Average lineman salary in the USA 2022: What are the annual and hourly pay?

Average lineman salary in the USA 2022: What are the annual and hourly pay?

An electrical lineman maintains the electric transmission and distribution facilities that deliver electrical energy to industrial, commercial, and residential establishments. In addition, a lineman learns to climb poles, install, repair, and maintain overhead and underground power lines. The average lineman's salary in the USA in 2022 varies with the workload involved.

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Average lineman salary in the USA 2022
Power technicians are in charge of installing, repairing, and maintaining overhead and underground electrical power lines and auxiliary equipment. Photo: Gunnar Word
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So what do linemen get paid? For more information on how much these frontline workers make on a yearly basis, read this article.

In 2021 a power technician earned an average yearly salary of $74,530. The bottom 10 per cent made under $31,685, while the top 10 per cent earned $85,250 or more. In 2022, this has changed.

Lineman storm pay

Transmission linemen who work during the storm season in America have different payment terms. How much do linemen get paid? Power specialists in the United States earn between $37.8K and $47.8K a year.

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The factors influencing storm workers' pay annual are; the type of storm, level of experience and the number of hours spent on the job. To become skilled, you must go through years of training.

How much do linemen make?

Based on the latest research, the national average salary estimate for an electrical power-line installer and technician is $74,530 per year. The amount changes with the details of the work involved and the experience level.

The more experienced you are, the more money you make. Because this profession might be physically demanding at times, it is critical to be physically fit and healthy. Reading blueprints is essential for understanding how electrical cables are laid out.

Do linemen make good money?

Yes, but that depends on your skills and experience on the job. The state where you land the lineman job may also determine your salary. Linemen in Class A are in charge of the electrical overhead distribution system's maintenance, construction, and repair.

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How much does a lineman make in Canada?

The average lineman income is $58,500 per year ($30 per hour) in Canada. Entry-level jobs start at $46,800 per year, with the highest-paid individuals earning up to $98,537 per year.

How much does a lineman make on an hourly basis?

The jobs pay an average entry-level of $27.80 per hour. The average lineman's pay in the United States relies on various things, including certifications, supplementary talents, and the number of years you've worked in your field.

What state pays the most for lineman? In 2022, power technicians in Hawaii will make the most money. Their average salary pay annually is $98,440. On the other hand, the state with the lowest average wage for lineman in Mississippi comes in at $28.75 an hour.

How much does a journeyman lineman make in NYC?

In New York City, an average journey lineman earns $65,820 per year. This salary is comparable to the typical salaries in Atlanta, Washington, DC, and Salt Lake City.

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Here is a list of lineman's salaries in several other states annually:

  • Alaska- $94,800
  • New York: $91, 800
  • Massachusetts- $91,430
  • California: $90,590
  • Oregon- $89,500
  • Washington- $88,117
  • North Dakota- $84,934
  • Nevada- $84,799
  • Rhode Island- $84,506
  • South Dakota-$82,512
How much do lineman make?
The average hourly wage for a Lineman in the United States is between $37 and $41 per hour. Photo: @powerlinemanmag
Source: Instagram

Electric transmission and distribution facilities that transport electrical energy to industrial, commercial, and residential premises are built and maintained by a lineman. In the event of lightning, wind, ice storms, or ground disruptions, a power technician installs, services, and urgently repairs electrical lines.

How much do linemen make after a hurricane?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, a power specialist makes $62,000 a year and $30 per hour. After hurricanes, utility workers often have to deal with heavy rains and flooding, causing slippery and hazardous roadways. Their average pay is higher than that.

Who is the highest-paid power lineman?

With the necessary expertise and talents, a power specialist may be able to earn more than $100,000. For example, the yearly income ranges from $77,662 to $85,282, while the average lineman's salary is $83,198 and between $40 and $50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $51,279 per year, while most experienced workers earn $101,546 per year.

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Does the same payment rate apply in football? No, it is a different ball game altogether.

How much does a lineman make in NFL?

Average lineman salary in the USA 2022: What are the annual and hourly pay?
There are two types of linemen in football, namely offensive and defensive, and they are usually the strongest in a team. Photo: Al Messerschmidt
Source: Getty Images

The official figures are not usually revealed publicly after the final agreement between the league and NFL Referees Association. However in the 2019 season, referees received earnings of $205,000 on average.

This equates to around $12,000 per game, a pretty significant figure. Trent Williams of the San Francisco 49ers is the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL. His annual salary is $23.01 million.

The power lineman salary in the US differs since each state has different remunerations. Their average pay is also dependent on their level of experience. We have looked at the average lineman salary from all over America and compared their remuneration from catastrophe work to how they do their daily tasks.

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