Who is Gibson Makanda? Age, pictures, history, conspiracy, occupation

Who is Gibson Makanda? Age, pictures, history, conspiracy, occupation

There are several enduring conspiracy theories in history due to political upheavals, technology, and so forth. Gibson Makanda is one of the few men born from a conspiracy theory revolving around South Africa’s radical leader, Nelson Mandela. Keep reading to know more about him and the conspiracy theory.

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Who is Gibson Makanda?
Gibson Makanda is the man who conspiracy theorists believe is Nelson Mandela's clone. Photo: @extracapsa
Source: Twitter

Any conspiracy theorist will develop different explanations to support their theory. Although it might not be true, they choose to run with it. One conspiracy theory that has been a subject of discussion in South Africa surrounds South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela.

Conspiracy theorists argue that Mandela was cloned after he passed away, and his clone is none other than Gibson Makanda. But what evidence is there, and who is this Gibson? Let us find out!

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Gibson Makanda’s profile summary

Full name: Gibson Makanda

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Place of birth: South Africa

Speculated year of birth: 1900s

Nationality: South Africa

Gender: Male

Famous as: Nelson Mandela’s clone

Who is Gibson Makanda?

He is allegedly Nelson Mandela’s clone. There have been numerous allegations online that he is the man who took over Nelson Mandela’s legacy after he died. Following these rumors, Gibson Makanda from South Africa has become a topic of interest to millions worldwide.

How old is Gibson Makanda?

Gibson Makanda’s age is unknown, but he is speculated to have been born in the early 1900s. Besides his age, Gibson Makanda’s history, family, and background remain a mystery.

The Gibson Makanda conspiracy theory

Gibson Makanda's profile
Gibson Makanda is rumored to be the man who continued with Nelson Mandela's legacy after he passed. Photo: @sirluds
Source: Twitter

The argument is that Nelson Mandela’s lookalike Gibson Makanda took his place after he died in jail at Robben Island in the 1980s aged 67. The theory claims that the apartheid authorities were behind this scheme.

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So, it is believed that the clone was the one who negotiated the end of apartheid and later became the first democratically elected president. But, as most people claim, he is also thought to be the man who led ANC’s negotiations with the National Party in the early 90s and not Nelson Mandela.

The reason behind the theory

Most South Africans hold this theory because of the following:

  • The brutality of the war

It is believed that the war against apartheid was ruthless, with the military and paramilitary using wild dogs, tear gases, guns, and other dangerous weapons. For this reason, most people believe Nelson Mandela died in the war, but the South African government replaced him with a clone.

  • The celebration of the sixty-seven minutes
Gibson Makanda's conspiracy theory
Gibson Makanda is believed to have replaced Nelson Mandela due to the close resemblance. Photo: @uPhakamileNje
Source: Twitter

South Africans are required to celebrate sixty-seven minutes on 18th June every year. Some people believe that this celebration is set to pay homage and respect to the real Nelson Mandela, who died in jail in Robben Island aged 67.

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  • Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela’s divorce

A set of South Africans believe that the divorce between Winnie and Nelson immediately after his release is because she would have found out that he was a clone.

Nelson Mandela’s family reaction to the conspiracy theory

The family was quick to shut down the rumors when they surfaced. They released an official statement that rubbished the idea. However, despite the official statement released, the late Zindzi Mandela felt the need to let her opinion be known, especially with the rumors gaining traction on social media.

She laughed off the conspiracy theory and even implied that a Twitter user who was supporting the theory was perhaps mentally ill.

Gibson Makanda and Nelson Mandela's relation
Although some people argue Gibson Makanda is Nelson Mandela's clone, others think otherwise due to different body features like the positioning of their moles. Photo: @makwasenaDaniel
Source: Twitter

Although the rumors about Mandela’s clone Gibson Makanda had died out, they resurfaced when the famous FaceApp application gained popularity in the country. The application “revealed” or otherwise “suggested” that an aged Mandela looked nothing like the individual released to the world from prison on 11th February 1990.

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Similarly, other South Africans have also rubbished the claim, especially when looking at Gibson Makanda’s pictures. In a photo posted online comparing Nelson Mandela and Gibson, the two appear to have moles but different sides.

Gibson Makanda is the man who gained popularity from association with South Africa’s most iconic political figure, Nelson Mandela. There is a conspiracy theory that he is the man who stepped into Mandela’s shoes after his passing.

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