Ukraine army vs Russia army: How do they measure up in terms of power and experience?

Ukraine army vs Russia army: How do they measure up in terms of power and experience?

The Russian army launched an attack on Ukraine on 24th February 2022. The invasion was launched from the air, land and sea, and Putin's troops are quickly closing in on the country's capital of Kyiv. Ukraine soldiers continue to rebel against Russia's army, which seems to be more powerful and strong. How does the Ukrainian army vs the Russian army compare?

Ukraine army size vs Russian troops
How do the Russian and Ukrainian armies compare? Photo: @Nastco (modified by author)
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According to Putin, he aims to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, which he claims has been taken over by extremists. Russia has for a long-time hindered the east European nation from joining the European Union and the West's defensive military alliance, NATO.

How does Ukraine's military compare to Russia?

According to the Global Fire Power ranking of the strongest military globally, the Russian military is the second mightiest, just behind the United States. Ukraine's army rank in the world is 22nd. Below is a comparison of Ukraine vs Russian armies. The military strength figures are sourced from the Global Fire Power 2022 ranking.

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Vladimir Putin invasion
Russian troops attacked Ukraine by land, air, and sea. Photo: @SergeyVButorin
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Defence expenditure

Putin's country has used a lot of money on empowering its military compared to the east European nation. In 2021, Ukraine spent about $4.7 billion on its military budget, while Russia's expenditure was about $45.8 billion, creating a gap of almost 90%.

Most of Ukraine's weapons are from the Soviet era, and plans to strengthen its army with Western combat aircraft and naval power by the mid-2030. Nuclear-armed Russia started modernizing its military in 2008.


Vladimir Putin's army has 900,000 active personnel and 2 million in reserves. Volodymyr Zelensky's army has 196,000 active servicemen and 900,000 soldiers in reserves. The Ukrainian government has started enlisting more servicemen aged between 18 and 60 years, and reservists have been called to join the fight.

Putin's military boasts of about 280,000 men in its land troops and 165,000 in its air force. On the other hand, Ukraine lags far behind with 125,600 land army and only 35,000 air force.

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Ukraine army equipment vs Russian weaponry
Anti-aircraft missiles. Photo: @ewg3D
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It is without a doubt that Putin has invested heavily in war weaponry and has the best of everything compared to Ukraine's army equipment. Here is a comparison of their fighting machinery;

  • Armoured fighting vehicles: Putin's has over 19,783 while Volodymyr's has 2,870
  • Tanks: Putin's military has 13,367 while Volodymyr's has 2,199
  • Attacking aircraft: Putin's military has 1,328 while Ukraine has 146
  • Attacking helicopters: Vladimir's army has 478 compared to Ukraine's 42
  • Mobile rocket launchers: Vladimir's military has 3,391 compared to Volodymyr's 490
  • Water vessels: Russia has 605 vessels, including 49 submarines, while Ukraine has 38 ships and lacks submarines.


The quality of armoury is an essential factor in the ongoing war. However, Ukraine lacks proper modernization that can help them to effectively fight the aggressive Russian troops. According to Nick Reynolds, a Research Analyst at the Royal United Services Institute, Ukraine's military lacks modern air defence.

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Reynolds further added that Ukraine's counter-battery artillery radar and other surveillance machinery cannot effectively detect and suppress enemy artillery radar before they hit.

The will to fight

The invading Russia has a far more powerful army than Ukraine's, but everyone in Ukraine is willing to fight for freedom. The people have already tested freedom and are not willing to give Putin an easy occupation of their cities. More men between the ages of 18 and 60 are willing to remain and fight. Ukraine's deputy defence minister urged citizens to use anything, including homemade weapons, to resist Vladimir's forces.

Vladimir Putin invasion
Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky (pictured) also joined in the fight against Russian troops. Photo: @alan_baral
Source: Twitter

Is the Russian army the strongest?

No. It has the second strongest military in the world behind the United States.

How powerful is Russia's military?

According to Global Fire Power, the country has a power index of 0.0501 compared to a perfect score of 0.0000. This is second to USA's 0.0453 power index. In addition, Russia ranks first in tanks ownership, artillery, corvettes, and MLRSs.

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How strong is the Ukrainian military?

The country has a power index of 0.3266 and is the 22nd most powerful country in the world. It ranks 6th for armoured fighting vehicles and 7th in terms of artillery.

How big is Russia's army?

The country has 900,000 active personnel and 2 million in reserves. In addition, the army is equipped with 280,000 men in its land troops and 165,000 in the air force.

How many soldiers does Ukraine have?

How big is the Ukrainian army? The country has 196,000 active servicemen and 900,000 soldiers in reserves. The military has 125,600 land army soldiers and 35,000 air force soldiers.

Why is the US not sending troops into Ukraine?

According to US president Joe Biden, combat between US and Russian troops would create a world war. The involvement of NATO countries will also convert the regional war into a global war. However, the US and NATO countries continue to support Ukraine to give might to its army. Sanctions have also been imposed in Russia, targeting the country's technology, aerospace, and banking sectors.

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The Ukraine army vs Russian army comparison proves that this is an unfair fight. Although the citizens of Ukraine are ready to fight, what the country needs most is powerful weaponry. The entire world has condemned Putin's invasion, and Ukraine continues to get support to withstand the mighty Russian troops.

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