The River 4 on 1Magic Teasers for January 2022: New management leaves Refilwe stranded

The River 4 on 1Magic Teasers for January 2022: New management leaves Refilwe stranded

The situation is about to get complicated as Refilwe faces a challenging battle. The people decide to fight against Mohumi's leadership, with Kedibone and Cobra at the forefront. The new management later makes decisions that leave them helpless. How can normalcy be restored? Keep reading the following The River 4 on 1Magic teasers for more on the upcoming drama.

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The River 4 on 1Magic teasers
The River season 4 airs on 1Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 8.00 p.m. Photo: @DStvZimbabwe
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Nothing seems to be working for Emma in The River 4 on 1Magic January episodes after she ignores Beauty's advice. Elsewhere, lines are drawn between the Dikanas as Njabulo and Zweli struggle to tackle the rift in their family.

The River 4 on 1Magic teasers for January 2022

1Magic has always had captivating and engaging local soapies for their primetime viewing. The River 4 is one of their best series, with an enchanting storyline brought to life by South Africa's finest cast and crew. So what should you expect in January episodes? Here are all The River 4 on 1Magic teasers.

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The River 4 on 1Magic teasers
Refilwe is in for a rude awakening in upcoming episodes of The River 4 on 1Magic. Gif:, (modified by author)
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3rd January 2022, Monday: Episode 236 (What the people want)

Refilwe is about to experience an unpleasant surprise, while Beauty is left speechless by Emma's revelation.

4th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 237 (Malome Wa Banna)

Emma and Songezo are doing everything they can to get rid of the chaos they have been forced to face. Elsewhere, Kedibone experiences her worst nightmare.

5th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 238 (Emma's revenge)

Mohumi learns that being at the forefront is not what he had expected. Meanwhile, Songezo's moral beliefs are challenged.

6th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 239 (Tension)

Emma ignores Beauty's warnings as she continues to engage in dangerous gaslighting. Elsewhere, Kedibone starts suspecting deception behind a suit.

7th January 2022, Friday: Episode 240 (Forsaking all others)

The Refilwe community experiences a few surprising turns following the return of Mohumi. What does his return mean?

The River 4 on 1Magic teasers
Emma ignores Beauty's warnings as she plays dangerous mind games in upcoming episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

10th January 2022, Monday: Episode 241 (Pick your silver)

The Refilwe community discovers that they are about to face a challenging and complicated fight. Are they ready to go to battle?

11th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 242 (My company, my rules)

Tables turn for Mohumi when the people who used to support his every move confront him. Will he listen to them?

12th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 243 (Processes and procedures)

Mohumi authoritatively issues instructions. But are the people willing to follow them? On the other hand, Songezo has his own rules to follow.

13th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 244 (I wouldn't sit here)

Kedibone is working on a secret plan to ensure things are restored to order in Refilwe. Songezo's decision shocks Andile and Njabulo.

14th January 2022, Friday: Episode 245 (More fire)

Beauty is unaware of the things running through her cousin's mind. What is the cousin planning? Dimpho believes that Flora is not to be trusted, but Kedibone and Cobra plan to head her off.

The River 4 on 1Magic teasers
Mohumi makes big moves that make people upset in The River 4 January episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

17th January 2022, Monday: Episode 246 (Like a rash)

Emma regrets ignoring Beauty's warning. Is it too late to make things right? Mohumi sets up a trap for Mabutho and Cobra in operation guinea pig.

18th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 247 (Same guy, different pants)

Disagreement arises between Emma and Songezo. Elsewhere, Flora might have made the wrong decision.

19th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 248 (Making big moves)

Emma is in a dilemma regarding choosing between two individuals she cares about. Mohumi makes significant changes that will disappoint all the people.

20th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 249 (Eve or Delilah)

Songezo starts working on long term plans, but is he acting so hastily? Kedibone receives unanticipated aid in her battle against Mohumi.

21st January 2022, Friday: Episode 250 (Torn)

There is heightened tension as Mohumi takes measures that causes great confusion in Refilwe. On the other hand, there is a massive surprise in store for Emma.

The River 4 on 1Magic teasers
Cobra decides to act and save the mine in upcoming episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

24th January 2022, Monday: Episode 251 (The thanks I get)

How can Emma and Songezo make Lindiwe disregard their recklessness? The Mokoenas and Mabutho have to come up with a resolution.

25th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 252 (Part of the problem)

Cobra makes up his mind to act and ensure the mine is not ruined. Meanwhile, boundaries are set between the Dikanas.

26th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 253 (The last goodbye)

Kedibone has a plan that should put their new rival where he belongs. This could be the worst day for Emma as the inescapable finally takes place.

27th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 254 (Squashed)

Mohumi finds himself in a difficult situation with a few choices. Elsewhere, Njabulo and Zweli have difficulty settling the differences existing in their family.

28th January 2022, Friday: Episode 255 (Our own doing)

Kedibone humbles herself for the sake of her community. Emma fears that she might have been too confident about succeeding before being certain.

31st January 2022, Monday: Episode 256 (Van Wyk vs Dlamini-Dikana)

Refilwe is helpless when the new management comes up with decisions that leave them in the worst position.

The River 4 on 1Magic teasers
The new management makes decisions that leave Refilwe helpless. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to The River 4 on 1Magic cast?

The situation in the community of Refilwe is getting critical in upcoming episodes of The River 4 on 1Magic. What will happen to the diamond mine? Here is a recap of how the situation affects individual characters in The River 4 January episodes.


She shocks Beauty with her revelation, and Beauty cautions her against what she plans to do. However, Emma ignores the warning as she engages in dangerous mind games. She later regrets her decision and is conflicted between choosing two people she cares about. How can she and Songezo get Lindiwe to overlook their recklessness?


Her worst fears are confirmed as she gets ready to ensure normalcy is restored in Refilwe. She later receives unexpected help in her fight against Mohumi. Will her plan to put the community's new enemy to his place work?


He learns that being in charge is not what he expected. Things spiral out of control when he is confronted by the people who used to support him. Despite deciding to lay down the law, the people are determined to put him where he belongs. Will they manage to oust him?

The River 4 on 1Magic never fails to entertain, and you should get ready for more captivating drama this January as revealed by the above The River 4 on 1Magic teasers. The local show airs on 1Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 8.00 p.m.

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