Legacy teasers for November 2021: The power struggle in Sebastian's company

Legacy teasers for November 2021: The power struggle in Sebastian's company

Sebastian Price looks forward to retirement but after finding a competent successor. His employees and family members clash over Legacy's leadership upon discovering the CEO will be leaving soon. In whose hands will Sebastian leave his company? Read more in Legacy teasers for 2021.

Legacy teasers
Legacy teasers for November 2021. Photo: @DStvSouthAfrica
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Sebastian's second wife, Dineo, has a golden heart and heads one of Legacy's departments. Their son, SJ, returns home to celebrate his father's retirement only to meet a heated power struggle in Legacy. He also meets the love of his life.

Legacy teasers for November 2021

Sebastian's ex-wife, Angelique, is still part of that family company and its former lawyer. She hates Dineo and SJ with a passion. Angelique passes on the hatred to her daughters. They vow never to let Dineo and SJ inherit anything from Sebastian. Find out more about Legacy's storyline from the following episodes:

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Monday, 1st November 2021

Episode 1

Everyone anxiously waits for Legacy Investment to announce its new head. Felicity argues with her dad after the corruption scandal at the company's AGM.

Tuesday, 2nd November 2021

Episode 2

The Price's family receives the shock of their lives amid celebrations, and someone pries into Felicity's secrets. Meanwhile, Stefan and Felicity realize they might be related by blood.

Wednesday, 3rd November 2021

Episode 3

Felicity's secret haunts her. Meanwhile, an old friend of the Price family resurfaces, turns their lives upside down, and becomes a threat to Felicity. Meanwhile, Dineo investigates what happened to her loved one.

Legacy teasers
SJ visits his mum at her office in Legacy. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Thursday, 4th November 2021

Episode 4

Felicity and Stefan expose themselves while erasing evidence. Elsewhere, Dineo's unexpected visitor adds pain to her fragile heart.

Monday, 8th November 2021

Episode 5

Felicity and Stefan worsen their situation. Two ladies fight over a man's love while trying to find out what happened to him.

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Tuesday, 9th November 2021

Episode 6

Stefan hands over incriminating evidence to Felicity to protect themselves from being investigated by the cops.

Wednesday, 10th November 2021

Episode 7

Detective Badenhorst makes progress in Stefan and Felicity's case. Meanwhile, the desperate Felicity is determined to take over Legacy's CEO position.

Thursday, 11th November 2021

Episode 8

Nirvana bears disappointing news to Felicity and Msizi. Meanwhile, Badenhorst arrests a dangerous person.

Monday, 15th November 2021

Episode 9

Dineo endangers her life by holding onto a secret. Elsewhere, someone betrays Felicity.

Tuesday, 16th November 2021

Episode 10

Badenhorst gets a breakthrough in his investigation, and Dineo reveals who she met at midnight and what they intended to do. Meanwhile, Felicity fights those who want to take over Legacy.

Legacy teasers
SJ opens up his relationship issues with Petra. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Wednesday, 17th November 2021

Episode 11

Dineo's world collapses at her feet, and Angelique announces shocking information. Meanwhile, SJ's heart breaks upon discovering something about his siblings.

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Thursday, 18th November 2021

Episode 12

The Price's family disagrees over Dineo's legal case. Badenhorst makes another discovery. Meanwhile, some of Legacy's lawyers fall in love.

Monday, 22nd November 2021

Episode 13

The truth catches up with Stefan and Felicity. SJ makes friends with unexpected people after rebelling against his family.

Tuesday, 23rd November 2021

Episode 14

Msizi discovers Dineo's dark secrets, and Felicity escapes a complicated situation. Elsewhere, a dangerous surprise awaits SJ and Petra while looking for something valuable in Soweto.

Wednesday, 24th November 2021

Episode 15

The romance between Legacy lawyers is blossoming. Msizi refused to let go of his temporary CEO position.

Thursday, 25th November 2021

Episode 16

An ambitious Dineo does the necessary to defeat the rivals. Meanwhile, someone's downfall is near. Felicity is about to reap what she sowed.

Monday, 29th November 2021

Episode 17

Stefan and Felicity land on information that could destroy them. SJ investigates a family member. Later, Felicity achieves her hearts' desire.

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Legacy teasers
Dineo advices her son to love Petra's child since she also loves Sebastian's daughters. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Tuesday, 30th November 2021

Episode 18

SJ feels close to Petra after he shares with her about his father's disappearance. Stefan discovers something horrible about the most trusted employee of the Price family.

Felicity and her sisters

Felicity is Sebastian and his ex-wife's eldest daughter. She believes that she deserves to be Legacy's CEO more than her step-brother, SJ. Felicity has two sisters, Elizabeth and Lexi.

Msizi and Nirvana

Msizi and Nirvana are Legacy's most ambitious board members. Msizi also has an eye on the company's CEO positions. As an L24 news' head manager, he uses the media to broadcast fabricated information that suits his interests.

Stefan and Petra

His love for Felicity turns him into her slave and partner in crime. The corrupt police officer sometimes works as Felicity's limo driver. His sister, Petra, finds a job in Legacy through his relationship with Felicity.

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M-Net's Legacy telenovela starts on Monday 1st November 2021 at 20h00. If you liked Legacy teasers for November 2021, then tune in on DStv channel 115 from Mondays to Thursdays.

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