Surrender in Love Teasers for December 2021: Neel asks Chahat to leave

Surrender in Love Teasers for December 2021: Neel asks Chahat to leave

Surrender in Love Indian romantic drama tells the story of love that grows out of hatred. The series is a new one and promises its viewers an astonishing amount of educative and entertaining plots. While waiting for the show's official broadcast, these Surrender in Love teasers for December introduces you to the origin of the enmity between Chahat and Neel.

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Surrender in Love Teasers
Surrender in Love Indian series. Photo: @openviewforever
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Surrender in Love teasers for December opens with a scene of how fate seems to have destined two enemies to become lovers. Neel and Chahat start on the wrong foot because Neel feels that Chahat's father, Dr Rahil, is responsible for his sister Saraswati's death. So, he is on a revenge mission but falls in love with the daughter of his number one enemy along the way.

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Surrender in Love teasers for December 2021

If you are considering what to spend your time on to be maximally entertained, this Hindu-based romantic soapie is worth watching. Interestingly, the show attends to the themes of love, family, religious tolerance, and betrayal. Before the daily official broadcast, get a sneak peek into what to expect in each episode below:

Wednesday, 1st of December, 2021 - Episode 2

Neel is up all night to ensure that the lights of the "Diya" never goes out. However, Chahat unwittingly assists Neel in keeping the fire going after a hole in the Diya threatens the efforts of keeping the flames on all through the night.

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Thursday, 2nd of December, 2021 - Episode 3

Chahat and Neel knot the Votive thread simultaneously, oblivious of each other's actions or presence. Meanwhile, Neel rushes the pregnant Saraswati for treatment at Rahil's clinic and engages Chahat in a heated argument.

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Friday, 3rd of December, 2021 - Episode 4

Godamvari informs everyone that Saraswati's child was delivered through IVF and that an Islamic medical practitioner gave the treatment to her. Elsewhere, Neel is supportive of Saraswati's choice and demands that Chahat leaves the premises.

Monday, 6th of December, 2021 - Episode 5

Saraswati gets a shocker after she catches her cousin, Naveli, and her husband, Aalekh, in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Aalekh shoves Saraswati down the stairs to stop her from telling what she knows.

Tuesday, 7th of December, 2021 - Episode 6

Rahil examines Saraswati and tells Aelekh that her condition is fast deteriorating as a result of the fall. Finally, Saraswati delivers her child but cannot make it as she surrenders to the cold grip of death.

Wednesday, 8th of December, 2021 - Episode 7

Rahil's house is set ablaze by a mob while Gazala escapes from the burning building with Akram while abandoning Chahat and an unconscious Rahil to their fates. Neel promises to avenge Rahil.

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Thursday, 9th of December, 2021 - Episode 8

Neel attends to Saraswati's final rites and rolls out plans to get his pound of flesh from Rahil by accepting to marry Chahat in the presence of members of the family. However, Godamvari is certain that Vyasji will reject Neel's new spouse.

Friday, 10th of December, 2021 - Episode 9

A staff of Rahil, Gopal, is assaulted by a group of people who later take him to Vyasji. Chahat is scared that the man will identify her in another scene, while Aalekh bullies Gopal to get information about Rahil's family.

Surrender in Love Teasers
Rahil examines Saraswati and tells Aelekh that her condition is fast deteriorating as a result of the fall. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Monday, 13th of December, 2021 - Episode 10

Vyasji orders Neel to prevent Chahat from attending the condolence meeting organised in honour of Saraswati. More so, he goes to the extent of ensuring that the rest of the family do not know Chahat's true identity.

Tuesday, 14th of December, 2021 - Episode 11

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Chahat begs Neel to spare Rahil from any harm while Kajri attempts to pass information about Gozala to Chahat. Neel's family members get a rude shock when they observe Chahat in a hijab during a video call at the Shanti Puja for Saraswati.

Wednesday, 15th of December, 2021 - Episode 12

Chahat fakes being possessed by a Mohini spirit to stop everyone from exiting the bungalow. Then, Chahat continues her gimmick by announcing that only a person with a pure heart will win the treasure that she has in store.

Thursday, 16th of December, 2021 - Episode 13

Chahat and Neel engage in dancing while Vyasji, a vegetarian, becomes livid after his meal is switched with that of non-vegetarian Gazala's. Finally, Chahat obtains the map that leads to the Daak Bangla and is shocked by her discovery.

Friday, 17th of December, 2021 - Episode 14

Godamvari's persistent threats get the better of Naveli, and she confesses everything about Saraswati's demise as well as her relationship with Aalekh. Elsewhere, Godamvari is excited to have the truth of the situation while Neel discovers that Saraswati had a daughter before her death.

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Monday, 20th of November, 2021 - Episode 15

Neel promises that Saraswati's daughter will only be adopted after the latter's death has been avenged. Meanwhile, Chahat suspects that Naveli has a lover during an interrogation session about Saraswati's death.

Tuesday, 21st of December, 2021 - Episode 16

Chahat rescues Vyasji from becoming a victim of Aalekh's deviousness. Finally, the police can find out that Rahil is not dead and share the information with everyone; Chahat is excited about the information. However, Gazala misinforms Rahil by declaring that Chahat is dead.

Wednesday, 22nd of December, 2021 - Episode 17

Chahat rescues Saraswati's daughter from death after Neel gets her out of the casket. However, Aalekh is unhappy after a failed attempt at ending his daughter's life through poisoning.

Surrender in Love Teasers
Aalekh is unhappy after a failed attempt at ending his daughter's life through poisoning. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Thursday, 23rd of December, 2021 - Episode 18

Jamuna tells Chahat that a considerable amount of money in the temple cannot be accounted for, and Chahat quickly links Naveli's lover with the theft.

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Friday, 24th of December, 2021 - Episode 19

Neel scribbles Gazala's number on a chit and hides it for himself. But unfortunately, Chahat pours water on him, and the chit dissolves. Neel has had too much alcohol and intoxicatingly attempts to divulge Chahat's identity to everyone.

Monday, 27th of December, 2021 - Episode 20

Neel and Chahat are engaged, albeit unwillingly. Vyasji presents Chahat with the bangles that Saraswati had carved for the wife of Neel, while Chahat demands that Neel tell the family members about her true identity.

Tuesday, 28th of December, 2021 - Episode 21

Chahat comes across evidence that confirms that Saraswati died as a result of the fall. Meanwhile, Vyasji is in a tight corner about the marriage of Chahat and Neel but decides to go on with it nevertheless.

Wednesday, 29th of December, 2021 - Episode 22

Neel tells Chahat that he has arranged for a different couple from the Mandap to take their place at the wedding. The arranged couple marries in the place of Chahat and Neel.

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Thursday, 30th of December, 2021 - Episode 23

Neel applies vermillion on Chahat, and this action surprises Aalekh and Godamvari. However, Neel tells them later on that it was not vermilion but chilli powder. Chahat forges a closer relationship with Neel so that she can teach him some lessons.

Friday, 31st of December, 2021 - Episode 24

Godamvari is shocked to find Chahat standing on the terrace, and Neel is embarrassed by Chahat's silly behaviour. Meanwhile, Vyasji instructs Chahat to use a saree in the family picture.


Chahat finds herself in a strange situation and an even stranger family when a man who is all out for revenge pretends to be in love with her. She is an intelligent woman who bids her time with a little bit of trickery. Interestingly, she gets to the root of the death of a pregnant woman while being excited about the prospect that a man she cares for is still alive.

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Neel is an intentional man who takes his responsibilities seriously, but his only responsibility becomes vengeance when a woman he cared for died during childbirth. His first point of action is to fake a cordial relationship with another lady, but his plans are easier said than done; the lady he hopes to use as a pawn in his game is wiser than he thinks.

Surrender in Love teasers for December 2021 helps you settle into the action that this new series offers. For instance, the untimely death of a pregnant woman during childbirth starts a series of events that spirals into plots around romance and betrayal in Surrender in Love Indian drama. Therefore, do not miss the show as they air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 14h55.

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