Illusion Teasers for January 2022: Janhvi betrays PK Mittal

Illusion Teasers for January 2022: Janhvi betrays PK Mittal

Illusion StarLife series has a thrilling yet blood-chilling adventure in the upcoming January episodes. For instance, Kabir exposes Vyom's secret while Janhvi accomplishes her revenge mission. You can imagine the situation at the Mittal household. Get to know the whole story this January from the following Illusion teasers.

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Illusion Teasers
Illusion is an Indian thriller-romance series that airs on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 7.00 p.m. Photo: @glamsham
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Illusion on StarLife narrates the story of Janhvi, a perfect daughter-in-law at the wealthy Mittal household. However, unknown to the Mittals, she is here for revenge after the family’s patriarch PK murdered her dad and burnt their house when she was still a child.

Illusion teasers for January 2022

Illusion StarLife series has a unique storyline that catches viewers’ attention from the start to the end. January 2022 episodes are packed with one of India’s greatest television entertainments that you will regret not watching. Here are all the Illusion teasers on what is coming up.

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1st January 2022, Saturday

Episode 22

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Suman is ecstatic when her son Kabir makes a surprising request. But, elsewhere, Ishani knowingly makes weird comments to make Kavya angry.

Episode 23

Dhruv’s suspicions regarding Manohar increase when he finds him in a compromising position. Suman has questions regarding Kabir’s abnormal conduct while Janhvi is met with an unanticipated issue.

2nd January 2022, Sunday

Episode 24

Janhvi has suspicions regarding what Manohar is up to and later secretly listens to Kabir chatting with Shaurya. PK is angry when it is discovered that Shail has disappeared and smacks Raghav.

Episode 25

Kabir admonishes Kavya after going through the medical records, leaving Janhvi speechless. Elsewhere, Manohar gets in trouble, while Dhruv makes a thoughtful decision.

3rd January 2022, Monday

Episode 26

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Janhvi and Manohar provoke each other while her husband Dhruv gets increasingly suspicious of her. Later, Dhruv surprises Janhvi, and Kavya seeks some answers from Kabir.

Episode 27

Suman tries to keep away from taking Janhvi’s medical drugs. On the other hand, Janhvi is fear-stricken after Ishani disappears. Kavya takes care of Kabir’s injuries.

4th January 2022, Tuesday

Episode 28

Kabir is not ready to expose the truth about Vyom to Kavya. Meanwhile, Ammaji applauds Janhvi for embarrassing P.K. Mittal.

Episode 29

PK faces public shame, and Dhruv assists Janhvi to get ready for Chanda’s birthday ceremony. Janhvi later gets surprising information from Kabir.

5th January 2022, Wednesday

Episode 30

Chanda dances at her epic birthday ceremony. Elsewhere, Kabir finally opens up to Kavya regarding Vyom.

Episode 31

Kavya is devastated as Kabir makes up his mind to surrender. Janhvi comforts her, while PK is angry after discovering the truth regarding Vyom.

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Illusion Teasers
Kabir tells Kavya the truth about Kabir in the Illusion January episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

6th January 2022, Thursday

Episode 32

Raghav and PK plot to make Kabir take the fault for them. Elsewhere, Manohar threatens to make Janhvi’s actions known.

Episode 33

Manohar feels trouble is coming his way when Janhvi makes things work to her advantage by making an unanticipated revelation. Elsewhere, Kavya discovers something amiss at home.

7th January 2022, Friday

Episode 34

Kabir is set free after a certain police officer known as Shamsher exposes the truth about him. On the other hand, Manohar manages to get out of the trap and promises to make the truth about Janhvi known.

Episode 35

Janhvi is fear-stricken when Manohar kidnaps Ishani. Kavya has suspicions regarding what Jahnvi is up to.

8th January 2022, Saturday

Episode 36

PK does the unexpected when Manohar threatens to shoot Janhvi. Meanwhile, Dhruv is angry regarding the Mittals, while Kavya comes across crucial information.

Episode 37

Dhruv is still angry regarding the incident, and Kabir tries to make him feel better. Meanwhile, Raghav goes through Manohar’s documents. Will he discover incriminating information?

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9th January 2022, Sunday

Episode 38

Janhvi does not tell the truth regarding the abduction, and PK remembers the time he was with Ashok Sharma. Janhvi and Dhruv later get intimate.

Episode 39

Kabir defends Kavya after the school principal condemns Vyom. Elsewhere, Suman is shocked when Janhvi finds out a surprising fact.

10th January 2022, Monday

Episode 40

An angry Kavya accuses Kabir of making a fool out of her. Elsewhere, the wife of Raghav, Urvashi, gives the Mittals a warm welcome, and PK sets his secret plot in motion.

Illusion Teasers
Kabir tells Kavya the truth about Kabir in the Illusion January episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 41

Janhvi pretends to be sick to get the time to put things in order, and Kavya genuinely worries about her illness. Janhvi is later vexed by the caring attitude shown about Dhruv.

11th January 2022, Tuesday

Episode 42

The Mittals are left speechless by the accusations made by PK regarding Kavya. Kabir defends her as she makes a challenging decision.

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Episode 43

Ishani and Janhvi have a reason to celebrate as things work their way as Aarush and Kavya pack their belongings to leave. Meanwhile, Kabir makes a firm decision that stuns the Mittals.

12th January 2022, Wednesday

Episode 44

Kavya and Kabir steal their way into PK’s study, while Janhvi tries to tamper with the CCTV recording. PK is later angry upon finding out that Pooja Sharma did not die.

Episode 45

Kavya comes across vital information concerning Pooja Sharma. Elsewhere, Suman creates chaos after taking food that has been drugged. Aarush’s granddad and grandma make a perplexing demand.

13th January 2022, Thursday

Episode 46

PK acts inappropriately towards Suman and is smacked by Kabir, while the pleas made by Kavya are not considered. PK later has increasing suspicions as he continues to torture her, and Jahnvi is happy.

Episode 47

Bauji has a heart attack while Janhvi links up with Amma to get certain documents. Kabir is left speechless after finding out the truth.

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14th January 2022, Friday

Episode 48

Janhvi dupes PK and makes him put his signature on certain legal papers. Elsewhere, Kabir discovers astonishing facts concerning Suhasini and wants her to reveal the truth.

Episode 49

Suhasini exposes PK’s blood-chilling secrets to Kabir. Janhvi later leads PK to a warehouse as she plans to end his life. Will the final part of her plan work?

15th January 2022, Saturday

Episode 50

Kabir finds it hard to forgive PK’s actions and wants him to take himself in. Janhvi is now head of the Mittal empire, while Dhruv cannot believe her actions.

Episode 51

PK is angry with Janhvi’s betrayal and makes up his mind to end his life. Kabir attempts to locate them, and a later argument with him puts PK in a deadly position.

16th January 2022, Sunday

Episode 52

The Mittal household grieves after losing PK, and an angry Dhruv makes up his mind to accost Janhvi. She later exposes PK’s abominable act to the press.

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Illusion Teasers
PK is angry after learning the truth about Vyom in the upcoming drama. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 53

Kabir promises to repossess his property from Janhvi, and the latter is later taken aback by the unusual demand made by Ishani. Meanwhile, the Mittals have no place to call home.

17th January 2022, Monday

Episode 55

Pooja and Kabir get into a heated spat after intentionally splashing mud on him. Later, she visits Mittal Industries and gives the company a new name.

Episode 56

Kabir requests Pooja to give him a position in the company. Afterwards, her employees suddenly fall ill. Could Kabir be up to something?

18th January 2022, Tuesday

Episode 57

The Mittals are astounded by Pooja's unforeseen conclusion while Kabir seeks vengeance. Later, Amma's inquiries leave her in tears.

Episode 58

Kabir meets the workers as Pooja's pompous demeanour surprises them. Later, Amma visits the factory while Rani takes a dramatic action after encountering Kabir.

19th January 2022, Wednesday

Episode 59

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Pooja destroys Kabir's lunch, but Kabir makes a clever move to oppose her strategy. Later, a furious Jay attacks Pooja after spotting her in a hotel.

Episode 60

Pooja ridicules Kabir by presenting him waiter's job. However, his determination astonishes her.

20th January 2022, Thursday

Episode 61

Pooja plays a clever trick on Kabir. Afterwards, he baffles her with his unanticipated announcement while she targets his weak point.

Episode 62

Chopra and Ranjeet conclude on spoiling Pooja's presentation. Afterwards, she falls ill while her clients grow impatient.

21st January 2022, Friday

Episode 63

Kabir delivers Pooja from a drastic disaster. Later, Kabir's presentation impresses the clients, while Chopra manipulates Pooja.

Episode 64

Jay feels insecure after sighting Shreya and an unknown man together, while Pooja pleads with Kabir. Nevertheless, the latter has some stunning demands.

22nd January 2022, Saturday

Episode 65

Pooja instructs the workers to extend their workhour to meet the target. However, Kabir lands her in trouble with how he provokes the workers.

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Episode 66

Pooja's car crashes into a rickshaw while Rani receives a romantic surprise. Elsewhere, Jay gets to know another method of minting money.

23rd January 2022, Sunday

Episode 67

Pooja is surprised to see how the factory smoothly operates. Afterwards, the factory workers misinterpret Kabir's intentions and declare a strike after Ranjit's instigation.

Illusion Teasers
Janhvi causes PK's death and takes over the Mittals property in the upcoming episodes of Illusion on StarLife. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 68

In today's Illusion episode, Kabir makes an unforeseen decision after a worker delivers him from a dangerous situation. Later, Dhruv vengefully attacks Pooja.

24th January 2022, Monday

Episode 69

Dhruv and Jay get into a heated argument while Chopra thrashes Ranjeet. Later, Kabir promises Pooja and attacks the burglars who made away with the goods.

Episode 70

Pooja is manipulated against Kabir while Jay and Shreya go out on a date without others' awareness. Later, Kabir and Jay find themselves in a tough spot.

25th January 2022, Tuesday

Episode 71

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Kabir reprimands Jay for behaving irresponsibly while a greedy Chanda and Pooja strike a deal. Afterwards, Kabir and Pooja get stuck inside a lift.

Episode 72

Kabir and Pooja are trapped in the lift. Meanwhile, Rani eavesdrops on Chopra and Ranjeet's discussion. Later, Suman shockingly finds out about what Dhruv intends to do next.

26th January 2022, Wednesday

Episode 73

The factory workers misinterpret Kabir after watching a video that leaves everyone shocked. Later, he gets suspicious after receiving a phone call about Pooja's disappearance.

Episode 74

Rani blames Kabir for abducting Pooja while Amma supports him. Later, Kabir realises a hint that unveils who the culprit is.

27th January 2022, Thursday

Episode 75

Kabir presumes Dhruv to be involved in Pooja's abduction and stalks him. Meanwhile, Pooja makes a serious effort to flee from captivity.

Episode 76

Pooja faints after Kabir intercepts Dhruv's deadly endeavour to attack her. Later, Suman berates Kabir for assisting Pooja.

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28th January 2022, Friday

Episode 77

Kabir makes an unimaginable judgment while an enraged Suman slaps Pooja. Later, Pooja finds herself in a dilemma because of a piece of startling news.

Episode 78

Kabir comprehends Dhruv's whereabouts while Pooja gets emotional while delivering her address. Later, Pooja slaps Kabir without knowledge of his good intentions.

29th January 2022, Saturday

Episode 79

Kabir cannot forget how Pooja insulted him while Suman criticises him for meeting her. Later, Pooja resolves to visit a temple in her confused state.

Episode 80

Pooja is surprised to meet her purportedly departed mom. However, she perceives something is not right after an ambulance takes her mother away.

30th January 2022, Sunday

Episode 81

Pooja gets to the hospital to discover that her mother's whereabouts are unknown, while Chopra is infuriated because his plan failed. Later, Suman humiliates Pooja.

Episode 82

Pooja consents to marry Kabir because she has no one means of getting help, and this decision shell-shocks everyone. Afterwards, the Mittals make a smashing entry at the Ashok mansion.

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31st January 2022, Monday

Episode 83

Pooja commemorates Independence Day with orphans after her engagement to Kabir. Later, she creeps into his room to find some inklings concerning her mother.

Episode 84

Rani executes her plan to restrict Pooja's Sangeet ceremony while the latter tries to know more about her mother's whereabouts. Later, Kabir and Pooja make a start.

What happens to the Illusion cast?

Illusion Indian thriller has more blood-chilling secrets revealed, relationships broken, and revenge missions accomplished. So, where do the show’s characters stand in all this? Here is a recap of what happens in the Illusion January episodes.


Janhvi’s revenge mission against the Mittals seems to be going her way in the Illusion January 2022 episodes. She tricks PK into signing documents that give her possession of the entire Mittal property. She then arranges for PK’s demise, leaving the Mittals in mourning and homeless. Can her husband Dhruv and brother-in-law Kabir make her return their wealth?

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Kabir gains the courage to tell Kavya the truth about her former husband, Vyom. She is heartbroken while Kabir’s dad PK is angry after finding out about Vyom. Kabir later defends her when the school principal criticizes Vyom, and PK makes surprising accusations against her. How will her relationship with the Mittals be affected after it is discovered she is a widow?

Illusion television series is a must-watch this January, as seen from the above Illusion teasers. How will the Mittals regain their property from Janhvi? The show airs on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 7.00 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.

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