Geet teasers for December 2021: Brij threatens to kill Geet!

Geet teasers for December 2021: Brij threatens to kill Geet!

As the festive season approaches, you might want to ease into the moment by catching up on your favourite shows. Geet is one of the drama soap operas to consider. The show has a captivating plot, and it features the best actors in the Bollywood scene. Meanwhile, check out the gist in Geet teasers for December 2021.

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Geet December 2021 teasers
Geet cast members are going to get you hooked to your screen. Photo: @Blasters Series
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The Geet storyline features the life of a young woman and how invested her family is in her love life. She falls in love with Dev, who promises to marry her. However, Dev is in the relationship for his gain. On the day of their wedding, he brings her fake gifts, an act that troubles the loved ones. The Geet teasers for December 2021 highlight her family's reaction to the act.

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Geet teasers for December 2021

Recent Geet episodes highlighted Dev's heinous actions and how they affected the relationship with her family. She finds it difficult to believe that she was duped. Is she ready for how much damage he has done to her life?

Episodes 23 and 24 - Wednesday, 1st of December 2021

Maan voices his concerns about his land documents being incomplete to Darji, and Brij remembers handing over the piece of land to Dev. Darji remembers that Dev's family had lied about their status and had given Geet fake jewellery.

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Darji stops Geet from leaving the house, and Rupinder locks her up in her room. A devastated Geet gets so consumed by Dev and refuses to eat her food. Later, she takes off her mangalsutra and insists that Darji should take her to college.

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Episodes 25 and 26 - Thursday, 2nd of December 2021

Brij reprimands Darji for letting Geet go, and Geet informs Rajji about her plan to look for Dev. Will she succeed in the mission?

Geet is puzzled to discover that the land belongs to Maan. She also struggles to come to terms with the reality of Dev deceiving her and her family. When Channi's mother spots her, she makes details of her marriage public.

Episodes 27 and 28 - Friday, 3rd of December 2021

When Geet gets better, the Handa family members question her about her actions. To express her remorse, she puts a hot piece of charcoal in her hand. She also tells the rest of the family how Dev deceived her for money.

Maan confronts Brij as he stops him from meeting Geet. Maan asks Geet to sign over a few legal documents to transfer her property and the papers are destroyed.

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Episodes 29 and 30 - Saturday, 4th of December 2021

Dev tries to convince Nayantara to relocate to India, to no avail. Geet shares her feelings with Mohinder and pressures her family to launch a complaint against Dev.

The police show up to arrest Geet, but Brij covers up by lying that she is not in the house. Later, Maan blackmails her family by threatening to have them arrested if they do not sign the land documents. Maan later sneaks into the house looking for the girl.

Episodes 31 and 32 - Sunday, 5th of December 2021

Rajji supports the search for Dev. Meanwhile, Brij insists on marrying her off to Maan for the sake of the property. However, Maan seems unimpressed by Brij's decision.

Parminder lashes out at Dev for his actions and betrayal, and Rupinder criticizes Brij's motive. Darji is equally furious at Rupinder for calling Brij out.

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Episodes 33 and 34 - Monday, 6th of December 2021

Maan approaches Geet and pleads with her to help him with the registration of the land. However, she is so consumed by Dev and how much she still loves him. Later, she realizes she is pregnant!

After being threatened by Brij, Geet reaches out to Dev, although Nayantara refuses to let Dev talk to her. Later, Gurvinder tells her about Channi's death and how her pregnancy caused it. Does Gurvinder suspect that she could be pregnant?

Geet episodes
Geet's pregnancy takes a toll on her. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 35 and 36 - Tuesday, 7th of December 2021

Nayantara disguises herself as Dev and sends Geet a text message, asking to meet her. Elsewhere, Brij attempts to murder Gurvinder, although Gurvinder manages to escape. Nayantara books a ticket to India, and Geet agrees to accompany Maan to Amritsar.

Rajji asks for Gurvinder's help with the Handa household, while Geet warns Maan Singh against meddling in her affairs. Later, when Nayantara and Geet meet, Nayantara shocks her by claiming she is Dev's wife!

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Episodes 37 and 38 - Wednesday, 8th of December 2021

Geet tells Nayantara that Dev is the father of her unborn baby, but Nayantara insists that she should abort the baby. She even pressures her to sign the abortion papers. Brij tells Rano that Geet ran away, and eventually she signs the property documents.

Rupinder attempts to console Rano, and Daarji instructs Brij to bring Geet home. When Darji confronts her about running away from home, she lashes back at him and tells him why she went Amritsar.

Episodes 39 and 40 - Thursday, 9th of December 2021

As the pressure to procure an abortion mounts, Geet seeks Mohinder's support. Elsewhere, Maan Singh shows up with the property documents, but Darji tells him that Geet has not returned.

Darji tells Daima that the Handa family members want to abort Geet's baby. The expectant mother pleads with Maan Singh to take Gurvinder with him.

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Episodes 41 and 42 - Friday, 10th of December 2021

Geet hides from Brij in the storeroom, although Brij stops her and attempts to kill her. Luckily the Handa family members show up to rescue her. They plead with Brij to give her some more time to consider the abortion. However, Darji orders Brij to kill her!

Gurvinder helps the pregnant girl run away from Brij's goon, although they turn against him. Out of anger, Brij orders his men to murder Geet, and when Channi's brother spots her, she runs away.

Episodes 43 and 44 - Saturday, 11th of December 2021

Maan rescues Geet and is upset to see her injured. She sympathizes with her and how troubled her life has gotten. When Brij's goons get to where they are, Maan manages to escape, carrying an unconscious Geet on his back.

Geet gathers the courage to face her family and confront them instead of going to the police station. Everyone is appalled to learn that she is alive.

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Episodes 45 and 46 - Sunday, 12th of December 2021

Geet narrates how Brij tried to kill her, and her father convinces Darji to accept his mistake. She insists she wants to cut relations with her family, and as Brij attempts to salvage the situation, he unwittingly says he killed Channi!

Geet relocates to Delhi and reunites with her friend Pinky who takes her to the Canadian embassy. Later, Pinky receives a call from her office.

Geet storyline
Is Dev's love genuine? GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 47 and 46 - Monday, 13th of December 2021

Shasha confuses Geet with a candidate for Maan's secretary; hence, they interview her, although she seems uneasy.

Maan thinks about Geet, who takes up the job as his secretary. Later, she asks a staff member at the Canadian embassy to help her reach Dev, although they decline to help her.

Episodes 49 and 50 - Tuesday, 14th of December 2021

Maan is enthralled to see Geet, who worries about working for him. She contemplates quitting but realizes she needs the money. They get into an argument, and Maan confesses that he intentionally appointed her.

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After much deliberation, Dev reaches out to Maan to thank him for paying his debt. Elsewhere, Maan gets aggravated by Geet being unprofessional and threatens to sack her if she is not careful.

Episodes 51 and 52 - Wednesday, 15th of December 2021

Dadi Ma lashes out at Maan for telling Geet not to transfer his calls, and working as a secretary means leaving the office very late. As she walks home, some goons chase her down. Maan rescues her from the goons and takes her home.

The following day, Maan gives in to Dadi Ma's pressure to bring Pammi, Nayantara, and Dev home. However, Nayantara seems more interested in the property.

Episodes 51 and 52 - Thursday, 16th of December 2021

Dadi Ma and Geet meet at the office, and Dadi Ma complains about Maan's arrogance. Later, Geet accidentally spills coffee on Maan's shirt, and Sasha reprimands her and asks her to leave.

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Dadi Ma insists that Maan should join the rest of the family. The next day, a client nearly rejects Maan's project due to a printout error, although Geet convinces them not to. The matter stirs another argument between them.

Geet storyline
Geet's pregnancy takes a toll on her. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 55 and 56 - Friday, 17th of December 2021

Maan realizes the mistake in the printout was his; hence, he apologizes to her, who resorts to searching for Dev on the internet.

Geet finds herself thinking about Maan. Dadi Ma summons Dev to the office and talks the brothers into forgetting the past. Later, Dadi Ma makes fun of Maan for his uncomfortable apology.

Episodes 57 and 58 - Saturday, 18th of December 2021

Maan hands over the project to the expectant girl and asks her to prepare a party for the client. She books the party in the same hotel as Dev.

Maan guides Geet as she plans the party and shows her the key areas to take care of, although Sasha attempts to ruin everything by ordering the wrong cuisine. At the same time, Dev prepares a surprise party for Nayantara.

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Episodes 59 and 60 - Sunday, 19th of December 2021

Sasha offers Geet clothes, alleging that they are from Maan, but later, Maan reprimands her for dressing in the same garments claiming they are indecent. Elsewhere, Nayantara is impressed that Dev threw her a party.

Everyone laughs at Geet for showing up for an office party in a sari. The worst happens when the torn sari comes off, and Maan's guests are unimpressed by the meal being served at the party.

Episodes 61 and 62 - Monday, 20th of December 2021

Rahul makes subliminal comments that upset Geet; hence she runs away and sits in the hotel lobby. When Maan sees her, he consoles her and offers to take her home, although she turns down the offer and insists that he has done enough already.

The young pregnant lady is overwhelmed by guilt after what happened at the party; hence, she refuses to show up at work. Maan consoles her and even delegates her to take over Rahul's projects. She gets back to the office and starts her work.

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Geet storyline
Is Geet sure about Maan? GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 63 and 64 - Tuesday, 21st of December 2021

Geet appreciates Maan for being kind to her and even gets him a bouquet of roses. However, Maan reprimands her for being unprofessional and throws the roses in the trash can. The gesture upsets her.

After realizing he hurt her, Maan calls Geet to squash the bad blood and talk about the project. After the lengthy conversation, he invites her to his office to plan the project meeting.

Episodes 65 and 64 - Wednesday, 22nd of December 2021

She goes to the office to meet Maan, but she carries a knife for her safety. When she gets there, she unwittingly locks herself and Maan in the office.

Dev walks to Maan's office, and when he finds the door locked, he chooses not to knock. However, he insists on tracing Geet's past.

Episodes 67 and 66 - Thursday, 23rd of December 2021

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They sleep in the conference room when the power goes off. Maan covers her with his jacket and lets her sleep in his arms.

The following day, she pretends that nothing happened, although Sasha sends her photos of her and Maan sleeping in the conference room together. The pictures make her feel so vulnerable that she refuses to attend the client's lunch.

Episodes 69 and 70 - Friday, 24th of December 2021

Sasha and Geet argue about the space they hold in Maan's life. Later, Geet asks Maan to stay away from her, although she proposes another lucrative idea about the project.

Geet tells Maan about the rumours that Sasha is spreading about her, but he does not believe her. Elsewhere, Sasha concocts a plan to take over Geet's position and attend the party.

Episodes 71 and 72 - Saturday, 25th of December 2021

Geet shows up at the party but finds it difficult to fit in. She orders a meal that she cannot eat, and when Maan spots her, he tries to make her feel more comfortable.

Geet takes Maan to a Dhaba for a meal, and he has the time of his life, and she forces him to perform Bhangra. Meanwhile, as Dev traces Geet, he bumps into Manchanda.

Episodes 73 and 74 - Sunday, 26th of December 2021

Dev makes fun of Maan's secretary, and at the office, Maan avoids her. However, when it starts raining, Maan hugs her, and it makes her happy.

Geet realizes Maan is behaving differently towards her, while Maan battles the possibility of being in love with her. He opts to hand the project to Sasha, hoping that the move will help him concentrate.

Episodes 75 and 76 - Monday, 27th of December 2021

The pretty pregnant girl confronts Maan to find out more about what happened between them, but he does not answer. Instead, he asks her to stay away from him. Despite the measures, Maan still finds it hard to concentrate.

Maan is puzzled to learn that Geet has arranged a corporate party with an Indian theme. When he confronts her, she tells him she cannot work with someone who disrespects her ideas.

Episodes 77 and 78 - Tuesday, 28th of December 2021

Maan's client applauds Geet for her genius idea, and Maan attempts to apologize to her. Dadi Ma also pleads with Geet to forgive Maan.

Dadi Ma asks to appoint a secretary for Maan, but he declines, and Dev requests Maan to partner with him in the business. Geet is appalled to see Dadi Ma's house.

Episodes 79 and 80 - Wednesday, 29th of December 2021

Geet reports for the job that Dadi Maa offers her, and Maan struggles to concentrate at work. When he gets home, he is shocked to find Geet sleeping on his bed.

Episodes 81 and 82 - Thursday, 30th of December 2021

The two fight over the bed. Although they eventually agree to share it, they irritate each other at night. In the morning, Maan is shocked to find her missing!

Geet decides that Maan should stick to his territory of the house. Later, she is in the shower and asks Maan to hand her clothes, but Maan declines.

Episodes 83 and 84 - Friday, 31st of December 2021

Maan is unimpressed by the thought of sharing a kitchen with Geet; hence, he pretends he cannot find ingredients to make her meal.

Maan hurts her feelings, but Dadi Ma reprimands him and tells him not to punish every woman because of what Sameera did to him. Geet gets angered by Maan's remarks when he says she is after his money and decides to leave.


When Darji realizes that Dev's family duped them, he locks her in her room. However, she is so consumed by her love that she runs away. To her dismay, she learns that Dev lured her and her family. However, her love for him makes her choose him over her family.

When Geet learns that she is pregnant, it becomes another life-changing moment since her family turns against her. Brij threatens to kill her! Maan rescues her and helps her relocate to Canada. Her interaction with Maan helps her get over Dev, although she falls for him.

Maan Singh

Maan Singh takes advantage of the situation to force Geet's family into signing the land documents. When he realizes that Geet is desperate, he uses that opportunity to convince her into meeting with him to complete the land transfer. Doing so angers Geet's family!

Geet teasers for December 2021 are the tip of the iceberg of how dramatic the show will be. Tune in to Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 18h00 and 18h30 for more. You will be in for a bumpy ride!

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