021
A mysterious girl claims to be the real Aarohi in upcoming episodes. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

15th November 2021, Monday: Episodes 216 and 217

Tara sends Virat to the marriage ceremony disguised as a priest, but Deep recognizes his identity. Chaos breaks out as a result.

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Danny rescues Aarohi and ends up being stabbed by a knife in the chest. Will he survive? Deep manages to capture Tara.

16th November 2021, Tuesday: Episodes 218 and 219

Aarohi fears that Tara can launch an attack on them at any minute. Later, Deep takes her to a new house he purchased for her to start a new life. Will Tara finally leave them alone?

Aarohi fears for Chawanni's safety and contacts the authorities to assist him. Later, Deep comes to join Aarohi in helping Chawanni but finds her tied to a seat.

17th November 2021, Wednesday: Episodes 220 and 221

Danny informs Aarohi that Deep was also behind the murder of his own mother. However, Aarohi has doubts about the revelation and decides to see the inspector regarding the matter.

Chawanni witnesses a shadow in his chambers at night. In the morning, Deep is worried when he fails to find Aarohi and later finds her in Danny's chambers. How will she explain the situation?

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18th November 2021, Thursday: Episodes 222 and 223

Danny discovers that a chip was placed in his bandage and makes up his mind to reveal the truth to Aarohi. Unfortunately, Roma finds out about Danny's plan and asks Tara to murder him before he foils their scheme.

Deep and Aarohi are devastated after the death of Danny. Deep promises to seek revenge from Roma and her family. He has plans to get Dilip out of jail, but only if he reveals where Roma is hiding.

19th November 2021, Friday: Episodes 224 and 225

Tara manages to flee from the authorities. On the other hand, Aarohi and Deep have plans to tie the knot.

A mysterious girl wakes up from a box at the back of a truck. She then seeks to see Deep. What is her identity?

A Love to Die For teasers
Aarohi finds out that she is pregnant with Deep's child. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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22nd November 2021, Monday: Episodes 226 and 227

Deep is summoned by the inspector to head to the police station because a girl claiming to be the real Aarohi has lodged a complaint.

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The real Aarohi is confused as she tries to remember what happened to her. She attempts to make Deep see that she is the real Aarohi.

23rd November 2021, Tuesday: Episodes 228 and 229

Aarohi is ecstatic after finding out that she is expecting Deep's baby and seeks to talk to him. What will be Deep's reaction?

The doctor links up with Tara and accepts to do as she asks. On the other hand, Aarohi is frightened when vicious patients try to threaten her. How will she escape this horror?

24th November 2021, Wednesday: Episodes 230 and 231

Aarohi gets to know Sudha at the medical facility. The lady does not have mental problems, and the two start working together to find a way out of the institution.

Sudha reveals that Aarohi can find a route that takes her to the physician's office. Deep arrives as she gets into the office, and she later learns an awful truth concerning him.

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25th November 2021, Thursday: Episodes 232 and 233

Aarohi threatens the physician with a knife as she forces him to reveal why Deep took her there. On the other hand, Tara's body is still missing, and investigations are ongoing.

Aarohi is surprised to get a photograph of Deep in the mysterious house and then spots a mystical lady get out of the house. What is the strange woman's identity?

26th November 2021, Friday: Episodes 234 and 235

Aarohi recalls the incident and how someone hit her head. Then, she starts doubting Sudha's intentions.

Aarohi does not know the identity of Anjali but takes her vehicle. She heads to Anjali's home to seek an understanding of what is going on.

29th November 2021, Monday: Episodes 236 and 237

Chawanni eavesdrops on Deep and Tara's conversation, which makes him start doubting Tara. He decides to go away and packs his belongings. Before he manages to leave, Deep asks him if he can take him to the medical facility.

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Aarohi arrives in time to rescue Chawanni. She then returns to Anjali's home and finds out that Anjali's account has a lot of cash.

30th November 2021, Tuesday: Episodes 238 and 239

The physician informs Tara that she cannot bear kids. Elsewhere, Aarohi is in captivity.

Aarohi vomits blood and heads to the medical facility to ensure her unborn child is okay. The physician asks for a sample of blood from the kid's father. How will she get it?

A Love to Die For teasers for November 2021
Aarohi discovers a horrible truth regarding Deep in upcoming episodes of A Love to Die For television series. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to A Love to Die For cast?

A Love to Die For November episodes have a blood-curdling turn out of events. Just when Aarohi and Deep's relationship is getting stronger, heart-wrenching revelations emerge and drive a wide wedge through it. Here is a recap of what happens to some of the serial's characters in upcoming episodes.


Aarohi and Deep are planning to get married, but their relationship is strained when a mysterious girl appears and claims to be the real Aarohi. She is excited when she discovers that she is pregnant with Deep's child but later finds herself at a mental hospital. As she tries to escape the facility, she learns a horrible truth about Deep.

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She continues to plot against Aarohi after finding out she is about to tie the knot with Deep. She later receives terrible news from the doctor, who reveals that she cannot bear children. How will the revelation affect her plans?

A Love to Die For is a must watch Indian show this November, as seen from the above A Love to Die For teasers. What will happen to Aarohi's unborn baby? The serial airs on Glow TV from Mondays to Fridays at 8.00 p.m. and 8.30 p.m.

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