Isono Teasers for December 2021: Tension reigns at HOG after the revelations

Isono Teasers for December 2021: Tension reigns at HOG after the revelations

Isono teasers for December 2021 are here, and as the year wraps up, so is the show's first season. If you have been following the soapie since it made its debut on the screen, you should brace yourself for a rollercoaster of events. So, check out these teasers for highlights of what to expect from your favourite Isono cast members.

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Isono December 2021 teasers
Isono Teasers for December 2021. Photo: @Isono BET
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Isono storyline features Gabriel, who was born into a dysfunctional family. He searches within himself for the courage to stand up against a powerful evil matriarch, Mary, who will not stop at anything to serve her own needs. Isono teasers for December 2021 highlight that and more.

Isono teasers for December 2021

The community refers to Mary as the 'Mother of the Nation', even though she has the most impenetrable mask of all motherhood. She runs House of Grace, an organization that deals with delinquent children. She is also a fervent believer and goes to church often. However, there is more to her than the perfect image she portrays. Will her mask be unveiled in the oncoming Isono episodes?

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Episode 247 - Wednesday, 1st of December 2021

Picture perfect

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Gabriel is startled by the harsh reality of how much he does not know about parenting.

Episode 248 - Thursday, 2nd of December 2021

No, she didn't

Lesedi and Zakwe's patience grows thin because Umpas and Phindile constantly disturb their quality time. A mother-daughter relationship faces a hurdle when Esther confronts Mary about being a whistleblower. Meanwhile, AB and Gabriel cannot seem to find common ground.

Episode 249 - Monday, 6th of December 2021

Baby baby

Mam Lili surprises herself, and Simon has another plan up his sleeves. Gabriel makes another grievous error, causing a feud between him and Mary.

Episode 250 - Tuesday, 7th of December 2021

Would I lie to you?

Mam'Lili finds her fingers doing the talking at The Kitty Cat launch, and as Esther helps Makwande reclaim his image, he reveals his latest findings on Mary. Abednego pleads with a friend to give his plan a chance. Gabriel fights for the people he loves, although he wonders whether Karma is preventing his happiness.

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Isono cast
Is the secret safe with her? GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 251 - Wednesday, 8th of December 2021

Baby Love

Gabe succeeds in finding out the truth. Gabriel receives an unexpected guest who pleads with him to do the right thing. Mary takes advantage of the funeral to woo sympathy votes.

Episode 252 - Thursday, 9th of December 2021

New chapters

The cracks start to show in Zakwe and Lesedi's relationship, and Monique catches Mary by surprise when she pitches up.

Episode 253 - Monday, 13th of December 2021

The streets have eyes

Mam'Lil gathers the courage to go on her venture, and Millicent's suspicions grow when she starts to probe Simon's lies. Elsewhere, Abednego meets the person who could ruin Mary's campaign plans.

Episode 254 - Tuesday, 14th of December 2021

The witness

Zakwe's suspicions grow on him and stop him from proceeding with his plan. Millicent starts a deadly investigation, and Moses loses track of everything when his golden bullet to destroy Mary goes missing.

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Isono episdoes
Moses loses his cool. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 255 - Wednesday, 15th of December 2021

Last chance

Simon receives a chilling cryptic message from an unknown person, and Mary turns tables on Moses with a pre-emptive attack. Later, Moses threatens violence if he does not get what he wants.

Episode 256 - Thursday, 16th of December 2021

Rising up

Mam'Lil is stressed to discover she has been scammed. When Monique spots Mary lying again, she gets so pissed off that she tells the public the truth!

Episode 257 - Monday, 20th of December 2021

Sharp tongues

Mary and Simon lose their latest scheme when the rest of the family gangs up against them.

Episode 258 - Tuesday, 21st of December 2021

Sharp tongues

Things get tensed up at HOG after the many revelations. Is there a chance for Mary to redeem herself?

Episode 259 - Wednesday, 22nd of December 2021


Phindile and Umpas concoct a plan for their own Loyiso, and Makwande struggles to take control of his emotions. Esther and Gabriel lure Mary in.

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Isono storyline
Millicent states she can't date her friend's ex. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 230 - Thursday, 23rd of December 2021

Fire meets fire

Love finds a way for many of our friends, but fate lets a cruel blow fall from a clear, blue sky in one crucial case.


Mary realizes that the odds are working against her; hence she becomes a whistleblower. She plays the victim and takes advantage of the situation to woo sympathy votes. However, Monique bursts her bubble when she catches her cheating again. The revelations at House of Grace leave Mary helpless. Is this the end of the road for her?


Gabriel's misery heightens when he realizes parenting is not as simple as he had envisioned. His attempts to end his feud with AB do not bear fruit. Later, he makes another mistake that worsens his relationship with Mary. Is there hope for them to squash their differences and patch things up?

Isono teasers for December 2021 highlight the epitome of Mary's woes. BET has not commented on a new season as Isono season 1 wraps up. So, if you are a fan of the show, make sure to make the most of the final episodes. Tune in to BET from Mondays to Thursdays at 21h30. A repeat of the previous night's episode airs at 18h00 from Tuesdays to Fridays, and the omnibus airs on Saturdays from 09h30.

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