Best 50+ Shweshwe traditional dresses for 2022 (with images)

Best 50+ Shweshwe traditional dresses for 2022 (with images)

Shweshwe traditional dresses are known for their vibrant colours and patterned prints. The ensemble has been around for a long time, and the fashion does not seem to be dying anytime soon. 2022 is another year to witness diverse creativity in making Shweshwe a contemporary fashion piece while still maintaining its traditional vibe.

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African fashion for 2022
Shweshwe traditional dresses for 2022. Photo: @themascloset, @ndaloh_creations, @designbyhands (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Shweshwe dresses have become a common theme at weddings as more couples embrace the traditional attire rather than the usual white wedding outfits. The material can be customized to create any design you want.

What is a Shweshwe dress?

Shweshwe traditional attires are made from printed cotton fabrics that are originally indigo (dark blue). In modern South Africa, the ensemble comes in a variety of colours and prints that are often designed with other types of fabrics for a contemporary appearance.

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Best Shweshwe traditional dresses for 2022

Shweshwe clothes come in a variety of colours and designs. Here are the top 50 best attires to rock in 2022. The pictures are from the latest social media posts of models and fashion designers.

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1. Sleeveless skater dress

Traditional fashion
Sleeveless skater ensemble. Photo: @lynettemashitisho
Source: Instagram

Give your ensemble a modern look with this off-shoulder Shweshwe print dress. It can be worn when attending social or official events.

2. One-shoulder modern Shweshwe

One shoulder attire
One-shoulder modern Shweshwe. Photo: @ndaloh_creations
Source: Instagram

Keep it traditional in a modern way with this white and blue ensemble. The ruffle detail on one shoulder and the layered hem make it ideal for weddings.

3. Strapless blue ensemble

Strapless attire
Strapless blue ensemble. Photo: @soultenacious
Source: Instagram

Make your day a blue affair with this beautifully created piece of clothing. The yellow stripes create an elegant appearance, and the outfit looks stunning with minimal makeup and accessories.

4. Colourful Shweshwe wedding attire

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Conventional wedding ensemble
Colourful wedding attire. Photo: @didadabhay (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Make your wedding vibrant with this bright wedding gown. Create a magic dress made from a combination of tulle, sequins, lace, sparkles, and beautiful Shweshwe fabric.

5. One-shoulder layered attire

Shweshwe trending fashion
One-shoulder layered ensemble. Photo: @designer_malume_mike
Source: Instagram

Make your day a blue affair with this beautifully created piece of clothing. The white lace at the hem adds a modern touch to the outfit.

6. Double sleeved red dress

Double sleeved attire
Double sleeved red attire. Photo: @shonaaccra
Source: Instagram

This red midi flare ensemble can be worn by ladies of all ages. It does not show a lot of skin, making it a decent choice for formal occasions.

7. Checkered sleeveless maxi

Shweshwe fashion
Checkered sleeveless maxi. Photo: @buhlemtungwa
Source: Instagram

This ensemble is best suited if you are attending a traditional-themed event. Keep it simple with minimal makeup and few accessories.

8. Strapless off-shoulder party dress

Short gown fashion
Strapless off-shoulder party dress. Photo: @mandinantsikwe
Source: Instagram

Blue and yellow are a great colour combination, and they help brighten the room. The off-shoulder sleeves give it an elegant appearance and will make you stand out.

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9. Short-sleeved mermaid attire

Traditional clothing designs
Short-sleeved mermaid attire. Photo: @k_couture
Source: Instagram

Simplicity is the new fashion in 2022. This mermaid ensemble has common Shweshwe prints and patterns but still stands out as a great traditional fashion piece.

10. Sequined orange Shweshwe gown

Sequined African fashion
Sequined orange Shweshwe gown. Photo: @didadabhay
Source: Instagram

What are you planning to wear on your big day? Make it a colourful affair with beautifully created conventional attire.

11. One-shoulder plus-size attire

Conventional ladies' fashion
One-shoulder plus size attire. Photo: @asandile_designs
Source: Instagram

The good thing about the Shweshwe fabric is that the material looks great on everyone, irrespective of size. This midi-flare ensemble is flattering on curvaceous ladies.

12. Traditional peplum attire

Conventional clothing design
Traditional peplum attire. Photo: @myredcloset
Source: Instagram

Keep it traditional in a modern way with this fashionable ensemble. It is an ideal choice for official events and social gatherings.

13. Maxi mermaid dress with ruffle details

Trending traditional wear
Maxi mermaid dress with ruffles. Photo: @iamboniswa
Source: Instagram

There is no limit to what you can create when it comes to conventional fashion. A blend of orange and blue colours can make you a fashion queen.

14. Custom made one-shoulder Shweshwe wedding dress

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Modernized conventional fashion
Custom-made one-shoulder wedding attire. Photo: @themascloset (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Create the best traditional wedding gown that combines Shweshwe and the usual white wedding fabric. Make your big day a fashionable occasion to be remembered.

15. A-line attire with side pockets

A-line dress designs
A-line attire with side pockets. Photo: @rok.dress
Source: Instagram

A-line ensembles are the perfect choice if you are looking for loose and simple clothing. Breathe easily while doing your errands.

16. Blue and white multi-layered wedding attire

Conventional wedding fashion
Blue and white multi-layered wedding attire. Photo: @sleek_afrik
Source: Instagram

Blue and white colours are a match made in heaven. They bring out vibrant vibes in everyone on your big day!

17. Bell sleeved straight garment

Custom-made traditional ensemble
Bell-sleeved straight garment. Photo: @leas_clothing_line
Source: Instagram

These bell-sleeved straight attires make some of the best Shweshwe traditional dresses for bridesmaids. The ensemble is comfortable, and your maids will have a great time the entire time.

18. Embellished single-sleeved

Embellished conventional attires
Embellished single-sleeved Shweshwe dress. Photo: @funkyresy
Source: Instagram

Blue Shweshwes are timeless in the world of conventional fashion. Get a premium look with minimal white and flower details.

19. White one-shoulder double-layered outfit

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Traditional white clothing
White one-shoulder double-layered outfit. Photo: @lotious_creations
Source: Instagram

A woman's joy is being able to stand out and look vibrant in their outfit. Create a charming and elegant look in this white one-shoulder double-layered outfit.

20. Above the knee, free-flowing ensemble

Free-flowing ensemble for ladies
Above-the-knee free-flowing ensemble. Photo: @styled_bythabim
Source: Instagram

Keep it simple but fashionable in this A-line green with blue detailing. It is the best attire for carrying out casual errands.

21. Maxi-pocket dress

Maxi traditional attires for ladies
Maxi-pocket ensemble. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

This maxi-pocket ensemble confirms that decency and fashion blend well. The look is simple yet classy, and the colour gives the Shweshwe fabric a fashional escape from the usual dark blue.

22. One-shoulder fish-tail dress

Blue Shweshwe designs
One-shoulder fish-tail ensemble. Photo: @phirilaurenlerato
Source: Instagram

Bring out your best features with this figure-hugging ensemble. Fishtail details are common when it comes to conventional wear, and they help flatter your figure.

23. Green flare party dress

Traditional clothing for parties
Green party ensemble. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

Take your sassiness to the next level with this green party ensemble. Above-the-knee flared outfits make your movements easy and fun.

24. Off-shoulder fitting Shweshwe dress

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Figure-hugging conventional ensemble
Off-shoulder fitting Shweshwe outfit. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

Put your curves on a fashionable display in this off-shoulder figure-hugging ensemble. Be the standout guest at the ceremony.

25. Shoulder wrap midi-flare outfit

Red traditional Shweshwe designs
Shoulder wrap midi-flare. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

Create an elegant fashion with red and white fabric. Apply matching makeup, and remember to keep accessories to the minimum.

26. Butterfly sleeved traditional Shweshwe outfit

Match mother-daughter traditional outfit
Butterfly sleeved traditional Shweshwe attire. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

Become a sporty princess with your little girl in these matching conventional attires and sneakers. The outfit can be worn when out with your family for photoshoots and other social events.

27. Pink-yellow bracelet-sleeved party dress

Pink-yellow bracelet-sleeved party dress
Pink-yellow bracelet-sleeved party dress. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

You do not need a crown to become a princess. Be the centre of attention at parties in this pink and yellow ensemble.

28. Sleeveless high-neck midi-dress

Colourful conventional outfit
Sleeveless high-neck midi-dress. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

Shine bright like a diamond in this bright conventional ensemble. Get matching shoes and sunglasses for a complete princess vibe.

29. Single shoulder asymmetrical pleated hem outfit

Asymmetrical Shweshwe outfits for ladies
Single shoulder asymmetrical pleated hem outfit. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Getty Images

Take your boss moves to the next level in this bold and energetic conventional print. Nude makeup will go well with the colours.

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30. Single balloon-sleeved asymmetrical ruffled attire

Single sleeved conventional dresses
Single balloon-sleeved asymmetrical ruffled ensemble. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

White details are always a great match for any Shweshwe colour. Finish the look with matching shoes and hair.

31. One-shoulder Juliet-sleeved party dress

Elegant blue Shweshwe party ensemble
One-shoulder Juliet-sleeved party dress. Photo: @moonie_phiri
Source: Instagram

Level up your fashion pick on a sunny day with this mini flare ensemble. Blue coloured print and matching strappy sandals never disappoint!

32. High slit maxi ensemble

High-slit traditional clothing for ladies
High slit maxi outfit. Photo: @zama.ni_designs
Source: Instagram

How do you create elegance without looking extra? Well, this outfit says it all! White will always remain a perfect match for blue.

33. Puff-sleeved strappy midi-flare ensemble

Blue and Yellow puff-sleeved outfit
Puff-sleeved strappy midi-flare ensemble. Photo: @asandile_designs
Source: Instagram

Yellow and blue give you a sophisticated appearance. The outfit beautifully covers all the body and is flattering on all body types.

34. V-neck puff-sleeved flared outfit

V-neck outfits for ladies
V-neck puff-sleeved flared ensemble. Photo: @majoress
Source: Instagram

Design your entire outfit from Shweshwe fabric. Enhance the style with puff sleeves and a decent V-neck with matching footwear for a complete African fashion.

35. Pink boob-tube max attire

Princess pink ensemble
Pink boob-tube maxi ensemble. Photo: @tumi_nakedi
Source: Instagram

Be the princess in your own kingdom in this lovely pink gown. Get a matching headpiece and high-heeled shoes for a complete shine.

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36. Boob-tube layered party dress

Boobtube layered traditional attire
Boobtube layered party dress. Photo: @nomthwakazi_magoloza
Source: Instagram

When attending parties, a girl should feel comfortable and fashionable in her outfit. This green layered party dress and yellow shoes will do the trick.

37. Green bell-sleeved deep V-neck ensemble

Sexy Shweshwe traditional dresses
Bell-sleeved deep V-neck attire. Photo: @meridan_designs
Source: Instagram

African conventional attires are just as sexy as they are beautiful. Expand your fashion imagination by creating something that best brings out your personality.

38. Double-pocket midi-wrap dress

Single Shweshwe traditional outfit
Double-pocket midi-wrap ensemble. Photo: (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Simple is the new elegance, and you can create more by keeping things to a minimum. This grey ensemble is perfect for essential family gatherings like lobola negotiations.

39. Blue Shweshwe mini-dress

Summer conventional ensemble
Blue Shweshwe mini-dress. Photo: @ingomso_fashion
Source: Instagram

Every girl needs a mini-flare ensemble in their closet. This blue attire can flatter your figure and make you a few years younger!

40. Peplum puff-sleeved maxi attire

Attractive Shweshwe gowns
Peplum puff-sleeved maxi attire. Photo: @leratotailor (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Keep that fashion crown high with this beautifully created maxi attire. The bright colours and minimum details make it elegant.

41. V-neck wrap maxi dress

Maxi traditional Shweshwe outfit
V-neck wrap maxi dress. Photo: @intombi_ka_xesibe
Source: Instagram

Are you celebrating your anniversary or any other important event? Make it special and memorable with a creatively designed Shweshwe gown.

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42. Leteisi-Shweshwe ball gown

Elegant traditional gown
Leteisi-Shweshwe ball gown. Photo: @tsholo_dikobe
Source: Instagram

A blend of Shweshwe and leteisi fabrics creates magic and pure elegance. The colour combination, accessories, and details in this gown will make you appreciate traditional designs even more.

43. Boob-tube pleated midi dress

Trending boob-tube outfits for ladies
Boob-tube pleated midi dress. Photo: @themascloset
Source: Instagram

If you are looking for a special occasion Shweshwe dress in 2022, look no further. This boob tube flare ensemble will do the trick. The grey and white colour combination looks great.

44. Raglan-sleeved bodycon attire

Official Shweshwe traditional outfits
Reglan-sleeved bodycon. Photo:
Source: Instagram

Dress to impress in this blue figure-hugging ensemble. It outlines your curves but still makes you look presentable.

45. Red Shweshwe wedding gown

The best Shweshwe wedding gowns
Red Shweshwe wedding gown. Photo:
Source: Instagram

Shweshwe traditional dresses for makoti are supposed to be decent but should stand out. This red gown will leave a great impression.

46. Single-sleeved cutout flare dress

Cut-out party dress
Single-sleeved cutout ensemble. Photo: @designbyhands
Source: Instagram

Since blue is common, how about switching it up to special occasion green Shweshwe dresses? This cut-out green ensemble can be won on your graduation to celebrate an anniversary or birthday and during any other event worth remembering.

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47. Boob-tube fishtail attire

Figure-hugging Shweshwe ensemble for ladies
Boob-tube fishtail attire. Photo: @traditionalafricanweddings
Source: Instagram

Let the world see your well-defined curves in this figure-hugging boob tube that flares out at the knees. Fishtails are common but fashionable, and they help flatter your figure, especially if you are a pear shape.

48. Butterfly-sleeved high-slit ruffled dress

Modern design traditional Shweshwe dresses
Butterfly-sleeved high-slit ruffled ensemble. Photo: @francoisvedemmefashion
Source: Instagram

Take traditional fashion a notch higher in this high-slit ruffled ensemble. Matching makeup and minimum accessories help bring out the best in conventional fashion.

49. Orange strapless party ensemble

Traditional party dresses
Orange strapless party ensemble. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

Orange is the new sexy in convention styling. Get the party started in this strapless beaded flare ensemble.

50. Raglan-sleeved peplum attire

Peplum traditional Shweshwe for women
Raglan-sleeved peplum attire. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

Ladies of all shapes and sizes look great in peplum attires that have a fishtail detail. The different shades of blue and flower details create irresistible elegance.

Shweshwe fashion is here to stay as more designers come up with new features every day and more ladies embrace conventional dressing. 2022 is another year where women get to shine in Shweshwe traditional dresses, whether they are attending parties, going to the office, or attending weddings. Which of the 50 attires did you like the most?

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