The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers for December 2021: Coming up!

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers for December 2021: Coming up!

Are you ready for another exciting month? The upcoming drama on The River 3 on Mzansi Magic promises to light up your month with an exciting and thrilling episode line-up. Zolani has a new flame but will his family approve of his choice? Keep reading the following The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers for more on how the drama unfolds.

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The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers
The River 3 television series airs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 7.00 p.m. Photo: @news365coza
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The walls close in on Mabutho as he desperately fights to avoid imprisonment while Cobra is tempted to choose his friend over family. Elsewhere, Lindiwe has a new enemy and will stop at nothing until she exposes them.

The River 3 teasers for December 2021

The River season three rebroadcast on Mzansi Magic continues to give viewers the same level of high-quality local entertainment. Here are the teasers on what to expect in The River 3 December episodes.

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The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers
Mabutho desperately tries to avoid imprisonment in upcoming episodes of The River 3 television series. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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1st December 2021, Wednesday: Episode 48 (A hero or a fraud?)

Tumi's situation is only getting worse, and it could end up having irreversible damage to her marriage. Kedibone finds out certain details regarding a member of the family.

2nd December 2021, Thursday: Episode 49 (Peace offerings)

Cobra will do anything to ensure his new friend is safe. Meanwhile, Tumi gets another opportunity for a better life, but could there be another obstacle along the way?

3rd December 2021, Friday: Episode 50 (When hope drains away)

Lindiwe celebrates her fulfilling win. Elsewhere, Mabutho instigates a tense war.

6th December 2021, Monday: Episode 51 (Action/reaction)

Someone from the past comes into the Dikanas lives. Cobra and Kedibone's conflict regarding Mabutho escalates.

7th December 2021, Tuesday: Episode 52 (Smite her, Lord!)

Mabutho gains a greater advantage over Kedibone. Meanwhile, an old member of the family has a shocking confession to make.

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8th December 2021, Wednesday: Episode 53 (What secrets?)

Kedibone seeks assistance to tackle an adversary. A certain family member cannot stop worrying after Lindiwe fails to return.

9th December 2021, Thursday: Episode 54 (Lord have mercy)

Cobra starts doubting his recent actions, especially after finding out specific details regarding his trusted acquaintance.

10th December 2021, Friday: Episode 55 (Captured)

Zolani's life is undone by the appearance of a mystical lady. Meanwhile, Cobra is thinking of foregoing his family for a friend. Is it worth it?

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers
Cobra is willing to protect his friend at all costs. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

13th December 2021, Monday: Episode 56 (Emmarentia)

Zolani has fallen in love, but how will his family think about his new flame? Paulina fights Tshabalala and Kedibone to rescue a member of the family.

14th December 2021, Tuesday: Episode 57 (Girl of my dreams)

Kedibone endangers her life as she tries to protect Cobra. Meanwhile, people are shocked by Zolani's new relationship, including those who know the girl. What is her history?

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15th December 2021, Wednesday: Episode 58 (These things are delicate)

Zolani's new flame is slowly getting into the Dikana family circle. What is her motive? Elsewhere, Mabutho finally acts on his threats.

16th December 2021, Thursday: Episode 59 (Sweeter than honey)

Mabutho starts acting in an unacceptable manner as he desperately tries to avoid imprisonment. Zolani's new lady attempts to win everyone's favour, and it seems to be working.

17th December 2021, Friday: Episode 60 (How stupid can you be?)

Mabutho seems to be doomed, while Lindiwe comes across a stunning detail.

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers
Everyone is shocked to see Zolani's new flame. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

20th December 2021, Monday: Episode 61 (Rat poison)

Mabutho and Kedibone's conduct makes people suspicious. Meanwhile, Beauty is concerned about the safety of her cousin as she tackles Lindiwe.

21st December 2021, Tuesday: Episode 62 (Chopped and screwed)

Lindiwe is in a lonely place. Will she bounce back, like she always does? Elsewhere, Dimpho experiences love at first sight, again.

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22nd December 2021, Wednesday: Episode 63 (Keep it professional)

Dimpho is keeping a particular secret while Lindiwe and Emma engage in a cat and mouse game. Who will win?

23rd December 2021, Thursday: Episode 64 (Paging Dr Fraudster)

Lindiwe is doing all she can to unearth details that will tarnish the reputation of her new rival. Dimpho gets into a tricky situation with the most enticing catch around Refilwe.

24th December 2021, Friday: Episode 65 (Shellfish)

Lindiwe goes to the extreme to ensure her enemy's deeds are known. Elsewhere, Kedibone has suspicions regarding Dimpho's plans for her new employer.

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers
Lindiwe is determined to dig up dirt on her new enemy in The River 3 December episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

27th December 2021, Monday: Episode 66 (Cat and mouse)

Lindiwe is determined to unearth dirt on her new rival. Meanwhile, the new gentleman in Refilwe gets into problems he was not expecting.

28th December 2021, Tuesday: Episode 67 (Auntie knows best)

Dimpho feels overwhelmed but Ntsika. Is her aunt right about him? Will she regret ignoring her advice?

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29th December 2021, Wednesday: Episode 68 (Charity case)

Lindiwe has thought of a solution to eliminating the dark force taking over the life of her nephew. Elsewhere, Dimpho confirms Kedibone's fears as she ends up ruining her future. Can she undo her wrongs?

30th December 2021, Thursday: Episode 69 (The amazing Emma)

Lindiwe is excited to link up with the real Emma. A distraught Dimpho is stunned after getting a sweet surprise from Ntsika.

31st December 2021, Friday: Episode 70 (The cherry on top)

As usual for the Dikanas, the ceremony has lots of drama. Meanwhile, Dimpho's gamble seems to have worked in her favour.

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers
Dimpho experiences love at first sight and later regrets it after ignoring Ntsike's warning. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to The River 3 cast?

Viewers should expect nothing but top-notch entertainment in upcoming December episodes of The River season three. Lindiwe is not one to accept defeat easily and does all she can to dig up dirt on her new enemy. Here is what happens to other characters.

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He is determined to protect his new friend at all costs. At some point, he is tempted to choose the friend over his family. In an interesting turn of events, Kedibone puts her life in danger to protect him.


Dimpho experiences love at first sight again. The guy is hot, but Ntsika and Kedibone fear the worst outcome. Dimpho ends up ruining her future after ignoring her aunt's warning. How will she bounce back?


The appearance of a mystical lady changes his world. He is love-struck, and people are shocked to see his new flame. The lady finds her way into the Dikana household and somehow manages to win the favour of everyone. Does she have hidden agendas?

As you spend time with your family this December holidays, Mzansi Magic has taken care of your home entertainment with amazing local dramas. As seen from the above The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers, the TV series has a thrilling episode line-up. The show airs from Mondays to Fridays at 7.00 p.m.

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