NFL referee salary in 2022: How much do NFL refs make in a year?

NFL referee salary in 2022: How much do NFL refs make in a year?

Are you a major sports fan, wondering to yourself what the NFL referee salary per year could possibly be? Well, look no further; Briefly has the answer and more! Refereeing in the National Football League is one of the highest-paying careers compared to other sports leagues throughout the world. Find out the highest-paid NFL referee salary in 2022 and how much NFL refs make for the Super Bowl.

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NFL referee salary in 2021: How much do NFL refs make in a year?
More than 100 million people typically watch the Super Bowl every year. They eat around 14,500 tons of chips! Photo by Michael Allio
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Due to the constant disruption that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on organised sports, among other things, the last accurate recordings of the statistics regarding National Football League referees took place in 2019.

What is the NFL referee salary for the Super Bowl?

It is a great privilege to be chosen to supervise the Super Bowl, and it comes with a hefty paycheck. While the actual figure is unknown, in 2019, the most generally quoted NFL referee salary for the playoffs was between $40,000 and $50,000. Of course, other playoff games may sometimes pay out more, but the Super Bowl generally hands out the largest salary of NFL referees.

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NFL referee salary in 2021: How much do NFL refs make in a year?
Head coach Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars is seen during the game against the Indianapolis Colts. Photo by Michael Hickey
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How much does an NFL ref make?

As shown in a 2019 study, the standard National Football League official earns approximately $205,000 per year. The individual status would determine the compensation for each official on the squad, as well as their length of service in the sport.

To get a job as a professional referee, you usually have to put in a considerable amount of hard work and dedication. Therefore, the National Football League only accepts people with over ten years of expertise of covering football matches.

NFL referee salary in 2021: How much do NFL refs make in a year?
A 30-second commercial in the 2021 Super Bowl cost over $5 million. Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy
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How much do NFL refs make in 2022?

NFL referees earn around $205,000 per year, based on reports from predominant sports websites (including FanDuel).

The average hourly wage for an amateur official is just over $16. However, pay is dependent on the size of the sporting events, and it is not much, in contrast to what the league umpires earn.

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There have been several strikes and labour disputes in the past, and the NFL Referees Association has resolved to adjust the NFL referee salary and benefits.

Who is the highest-paid referee?

The payment scale for referees is determined by their experience. According to sources, Walt Coleman earns more than $3,000 a game as a referee and has one of the highest beginning salaries in the league. Walt Coleman makes roughly $50,0000 throughout the NFL season. Assuming he referees an average of 16 games per year, Walt Coleman earns around $205,000 per year.

How much do referees make in high school?

California is the region that compensates the most to high school umpires, with the highest average income in the States. For example, match officials in San Diego, California, are paid roughly $67 every match, whereas refs in Louisiana are typically paid around $31 per game. The next lowest state is Mississippi, which offers its referees an average of $40 per session.

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NFL referee salary in 2021: How much do NFL refs make in a year?
Fun fact: NFL players were not required to wear helmets until 1943. Photo by Ezra Shaw
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Do NFL referees have other jobs?

One would assume that they have alternative sources of income, as the National Football League considers umpires to be part-time personnel. Consequently, they are not eligible for healthcare coverage. They do, nevertheless, have a 401k plan that offers a 50% contribution of the total account. The NFL Referees Association also supports these employees.

How much do NFL players make on average?

According to, a website that records NFL contract terms, 34 National Football League players currently earn an average yearly income of $20 million per season. Furthermore, the tournament's highest-paid athlete reportedly makes $45 million a season on average.

How much do NFL water-boys make?

Despite popular belief, water-boys play a crucial role in training. Their primary responsibility is to keep their players refreshed, ensuring that water is readily available during competitions and practice. The Waterboys working for the National Football League ordinarily make $35,000 per year on average. Those with more experience, on the other hand, can make much more.

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NFL referee salary in 2021: How much do NFL refs make in a year?
The first NFL game to be televised was in the year 1939. The game was televised in New York on about 500 television sets. Photo by Ian Johnson
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If you want to obtain your very own NFL referee salary, you must undergo extensive training. After that, you can join courses and attend seminars to learn more about the field of play and how to officiate it before registering with your region to become qualified to officiate game-play.

Officials will only better understand their task if they are on the field, whether Pop Warner football or high school football. Obtaining more qualifications with officiating certification will benefit in achieving the NFL level. But considering how much NFL refs make in a year, it is undoubtedly worth the time and effort!

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