Top 30 freehand hairstyles for 2022 | Easy hairstyles for women

Top 30 freehand hairstyles for 2022 | Easy hairstyles for women

Hair to hair or freehand hairstyles are slowly being adopted by ladies across the continent, mainly because of their protective nature. They keep your hair moisturized and are ideal if you are looking for a style that will make the maintenance journey of your natural hair easy. Keep reading to find out which designs are perfect for your hair.

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The best freehand hair designs
What are the best freehand hairstyles? Photo: @hairby_shaeshaee, @glowella_curlss, @queenstaten (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Hairdressing is one of the most lucrative fields of the beauty industry since hairstyles for women are constantly being reinvented and enhanced. Many ladies prefer to have the latest style because it makes them visible.

Freehand hairstyles in 2022 for ladies

Freehand hairstyles are easy to make and relatively cheap because extensions are not needed. You only require clean and moisturized natural hair and a skilled hairdresser.

There are numerous freehand hand hairstyles that you can rock in 2022. The different designs featured below are sourced from the latest social media posts of hairdressers and influencers.

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1. Straight-back small cornrows

Straight-back small cornrows
Protect your Afro-hair with small cornrows. Photo: @hair_by_sosy (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

If you are looking for a braiding style that will last longer and protect your natural Afro-curls, small cornrows are an ideal choice. Nicely plaited lines can be worn to school or the office.

2. Feed-in mid-fishbone hand braids

Feed-in mid-fishbone hand braids
Cornrow freehand hairstyles. Photo: @zayn_glows (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Fishbone hand braids create a neat appearance. The cornrow lines can be small or medium-sized. You can also use your natural hair or add braids for a firmer and long-lasting finish.

3. Round fishbone freehand cornrows

Round fishbone freehand cornrows
Protective hairstyles for Afro-hair. Photo: @latore_boutique
Source: Instagram

This fishbone style can be worn by ladies of all ages. They give you a younger appearance, and you will not feel the weight of hair on your head because they are light.

4. Straight-back Dutch braids

Straight-back Dutch braids
Create a simple look with large Dutch braids. Photo: @hairby_shaeshaee (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Keep it simple with large Dutch braids. They are quick and easy to braid. They are also the easiest styles to maintain.

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5. Freehand twists and feed-in cornrows

Freehand twists and feed-in cornrows
Create an elegant look with twists and cornrows. Photo: @signature_afrihair_midstream
Source: Instagram

There are numerous styles you can apply to your natural hair to maintain its texture and lock in moisture. Make twists with your own hair to create an effortlessly elegant appearance. Finish the look with neatly braided feed-in cornrows at the back.

6. Side-fishbone small cornrows

Side-fishbone small cornrows
Nice freehand hairstyles with natural hair. Photo: @lindanyathii (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Side-fishbone plaits are an ideal style if you are looking for the best cornrow freehand hairstyles. They are the best choice for a summer outing.

7. Straight-back lines without braids

Straight-back lines without braids
Easy freehand hairstyle. Photo: @tanyahairstylistbeuty
Source: Instagram

Straight-back plaits prevent hair breakage and help your hair grow. They are painless, and you will have fun during the braiding process.

8. Straight-back Benny & Betty hairstyle

Protective styles for natural hair
Straight-back Benny & Betty braiding. Photo: @tnr_hair_boutique
Source: Instagram

Benny & Betty plaits are easy and quick to make.

9. Zigzag straight-back cornrows

Zigzag straight-back cornrows
Freehand plaiting. Photo: @labloshnail (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Give yourself a hair makeover with neatly braided zigzag lines. They are light on your head and easy to maintain.

10. Sleek up-do plaits for natural hair

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Sleek up-do plaits for natural hair
Up-do plaits look great on natural Afro-hair. Photo: @titiey_the_braider (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Up-do plaits are ideal for women of all ages and look great on all head shapes. You can easily keep the hair oiled and moisturized by applying your favourite oil and moisturizer between the lines.

11. Patterned small cornrows fishbone

Patterned small cornrows fishbone
Freehand styles pictures. Photo: @titiey_the_braider (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

There are countless cornrow freehand hairstyles to apply to your hair. Switch up the style with a unique pattern.

12. Natural twists and cornrows

Natural twists and cornrows
Freehand plaiting styles. Photo: @snowworldwigs
Source: Instagram

Natural twist styles are some of the common ways used to take care of natural Afro hair. The twists and cornrows are plaited using your natural hair. Get the best stylist who will give you a neat finish.

13. Stitch cornrows with a crisscross design

Stitch cornrows with crisscross designs
Freehand braiding. Photo: @afhairbraiding
Source: Instagram

Upgrade your style with nicely done stitch lines. Enhance the look with crisscross lines for the ultimate appearance.

14. Stitch feed-in cornrows

Stitch feed-in cornrows
Elegant braiding. Photo: @bkmi_sweetbeauty (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Feed-in lines can be created in many designs. Try this unique freehand braiding style for a sophisticated but fashionable look.

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15. Stylish feed-in straight-back stitch lines

Stylish feed-in straight-back stitch lines
Straight-back stitch lines. Photo: @brawdy_di_stylist (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Straight-back lines are ideal if you are looking for a quick but stylish braiding design. The curved feed-in cornrows make you stand out. This design can be plaited on all hair types.

16. Freehand plaiting twist updo

Freehand plaiting twist updo
Take care of your hair with neat twist updos. Photo: @djeahairspa
Source: Instagram

Enhance your natural hair game with a neat twist updo. Updo designs can be braided on any head shape. Get a talented stylist to give you the best natural Afro hair makeover.

17. Flat twist updo

Flat twist updo
Protective freehand hairstyles. Photo: @kinksandcurlstwistbar
Source: Instagram

If you are looking for the best protective designs, this flat twist updo will do the trick. Keep it moisturized and oiled for a satisfying outcome.

18. Freehand sister locs

Freehand sister locks
Sister locs can be styled in many different ways. Photo: @goldieloclounge (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Freehand sister locs never get out of fashion. Once the locs are braided, you can style them the way you want. The hairstyle can be won by any woman, regardless of hair length, texture, or skin tone.

19. Fishbone Afro

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Fishbone Afro
Best freehand hairstyles for Afro-hair. Photo: @naturalhairtz
Source: Instagram

Having a clean and moisturized Afro is every African woman’s dream. The fishbone design makes the whole style look classy. This design can be worn to any social function where you need to present your authentic self in the best way possible.

20. Freehand natural hair pigtails

Freehand natural hair pigtails
Freehand designs protect your hair. Photo: @natural.kinky.curls
Source: Instagram

Taking good care of your hair will go a long way in helping you achieve your hair goals. These pigtails help lock the moisture in and prevent hair entanglement for easy styling.

21. Elegant Bantu knots

Elegant Bantu knots
Clean Bantu knots for the ultimate African queen vibe. Photo: @diamond_woman_hairpire (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Neatly done Bantu knots give the ultimate African queen vibe. They are easy to make, and you can style them on your own.

22. Circular Dutch lines

Circular Dutch lines
Stylish designs for an elegant look. Photo@rroyaltouch
Source: Instagram

If you are running late but still want to look your absolute best, try this circular Dutch design. You can wear the hairstyle to any function.

23. Sleek straight-up cornrows

Sleek straight-up cornrows
The best straight-up designs for natural hair. Photo: @glowella._curlss (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Straight-up cornrows give you a youthful appearance and are some of the best styles to protect your hair and prevent breakage. The top can be made into a cute bun or left hanging to form a nice ponytail.

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24. Half-up half-down freehand hairstyle

Half-up half-down
The best freehand hairstyles for Afro-hair. Photo: @glowella._curlss
Source: Instagram

This half-up half-down design is simple yet has a sophisticated appearance. It helps to maintain the hairline and keep your hair moisturized. It is an ideal freehand design for summer.

25. Freestyle cornrows

Freestyle cornrows
Sophisticated hairstyles for ladies. Photo: @isisl_touchofglam (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Mix different styles for a sophisticated finish. You will need a skilled hairdresser to plait all the cute patterns. You will undoubtedly love the end result.

26. Mohawk cornrows and twists

The best freehand hairstyles for 2022
Mohawk cornrows and twists design. Photo: @lollypeebraids
Source: Instagram

If you want to rock a mohawk without shaving, mohawk cornrows for natural hair will do the trick. The twists at the top can be styled any way you want.

27. Elegant freehand plaiting

Hairpiece hairstyles
Give your Afro-hair an elegant makeover. Photo: @queenstaten
Source: Facebook

The beauty of cornrows is that they can be styled in different ways to suit all occasions. The twists at the front keep your hair protected.

28. Side flowing flat twist

Flat twist hairstyles
Side flowing flat twist design for women. Photo: @primadonnacurlz
Source: Instagram

Simple is the new sophistication with this flat twist style. The design gives you a stress-free hair day and keeps the moisture locked in to avoid annoying hair breakage.

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29. French braid updo

French braid updo
Protective designs for natural Afros. Photo: @mic_marciannaturals
Source: Instagram

French braids are good for keeping your hairline intact and maintaining the overall health of your hair. Keep your Afro shining with a French braid that covers the entire hairline.

30. Cornrow space buns

Cornrow space buns
Nice freehand hairstyles with natural hair. Photo: @joelle.hairstylz
Source: Instagram

If you are searching for a hairstyle that compliments your casual fashion, these cornrow space buns will go a long way in helping you achieve your fashion goal. It looks great on both long and short natural Afros.

Freehand hairstyles are simple and easy to braid, but they give you a sophisticated look. Choose any of the designs, or you can try them all within the year. Make sure to get a talented hairdresser who will give you what you ask for!

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Many ladies prefer cornrow styles because they are easy to look after, and moisturizing oil can be applied between the lines. The style is also protective, especially for afro-hair, and you do not have to worry about losing your hairline.

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