100 Days to Fall in Love Teasers for December 2021: Latest episodes here!

100 Days to Fall in Love Teasers for December 2021: Latest episodes here!

The 100 Days to Fall in Love TV show is an ongoing Telemundo drama that portrays the love life of some characters in the legal profession. They hustle through legal files and defend their clients' marital interests in the court of law while trying to salvage their personal relationships. The 100 Days to Fall in Love teasers for December 2021 give a sneak peek of actions to expect in the upcoming episodes.

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100 Days to Fall in Love Teasers
100 Days to Fall in Love cast members. Photo: @DStvZimbabwe
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In December 2021's 100 Days to Fall in Love series, Plutarco and Constanza have yet to break their 100 days contract. However, certain romantic developments threaten to put an end to it. Constanza gradually falls in love with Roger while Plutarco is already losing and planning to move in with Gloria. So, what will be Luis' fate after his lies are no longer a secret? Watch out.

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100 Days to Fall in Love teasers for December 2021

The series is new on the Telemundo channel and airs every day of the week by 21hr00. Romance, betrayal, and the determination to support family against all odds are some of the social themes to look forward to in this drama. The teasers below offer a sneak peek of the intriguing suspense that is spread over the upcoming episodes. You do not want to miss a second of the action.

Wednesday, 1st of December, 2021 - Episode 16

Constanza and Jimena share the details of their clientele's separation with Plutarco. Meanwhile, Sol comes to the office with teary eyes afterwards while Remedios and Ramiro engage in a verbal confrontation.

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Thursday, 2nd of December, 2021 - Episode 17

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Plutarco does not want his son, Daniel, to find out about the details of his association with Sol; he will stop at nothing to achieve this. Elsewhere, Max is jittery about his upcoming concert.

Friday, 3rd of December, 2021 - Episode 18

Luis has been consistently missing in action at his workplace, and Jimena wants to know why. Finally, Pablo gets a confession from Isabela while Sol seeks Daniel's forgiveness.

Saturday, 4th of December, 2021 - Episode 19

Constanza and Remedios visit Miami together. Meanwhile, Daniel wants nothing to do with his father, Plutarco, despite the latter's pleas for forgiveness.

Sunday, 5th of December, 2021 - Episode 20

Lobo Ramírez employs Remedios as his personal assistant while Plutarco and Emiliano meet up with Gloria at the bar. But, unfortunately, Constanza's parents disagree over something.

Monday, 6th of December, 2021 - Episode 21

Constanza honours Lobo's invitation to a run, and the latter ends up kissing Constanza. However, Aurora gives Luis a deadline, while Remedios declines Max's attempts to kiss her.

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Tuesday, 7th of December, 2021 - Episode 22

Lobo asks Constanza out on a dinner date while Pablo challenges Fernando. Meanwhile, Luis does not stop telling lies to Jimena even though Plutarco had advised him against it.

100 Days to Fall in Love Teasers
Luis does not stop telling lies to Jimena even though Plutarco had advised him against it. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
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Wednesday, 8th of December, 2021 - Episode 23

Constanza rejects all of Lobo's attempts at wooing her, and the latter turns his sight on Remedios. Besides, Luis gets into trouble because Jimena is now aware of his dishonesty with her.

Thursday, 9th of December, 2021 - Episode 24

Plutarco puts pen to paper and consents to become Ramírez's divorce lawyer. Elsewhere, Fernando wants Pablo to share a cup of coffee with him in a public place.

Friday, 10th of December, 2021 - Episode 25

Constanza's daddy visits the hospital while Dario and Max offer Emiliano some marijuana-laced brownies. Elsewhere, Jimena supports Aurora in her legal case.

Saturday, 11th of December, 2021 - Episode 26

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Luis asks Aurora to marry him but also wants her to keep it between them in the meantime. Unfortunately, Jimena and Aurora discover that both of them have similar engagement rings.

Sunday, 12th of December, 2021 - Episode 27

Constanza and Plutarco disagree, while Gloria has a feeling that she has been taken advantage of. Elsewhere, Aurora discovers a photograph of Luis alongside Jimena and her girl child.

Monday, 13th of December, 2021 - Episode 28

Gloria informs Plutarco that she wants him to stay away from her. However, Constanza meets up with a lady known as Hilda, who used to be Lobo's ex; she discovers a valid reason to sue Lobo.

Tuesday, 14th of December, 2021 - Episode 29

Constanza supplies Plutarco with some evidence against Plutarco. Lobo's attempts to wade off the allegations against him prove futile, while Luis discovers that his van had been vandalised.

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Wednesday, 15th of December, 2021 - Episode 30

Luis declines Aurora and Jimena's request that he must attend the meeting of parents with them. Nevertheless, Lobo files a suit against the office of Constanza and Plutarco.

Thursday, 16th of December, 2021 - Episode 31

Aurora issues Luis a deadline while Emiliano stops a racist client from disrespecting Benito, leading to a significant disagreement; the client brings out a gun during the turmoil.

Friday, 17th of December, 2021 - Episode 32

Fernando has a conversation with Benjamin about discrimination and respecting people. Meanwhile, Mariana shares with Daniel how she ended the relationship with Austin because it was toxic.

100 Days to Fall in Love Teasers
Mariana shares with Daniel how she ended the relationship with Austin because it was toxic. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Saturday, 18th of December, 2021 - Episode 33

Constanza listens as Luis tells Plutarco the situation of his two families. Elsewhere, Remedios is supportive of Ale after the latter confesses.

Sunday, 19th of December, 2021 - Episode 34

Aurora wants Luis's close associates to stop covering for his atrocities while insisting that Jimena deserves to find out about the truth. However, Mariana and Daniel kiss each other.

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Monday, 20th of December, 2021 - Episode 35

Constanza attempts to tell Jimena the truth, but she fails woefully at it while Luis does not desist from his deceit. Emiliano appreciates Daniel's support for Ale.

Tuesday, 21st of December, 2021 - Episode 36

Constanza seeks Pedro's assistance with something. Elsewhere, Emiliano advises Plutarco not to give up on his family while Pablo gets back together with his former girlfriend.

Wednesday, 22nd of December, 2021 - Episode 37

Jimena is angry with Remedios and Constanza for not telling her the truth about Luis; she challenges Luis about his lies and ends up sending him out of the home.

Thursday, 23rd of December, 2021 - Episode 38

Remedios and Jimena want Constanza to give Roger an opportunity, and she consents to have a dinner date with him. But, elsewhere, Luis is in serious trouble.

Friday, 24th of December, 2021 - Episode 39

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Emiliano believes that seeing a psychiatrist will be helpful to Luis. Meanwhile, Plutarco stalks Constanza, only to discover that there is a hotel reservation in her name.

Saturday, 25th of December, 2021 - Episode 40

Roger is keen on gathering information about one of Constanza's clienteles, but the latter insists that she cannot share any information with him. Martin observes Gloria and Plutarco as they kiss each other.

Sunday, 26th of December, 2021 - Episode 41

Plutarco starts in a new position at the workplace. However, Jimena and Aurora develop a scheme that will help them punish Luis while Constanza admits that she is nursing some deep emotions for Roger.

Monday, 27th of December, 2021 - Episode 42

Plutarco and Constanza tackle the case of Angélica Quintero as a team and discover that the issue is no different from Gloria's.

100 Days to Fall in Love Teasers
Plutarco starts in a new position at the workplace. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Tuesday, 28th of December, 2021 - Episode 43

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Constanza and Plutarco delve into a profound conversation after Gloria decides that she wants her eggs frozen for future use. Elsewhere, Remedios and Emiliano engage in an argument.

Wednesday, 29th of December, 2021 - Episode 44

Constanza informs Remedios that she intends to end the 100 days contract with Plutarco to be with Roger. Jimena sends Aurora away from the house.

Thursday, 30th of December, 2021 - Episode 45

Plutarco thinks about staying with Gloria while Emiliano and Hector want to support Remedios, but she declines their offer. Luis seeks forgiveness for his atrocities.

Friday, 31st of December, 2021 - Episode 46

Cuesta attempts to solve her marital issues by attending a couple's therapy session, but she does not reveal everything she knows. Meanwhile, Ale gets into the school soccer team.


Constanza still goes on with the 100 day of separation contract with her husband while helping friends and clients deal with their marital issues. However, she started seeing another man at some point and fell in love with the latter. This leads to Constanza's intention to end the 100 days pact with her husband. Will this help the situation?

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It takes only a day for the truth to catch up with lies, which becomes the case for Luis. He is a chronic liar who takes every opportunity to deceive the women in his life. For example, he proposes to another woman even though he is already involved with one woman who has a daughter for him. The two women eventually discover his lies, and his troubles are only about to begin when he is kicked out of the house.

The 100 Days to Fall in Love teasers for December will help you understand the actions of some of the characters in this series in the coming episodes. This Telemundo soap opera details how Cupid's shots sometimes miscue and hit the wrong targets.

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