Emperor Ashoka Teasers for December 2021: Someone tries to murder Ashoka!

Emperor Ashoka Teasers for December 2021: Someone tries to murder Ashoka!

Emperor Ashoka teasers for December 2021 are here, and it looks like the oncoming episodes will be eventful. As the secrets unfold, other Emperor Ashoka cast members plot against their victims. They worry about how difficult it will be for them to deal with the consequences of their actions.

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Emperor Ashoka Teasers for December 2021
Emperor Ashoka Teasers for December 2021. Photo: @Manuel Series Ophicial
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Emperor Ashoka storyline focuses on Ashoka's troubled and complicated life. He struggles to unveil the identity of his parents, and as he does so, he faces several attempts to end his life. In the course of his mission, he finds out shocking truths about the people around him. Check out these highlights of how Emperor Ashoka episodes will unfold.

Emperor Ashoka teasers for December 2021

Recently, Emperor Ashoka episodes featured Ashoka's interaction with Dharma and how finding out his father's identity affects him. Mir also seemed determined to murder Dharma and her son. Will his plan bear fruits or will the truth about his intentions comes out?

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Episodes 135 - 136 - Wednesday, 1st of December 2021

Dharma spots Sushim misbehaving with Ahankara and decides to rescue him. Niharika instructs Ahankara to lure Sushim into falling in love with her so that they can marry.

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Dharma's son meets with Chanakya and confronts him about his mother's identity. He goes the extra mile of proving that his mother is innocent and that he will punish his enemies.

Episodes 137 - 138 - Thursday, 2nd of December 2021

Ashoka shows up in the courtroom and shocks everyone when he says that Dharma was not messing with Bindusara. He goes ahead to state that someone wanted to murder her and her son.

Helena and Mir worry when they learn that Dharma's son knows what they are up to.

Episodes 139 - 140 - Friday, 3rd of December 2021

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Dharma's son is heartbroken to learn how much his mother suffered. Therefore, he plans with Chanakya to ruin his enemies.

Mir decides to follow Dharma's son in an attempt to get at Dharma. Meanwhile, Ashoka sets a trap for his enemies, hoping to catch them when they follow him.

Episodes 141 - 142 - Monday, 6th of December 2021

Dharma's son spots Niharika scolding Dharma, and it pisses him off so much. Will he defend his mother?

Dharma's son engages his mother in an emotional conversation where he reveals that he wishes Bindusara was his birth father.

Emperor Ashoka cast
Helena disguises herself to get to Ashoka. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episodes 143 - 144 - Tuesday, 7th of December 2021

Mir is confident that he will finally catch Dharma. He is unaware of the trap that Ashoka has set for him.

The queens are excited for the Makhan Chor. The king churns the butter with the queens as the prince selects the winner.

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Episodes 145 - 146 - Wednesday, 8th of December 2021

Ashoka and Bindusara gang up to create a situation in the kitchen. He intentionally calls Dharma to the kitchen, and she teaches the king how to churn her butter.

Mir spots Ashoka leaving the palace and follows him. Ashoka plans to fool him by lying to him that Mir's son and Dharma beat him up.

Episodes 147 - 148 - Thursday, 9th of December 2021

The special event of making a human pyramid begins!

Chanakya and Dharma's son meet to discuss the next step of their plan, unaware that Helena and Mir are watching them. As agreed, Chanakya leaves Ashoka a note, although Mir sees it and reads it before Dharma's son does.

Episodes 149 - 150 - Friday, 10th of December 2021

Sushim puts on a front by pretending that he still loves Ahankara. He loses control over his emotions, hoping that Ashoka will help him find his brother.

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Dharma's son suspects that Niharika is using Ahankara to find out the truth.

Episodes 151 - 152 - Monday, 13th of December 2021

Ashoka contemplates revealing the truth about Mir before everyone, hoping that doing so will help reunite the family. Meanwhile, Helena is confident about her next move.

Mir confronts Dharma's son and asks him whether he is hiding something. Elsewhere, Noor plans breakfast for Bindusara.

Emperor Ashoka episodes
Is she genuinely in need of help? Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Episodes 153 - 154 - Tuesday, 14th of December 2021

Bindusara announces Ahankara and Sushim's desire to get married.

Bindusara is triggered when Dharma's son features in the play as Karttike.

Episodes 155 - 156 - Wednesday, 15th of December 2021

Before Ashoka can get to Dharma, Mir fights him and pushes him over the tower, leaving a good opportunity for Mir to go straight to Dharma. Is Dharma's son strong enough to rescue his mother?

Mir is shocked to see an angry Bindusara walking towards him, ready to fight him!

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Episodes 157 - 158 - Thursday, 16th of December 2021

Bindusara apologises to Dhrama and her son. He shocks everyone when he takes them to the palace.

Chanakya tells everyone how Mir conspired to murder Dharma. Helena attempts to defend Mir by questioning Dharma why she came back after so many years.

Episodes 159 - 160 - Friday, 17th of December 2021

Ahankara is shocked to find out how her mother died, and Chanakya proves Dharma's innocence.

Helena tries to cleanse her name by publicly accepting Dharma and her son. She even tries to be good to Dharma's son by offering him Justin's room. Is she planning something?

Episodes 161 - 162 - Monday, 20th of December 2021

Ashoka's life takes an unforeseen turn when the palace staff treat him like a prince. Meanwhile, Chanakya worries about Ashoka's safety, and she feels he is very vulnerable being in the palace.

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Dharma's son hesitates to take a bath in front of the palace servants; hence he asks them to turn around. A woman walks in with her face covered with a veil. She comes carrying a snake, hoping to kill him!

Episodes 163 - 164 - Tuesday, 21st of December 2021

Bindusara is impressed to see Ashoka dressed in his royal attire. Elsewhere, Mir and Noor hook up, and they agree to team up with Dastaan, the leader of the Khorasani clan.

Sushim gets so mad to find Ashoka in Ahankara's room. Later, he talks to the king about Sushim and Ahankara's relationship.

Emperor Ashoka December 2021 teasers
Will the truth come out? Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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Episodes 165 - 166 - Wednesday, 22nd of December 2021

Sushim expresses her frustrations to Charumitra. She tells her about her plan to hire Kamakshi to assassinate him. Will the plan be successful?

Ashoka rushes to rescue Ishwari when he hears that the Royal Taster is dying from poison.

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Episodes 167 - 168 - Thursday, 23rd of December 2021

Khallatak tells Bindusara and Chanakya that the competition should be held between Sushim and Ashoka.

Chanakya feels that if Ashoka loses in the competition, he will learn to be stronger. Elsewhere, Mir convinces Noor to go to Dastaan and win his support.

Episodes 169 - 170 - Friday, 24th of December 2021

As the competition begins, the Royal Assemble gathers in a circle. Sushim and Ashoka tackle each other after the referee blows the whistle to signal the start of the first round.

Ashoka and Sushim's supporters express their support for their candidates. Bindusara expresses his confidence in Ashoka as an over-confident Sushim initiates the contest. Will Ashoka win?


Dharma's son vows to get back at the people frustrating him and his mother. He sets a trap and discovers that Mir and Helena are behind their misery. After telling everyone the truth, Bindusara invites them to the palace, and he is treated like a prince.

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Later, someone suggests that Ashoka should contest Sushim. Will he win?


When Ashoka outshines Helena and Mir, they concoct several plans to counter them. Mir and Helena hire a woman to plant a snake in Ashoka's room when they relocate to the palace. Later, they attempt to guilt-trip Dharma about abandoning her son. Will they give up on frustrating her and her son?

Emperor Ashoka teasers for December 2021 reveal how much awaits you in the oncoming episodes. Tune in to Glow TV from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00 and 19h30 for more details about the plot. Repeat episodes air on weekdays at 12h00 and 12h30.

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