Average loan officer's salary in the United States: Annual and hourly pay

Average loan officer's salary in the United States: Annual and hourly pay

How much do loan officers make? A credit administrator evaluates and authorizes the approval of business, real estate, or credit loans. They assess the financial status of a credit applicant and then determine their creditworthiness before concluding whether or not they will be given a personal or commercial loan. Read through to find out how much credit administrators make and see the average loan officer salary in the USA.

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Average Loan officer salary in the United States.
A loan officer helps bridge the gap between a client and the financial organization. Photo: @steve_asmc
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Mortgage officers work as a direct link between borrowers looking to take credit from a financial institution. People often prefer to work directly with a lending officer, but what exactly is the average loan officer salary? MLO salary varies from $150,000 for the top earners to $26,000 for the lowest earner per year.

Qualities of a good loan officer

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A good loan officer holds several qualities that make them reliable. This includes problem-solving skills, responsiveness, and time-management skills, among others. In addition, a lending administrator must have a comprehensive knowledge of lending products and banking rules, regulations, and necessary documentation. Are loan officers rich? The median wage rate for lending officers is $63,960. The salary falls between $60,935 and $70,016.

Factors that determine the salary of a loan officer

Several factors determine the salary one earns, including certifications, education, and experience level, among other factors. What is the highest salary for loan officers? The lowest wage rate earners are paid a salary of under $32,820 while the top earners are paid over $132,290.

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Some credit administrators are paid a flat hourly rate or a salary and others earn a commission on top of their wages. Therefore, the more the loans one issues, the more the commission an administrator earns or also depending on how the loans are repaid. Their salaries are therefore a gamble and depend on the contract they have with their employer.

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Most mortgage administrators are also entitled to specific health, retirement, and vacation benefits. However, most credit administrators work either for a bank or a private company; therefore, benefits are not the same, and they change depending on the employer.

Loan officer pay
The more experience a loan officer has, the greater the salary. Photo: @indeed.com
Source: UGC

States where loan officers make the most money

What state do loan officers make the most money in? Many things go into the amount of money one makes. This list gives an idea of the average wage rate provided in your state in America. The top state that pays the most money to their credit administrators is Michigan, followed by Missouri, then Kansas, Arkansas, and North Carolina.

  1. Michigan: $91,740
  2. Missouri: $88,310
  3. Kansas: $85,970
  4. Arkansas: $79,760
  5. North Carolina: $85,100
  6. Wisconsin: $87,430
  7. Virginia: $88,870
  8. Minnesota: $87,680
  9. Georgia: $78,850
  10. Nebraska: $78,260

Mortgage loan officers

In the United States, a mortgage loan originator's salary is $282,753 annually plus a commission of $25,000. For example, in California, a mortgage originator makes $226,970, while a lending mortgage administrator's salary is $214,442 in the United States. The national average salary of a mortgage loan officer is $43,241 annually, which is determined by his location. The highest-paid mortgage loan officer makes $81,226 per year.

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A mortgage officer is a representative of a bank, credit union, or any other financial institution where individuals borrow money. They aid in the application process. They primarily work with individuals and small businesses on various types of loans.

Real estate loan officer's salary

The normal real estate credit administrator salary is $100,874. However, this salary can range from $41,168-$509,557 when you consider benefits and additional payments. The average total pay in the United States for a real estate lending officer is $136,885 per year. As of May 2022, the average annual salary of a real state credit administrator is $59,624. This is approximately $28.67 per hour, $1,147 per week, or $4,969 per month.

Most real estate loan officers' salaries range from $42,500 to $75,000, while the top earners make $82,000 per year in the United States. In addition, salaried credit officers are subject to increments depending on their skill level, location, and experience. At the top of the list of cities is Sunnyvale California, Santa Cruz, and Santa Rosa.

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There is a moderate number of active real estate credit administrators in the Sunnyvale job market, with a few companies hiring for this role. Several categories related to real estate lending administrator jobs pay more than the average real estate lending administrator salary.

They include; Hard Money Loan officer, Senior Commercial credit officer, and VP loan administrator. They pay between $57,814 and $79,172, which is more than the average real estate loan officer's salary of $59,624.

How much do loan officers make?
Here are the different varieties of Real estate loan officers. Photo: @ziprecruiter.com
Source: UGC

Different credit administrators receive different salaries based on the factors discussed. This article has highlighted the most well-paid states in the United States and if you are considering becoming a credit officer, at least you are armed with the average loan officer salaries.

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