Getroud met Rugby Teasers for January 2022: Will Lulu and Nico’s wedding happen?

Getroud met Rugby Teasers for January 2022: Will Lulu and Nico’s wedding happen?

Getroud met Rugby January episodes are full of captivating drama as Nico and Lulu’s wedding approaches. Simon struggles with his feelings for Lulu, who is uncertain about exchanging vows with Nico. Is Simon ready to witness the woman he loves say I do to another man? Keep reading the following Getroud met Rugby teasers for more.

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Getroud met Rugby teasers
Getroud met Rugby airs on kykNET from Mondays to Fridays at 6.00 p.m. Photo: @DStv
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In upcoming episodes of Getroud met Rugby on kykNET, Amanda and Kristien’s feud spiral out of control as they do all they can to bring each other down. Elsewhere, Maryke is extra careful around Bibi while Nesie and her family try to recover from humiliation.

Getroud met Rugby teasers for January 2022

The scandals and unending drama in Getroud met Rugby kykNET series is getting a new twist this January. Here are all the teasers to keep you updated on what is coming up.

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Getroud met Rugby Teasers
Maryke is cautious around Bibi in upcoming episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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3rd January 2022, Monday: Episode 121

Bibi’s 40th birthday is here, and Maryke is preoccupied with preparations for a surprise party. Nico does not feel comfortable with the bond between Simon and Lulu while the Griesel ladies put up a performance.

4th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 122

An unwanted visitor comes to the birthday feast for Simon’s birthday. Elsewhere, Maryke is extremely cautious when associating with Bibi while Nesie and her family try to recover from the humiliating experience.

5th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 123

Buks is in for a surprise from Nesie while Marke and Bibi are at a point where they need to make a critical decision. On the other hand, Vyonne feels uneasy regarding Nico and Lulu.

6th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 124

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Maryke is willing to make things work with Bibi, while Lulu discovers that it is not possible for her and Simon to be acquaintances. Ryno is having a hard time re-adjusting to singlehood.

7th January 2022, Friday: Episode 125

Fafa and his band get ready to deliver their last performance in Pottie’s while Simon struggles with his love for Lulu. Amanda makes a deadly plea to Schalk.

Getroud met Rugby Teasers
Nico is uncomfortable with Lulu and Simon's friend in Getroud met Rugby January episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

10th January 2022, Monday: Episode 126

Jana is caught between Amanda and Kristien’s fight while Meyer and Liam make a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, Nico reveals how he feels regarding Simon.

11th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 127

Kristien is distressed and annoyed with Amanda’s plans, while Schalk is concerned about his past catching up with him. Maryke and Bibi are left speechless by the declaration Maya makes.

12th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 128

Ryno discovers what Meyer is planning to do while Kristien ensures there is increased trust amongst her closest friends. Elsewhere, the pompoms are ready to insult the gentlemen.

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13th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 129

Ryno bids Meyer goodbye while Lienkie does all he can to ensure Amanda trusts him. Candice manages to get people for her talk show.

14th January 2022, Friday: Episode 130

Lienkie and Kristien work together to deceive Amanda while Bibi and Maryke bid Meyer goodbye. Meanwhile, Simon creates uneasiness between Nico and Lulu.

Getroud met Rugby Teasers
Nico and Lulu disagree regarding their wedding in the upcoming January episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

17th January 2022, Monday: Episode 131

Lienkie’s life collapses while Lulu and Nico disagree regarding their upcoming nuptials. Elsewhere, Amanda gets crucial details from Matt.

18th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 132

Kristien is extorted while Nesie accosts the pompoms regarding the text. Elsewhere, Lulu has doubts regarding her upcoming nuptials.

19th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 133

Bibi and Maryke learn a new art from Festus while the pompoms receive a surprise. Meanwhile, Amanda’s quest to be in charge spirals out of control.

20th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 134

Lienkie and Kristien want to know if they can trust Schalk. Candice hosts her first guests on Klits en Klets talk show while Simon is not willing to accept the exigencies made by Nico.

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21st January 2022, Friday: Episode 135

Candice is low spirited regarding her talk show, while Amanda is in for a surprise from Schalk. The pompoms are thrilled regarding the auditions.

Getroud met Rugby Teasers
Amanda and Kristien's feud increases in the upcoming episodes of Getroud met Rugby on kykNET. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

24th January 2022, Monday: Episode 136

Kristien and Amanda have strong disagreements while the pompoms get ready to participate in the Springbokkie tryouts. Elsewhere, Simon is having a hard time adjusting to being a single parent.

25th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 137

The pompoms receive the tryout results while Simon is invited to attend Nico and Lulu’s upcoming nuptials. Kristien seeks Jana’s assistance in plotting against Amanda.

26th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 138

Bibi and Maryke make an appearance on the Candice talk show while Jana has an idea of how to assist Kristien. Elsewhere, the Stryders want the pompoms to forgive them.

27th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 139

Amanda does all she can to ensure Kristien does not get support from anyone while Lulu has an unusual dream. Nesie sets her eyes on something she was not meant to see.

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28th January 2022, Friday: Episode 140

Amanda and Kristien worsen the situation for themselves while the pompoms take their revenge on the players. Simon is not happy with the way Yvonne is meddling and accosts her about it.

31st January 2022, Monday: Episode 141

Kristien and Amanda’s rivalry is far from over, while Ryno does not know about Asher’s other identity. Lulu finds out about the thing that Nesie witnessed.

Getroud met Rugby teasers
Simon struggles to be a single parent in the upcoming January 2022 episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Getroud met Rugby cast?

kykNET’s Getroud met Rugby is getting more interesting as the interconnected scandals in the rugby community almost get out of control. Here is a recap of the drama to expect in Getroud met Rugby January episodes.

Bibi and Maryke

Maryke makes arrangements to have a surprise party as Bibi turns 40. Maryke acts extra careful when around Bibi, and the two later have to make a critical decision. The former also desperately tries to make things work with Bibi.

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He struggles with his love for Lulu, who is about to walk down the aisle with Nico. The couple-to-be send him an invitation to attend their wedding as he refuses to give in to Nico’s demands. He also finds it hard to be a single parent.

Amanda and Kristien

Their feud escalates as Amanda makes a deadly request to Schalk while Kristien teams up with Lienkie to deceive her. Kristien also seeks Jana’s assistance to plot against her. Driven by a hunger for power, Amanda tries to turn everyone against Kristien. How will their rivalry end?

Getroud met Rugby television series has more intriguing drama in upcoming January episodes as revealed by the above Getroud met Rugby teasers. Who will emerge victorious between Amanda and Kristien? Will Lulu and Nico’s wedding take place? Catch all the episodes on kykNET from Mondays to Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

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