Naagin 3 teasers for December 2021: Bela loses Mahir to Sumitra

Naagin 3 teasers for December 2021: Bela loses Mahir to Sumitra

Sumitra forces Bela (the queen serpent) to give her the magical pearl by kidnapping Mahir and Vish. Later, Bela overpowers Sumitra. However, when she is about to kill her, someone brings in Mahir as a hostage. Therefore, Bela throws the pearl at Mahir and pushes him into the snake world. Naagin 3 teasers for December 2021 explain what happens to him in the new world.

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Naagin 3 teasers
Naagin 3 teasers for December 2021. Photo: @ColorsTV
Source: Twitter

Mahir survives the dangerous snake world and returns home. Bela gets carried away by emotions on seeing him and confesses her love for him. While the queen serpent returns the pearl to Lord Shiva's idol, Sumitra captures and burns Mahir to ashes for failing to reveal its location.

Naagin 3 teasers for December 2021

The December episodes of Naagin season 3 have more surprises. First, the story introduces Mahir's look-alike. Then, the snake world's queen meets a more powerful love rival. Also, the Highness is forcing him to bear him a child. Find out what happens next in the following episodes:

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Wednesday, 1st December 2021

Episode 68

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Mahir's health was worsening because Vish exchanged his medication. However, shortly after regaining his memory and identifying Bela, he loses consciousness thanks to Sumitra's attack.

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

Episode 69

The queen serpent feels hopeless when Sumitra kidnaps Mahir and Vish. Later, Sumitra and her gang force her to give them the coral pearl.

Naagin 3 teasers
Bela challenges the woman who wants to marry Mahir to a duel. GIF:, (modified by author)

Friday, 3rd December 2021

Episode 70

Sumitra's celebration for gaining the magical coral pearl is short-lived. The pearl mysteriously goes missing.

Monday, 6th December 2021

Episode 71

Sumitra assumes the queen serpent invoked Vish's spirit to attack her. However, falling into Vish's trap changes her mind.

Tuesday, 7th December 2021

Episode 72

Sumitra escapes Vish's trap but is not ready for what Bela, Vish, and Vikrant have in store for her.

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Wednesday, 8th December 2021

Episode 73

Yuvraj arrives with his captive (Mahir) when Bela is about to kill Sumitra. Hence, Bela hands over the pearl to Mahir and pushes him down the cliff to keep him safe. Eventually, he falls into a world of snakes.

Thursday, 9th December 2021

Episode 74

Mahir survives the snake world, recovers his memory, and returns home. Bela confesses her feelings for him in a heart-touching reunion.

Naagin 3 teasers
The snake world's queen begins the battle with a storm. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Friday, 10th December 2021

Episode 75

Bela retrieves the coral pearl from the snake world and returns it to Lord Shiva's idol. Meanwhile, Sumitra is torturing Mahir, hoping he tells her the pearl' location.

Monday, 13th December 2021

Episode 76

Bela faints in shock when she learns that she could not stop Sumitra from burning Mahir to death.

Tuesday, 14th December 2021

Episode 77

A mysterious person saves Bela from goons in hoods. However, his striking resemblance to Mahir shocks her when they meet later.

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Wednesday, 15th December 2021

Episode 78

Master nominates herself as the pearl's guardian, claiming the queen serpent does not deserve it. Later, Bela is as shocked as everyone else when she introduces herself as Ruhi.

Thursday, 16th December 2021

Episode 79

Master takes over Bela's throne, snake world's new queen serpent, after fooling everyone into believing she is Ruhi.

Naagin 3 teasers
The women fall onto the ground after testing each other's strengths in the air. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Friday, 17th December 2021

Episode 80

Bela dares Master to a duel to stop her from marrying Mahir. A fierce battle erupts when Master accepts the challenge.

Monday, 20th December 2021

Episode 81

Bela executes another plan to stop Ruhi and Mahir's wedding. Hence, she asks Juhi to impersonate Mahir on the big day and confuse Ruhi.

Tuesday, 21st December 2021

Episode 82

Juhi (Mahir's new impostor) discovers Ruhi will use a lethal potion to strip the queen serpent of her shapeshifting powers.

Wednesday, 22nd December 2021

Episode 83

Meanwhile, the frustrated Bela hatches a backup pan after failing to uncover Master's next move.

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Thursday, 23rd December 2021

Episode 84

Highness overpowers Vish and Vikrant while trying to prevent him from forcing Bela to bear him a child. He also pursues her more she escapes his grip.

Naagin 3 teasers
The contestants summon their snake powers. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Friday, 24th December 2021

Episode 85

Bela suspects Ritvik is Hukum, for he is too friendly to her. Also, she discovers that he studies magic.

Monday, 27th December 2021

Episode 86

After Hukum exposes his true identity to Bela, Vikrant and Vish take her form to confuse him. Hence, Hukum assumes he has kidnapped the real queen serpent.

Tuesday, 28th December 2021

Episode 87

Vish tells Bela that Sumitra will send a doctor to confirm her pregnancy. Therefore, Bela manages to fool the doctor.

Wednesday, 29th December 2021

Episode 88

Bela knows Vish is pregnant for Highness child. However, she keeps it a secret even when the unborn child begins to control its mother.

Thursday, 30th December 2021

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Episode 89

As instructed by Aghori Baba, Bela risks her life by taking Highness's baby and protecting it from evil.

Naagin 3 teasers
Ruhi's snake overpowers the queen serpent's snakes. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Friday, 31st December 2021

Episode 90

Sumitra disguises herself as Vish and snatches the baby from Bela. Hence, the queen serpent loses the baby before performing a before-sunset ritual to protect it from evil forces.


She makes everyone believe she is Ruhi, takes over the pearl's ownership, and steals Bela's throne (the queen serpent). When Master demands to marry Mahir, Bela makes Juhi impersonate the groom on the wedding day to create confusion.


Vish and Vikrant protect her from Highness. Hence, he ends up impregnating Vish. However, Bela prevents Sumitra's doctor from discovering that Vish is the pregnant one. Aghori orders Bela to protect the baby from evil powers, but Sumitra transforms into Vish and steals it.

After reading Naagin 3 teasers for December 2021, watch all episodes on eExtra on weekdays at 16h45. This TV station is on DStv Channel 195, Openview Channel 105, and Zuku Channel 157.

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