New! Illusion teasers for December 2021: Will Kabir marry Jhanvi's sister?

New! Illusion teasers for December 2021: Will Kabir marry Jhanvi's sister?

StarLife's Illusion Indian series will kick off on Tuesday 21st December at 19h00, meaning the Strange Love serial will end this month. Janhvi portrays the image of an ideal daughter-in-law when she is a snake in disguise. Illusion teasers for December 2021 unveil the captivating premiere episodes.

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Illusion teasers
Illusion teasers for December 2021. Photo: @fansshrenuparikhfansoffical
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How much do you trust your in-laws? True love is the only thing that can stop Jhanvi from destroying her husband's family. However, her real name is Pooja, and she is working with her sister, Rani, whose real name is Ishani.

December episodes of Illusion

Take a look into Illusion's full story, cast, and other details about this show. Pooja and Ishani plan to marry Dhruv and Kabir, respectively, as part of their vengeance against these brothers' dad. Here are the show's upcoming episodes:

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Tuesday, 21st December 2021

Episode 1

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Jhanvi's family prepares to meet future son-in-law Kabir. He is an army officer and Mittal's youngest son. However, Jhanvi is worried that something might ruin Kabir and Ishani's wedding.

Episode 2

Jhanvi defends Kabir when his family discovers he is married. Later, Kabir is shocked to see his mum, Suman, in a miserable condition.

Wednesday, 22nd December 2021

Episode 3

Ishani argues with Kavya, the woman Kabir brought home as his wife. The misunderstanding makes Ishani take a drastic decision. Meanwhile, Kabir hates his dad, Prem, for demeaning Kavya.

Episode 4

Kavya worries when her son, Arush, goes missing. Jhanvi joins her and Kabir to look for the boy. Kabir confides in Jhanvi the truth about his marriage amid the search.

Thursday, 23rd December 2021

Episode 5

Janhvi makes a hasty decision after overhearing Ishani's unreasonable demands. Also, she later feels sad when her childhood memories flow back into her head.

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Episode 6

Janhvi is delighted when Kabir's father returns Ishani to his mansion. Her plan to marry off Ishani to Kabir is working. Later, Prem throws himself a marriage anniversary party.

Illusion teasers
Jhanvi wipes away a tear of joy during her younger sister's engagement ceremony. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Friday, 24th December 2021

Episode 7

Prem gives Jhanvi a sketch and asks her to identify the people on the drawing. What are his intentions? Later, Jhanvi's behaviour shocks everyone.

Episode 8

Jhanvi is overjoyed when Prem hits and scolds Kabir, for she plans to divide the Mittal family more.

Saturday, 25th December 2021

Episode 9

Prem offers Kavya an irresistible proposal after she had nursed Kabir's wounds. Later, Janhvi uses the naive Suman to accomplish her plans.

Episode 10

Kabir defends Kavya against his father. Later, the people protest when Prem slaps a news reporter at the conference.

Sunday, 26th December 2021

Episode 11

Janhvi is surprised to see an unexpected guest. Later, Ishani and Kavya's fight leads to Ishani falling into the swimming pool.

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Episode 12

Kabir is pleased to see Kavya and Ishani reconcile. Later, Dhruv spots Jhanvi sneaking out of the house at midnight and secretly follows her.

Monday, 27th December 2021

Episode 13

Janhvi traps Kavya in her deadly plan. Elsewhere, Kabir remembers his best friend, Vyom, and their good times at the army camp.

Episode 14

Manohar discovers Jhanv's real identity. Meanwhile, Dhruv persuades Kabir to emotionally support their father while seeking a solution for their mum's health.

Illusion teasers
The sisters walk into the ceremony's venue when dancers are entertaining the guests. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Tuesday, 28th December 2021

Episode 15

Ishani makes Kavya overdose Suman without both of them knowing. Later, Jhanvi makes a startling announcement after Suman behaves like a lunatic at a press conference.

Episode 16

Kabir and Dhruv argue while their mum is being restrained from moving. Later, Kavya suspects Jhanvi is up to no good.

Wednesday, 29th December 2021

Episode 17

Kabir takes care of his mother. Later, Ishani and Jhanvi get upset with Kavya because she wants to help Suman recover her health.

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Episode 18

Janhvi receives a shocking text message on her phone. Later, Kabir condemns his father at the Bhoomi puja ceremony.

Thursday, 30th December 2021

Episode 19

Shail gets into trouble, and Manohar blackmails Jhanvi. Will she save Shail on time?

Episode 20

Amma helps Jhanvi to rescue Shail when he gets buried alive. Elsewhere, Kavya discovers her plan and decides to retaliate.

Friday, 31st December 2021

Episode 21

Janhvi fights the man who has been blackmailing her. Will she be able to unmask him and discover he is Manohar?

Episode 22

Kabir's requests delight his mother. Later, Ishani intentionally annoys Kavya. Will that rekindle their enmity?

Illusion teasers
Kabir feels uncomfortable standing beside his elated father to watch his future wife and her sister dancing. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC


After many years at the army camp, he returns home with a wife and son. However, his family wants him to marry Ishani.


Her husband, Vyom, requested Kabir to take care of her and their son, Arush, before his death. So why can't she tell Kabir's family the truth?

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She continuously fights with Kavya out of jealousy. Hence, Jhanvi always steps in when she makes mistakes like leaving Kabir's house.


She takes advantage of being Dhruv's wife to convince her in-laws into allowing Ishani to marry Kabir.


Jhanvi uses the naïve Kavya to overdose Kabir's mum till she runs mad. Later, Kavya begins to suspect Dhruv's wife is secretly harming Suman.


He follows his wife at midnight to find out what she is doing behind his back. Unfortunately, he does not know someone is blackmailing her because of a fake name.

Hope Illusion teasers for December 2021 have made you curious about the motive behind Jhanvi's vengeance. Everything has to do with Kabir's dad's past mistakes. Watch the show daily on Star Life from 19h00 to 19h30 for more details.

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