These Streets teasers for January 2022: Nivedita reveals Nandini's sins

These Streets teasers for January 2022: Nivedita reveals Nandini's sins

Have you imagined how being brainwashed feels or how victims turn against the people who care about them? These Streets teasers for January 2022 could not bring out the concept any better. You will be shocked by how the victims are manipulated to believe the villain. They are so confused that they question their judgement and what they stand for. Check out these snippets for more details.

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These Streets January 2022 teasers
These Streets teasers for January 2022. Photo: @Emmanuel Kwashi
Source: UGC

These Streets storyline features Asmita, a vibrant wife and mother. She falls for Nandini's clutches. Nandini is hellbent on ruining her family and denying Shantanu the beauty of raising a family. Therefore, she convinces Asmita, Shantanu's wife, that her husband cheated on her.

Asmita gets so furious that she walks out of the marriage. These Streets teasers for January 2022 highlight her next move. Some of These Streets cast members insist on making her see how much Nandini is taking advantage of her. Will she open her eyes to believe them?

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These Streets teasers for January 2022

Recent These Streets episodes revealed Shantanu's woes and how his family crumbling takes a toll on him. He seeks support from the people around him, hoping to salvage the situation. However, his losses are way more than he had envisioned. Will his life ever go back to how it was before?

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Episode 154 - Monday, 3rd of January 2022

Asmita announces her decision to marry Mr Shekhawat, although the move does not sit right with Krishi. The engagement ceremony takes place that evening, and Shantanu is jealous when she sees them dancing happily. Nivedita approaches Krishi with another idea to ruin the engagement ceremony.

Episode 155 - Tuesday, 4th of January 2022

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Nandini proposes that Aashish, Krishi's adoptive father, should sell Krishi. Aashish disguises himself as a woman and kidnaps Krishi. Later, Shantanu shows up on time to rescue Asmita from the chandelier nearly falling on her.

Episode 156 - Wednesday, 5th of January 2022

Nandini persuades Thaku Maa to sell Krishi in another town to avoid leaving traces. Meanwhile, Asmita goes through the CCTV footage and realizes that Aashish kidnapped Krishi. Later, she learns that he sold her in Pari Mahal; hence, she reaches out to Aditya for help in finding Krishi.

These Streets episodes
Krishi embraces Shantanu. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 157 - Thursday, 6th of January 2022

Helen Bai agrees to buy Krishi, although Krishi secretly plans to escape. As she executes her plan, she falls off a roof, hurts herself, and is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctor recommends she gets a blood transfusion. Elsewhere, Nandini lies to Shantanu about Chahat's accident to stop him from going to the hospital.

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Episode 158 - Friday, 7th of January 2022

Nivedita prays to Goddess Durga to make Krishi better, and Shantanu succeeds in reviving Krishi. When Krishi regains consciousness, she insists on seeing Shantanu. On the other end, Nandini is baffled to learn about Krishi being alive.

Episode 159 - Saturday, 8th of January 2022

Mr Shekhawat pressures Asmita to proceed with the wedding, and his friends throw him a surprise party. Shantanu confesses his love for Krishi.

Episode 160 - Sunday, 9th of January 2022

Krishi devises a plan to stop the wedding, and Shantanu supports it and agrees to implement it. Nandini talks ill of Asmita to Mr Shekhawat. Shantanu implements the heinous plan to stop the wedding during Asmita's mehndi ceremony.

These Streets cast
Asmita and Shantanu argue about Shantanu cheating. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Episode 161 - Monday, 10th of January 2022

Asmita lashes out at Shantanu and shames him for attempting to ruin her big day. She affirms her decision to get married. However, Shantanu challenges her by saying she will be the one to break his fast. Later, Krishi proposes another plan to stop Asmita from marrying Mr Shekhawat.

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Episode 162 - Tuesday, 11th of January 2022

Asmita is puzzled to discover that Shantanu is observing a fast for her; hence, she asks him a pivotal question that leaves him speechless. Asmita leaves everyone shocked when she announces her decision with a condition.

Episode 163 - Wednesday, 12th of January 2022

Asmita asks Krishi for forgiveness, although she is annoyed when she asks her not to marry Mr Shekhawat. Mr Shekhawat realizes he is running out of time and chances and attempts to force Asmita to get married to him. However, Shantanu intervenes and stops him.

Episode 164 - Thursday, 13th of January 2022

Shantanu shows up at home with gifts for his children, although Chahat breaks Krishi's gift. Nandini commands Asmita to leave the house, claiming that her will has been fulfilled. Nivedita makes Asmita realize that Shantanu never cheated on her and that Nandini is behind everything.

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These Streets storyline
Nandini turns Krishi against her parents. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 165 - Friday, 14th of January 2022

A remorseful Asmita assures Krishna that no one will come between her and her father. However, Nandini threatens Krishi by telling her that she will never let her parents reunite. Krishi comes up with an idea to reunite her parents during the Diwali celebrations. Elsewhere, Mr Shekhawat goes back to the Majumdar house in the company of Nirvaan, hoping to get Asmita back.


Asmita shocks everyone when she announces her decision to marry Mr Shekhawat. Mr Shekhawat pressures her to set a date for the wedding. When she learns that Shantanu attempted to ruin the ceremony, she lashes out at him. He gives her an ultimatum.

Later, Nivedita tells her how Nandini manipulated her to believe Shantanu cheated on her. She feels so guilty for playing along and asks Krishi to forgive her. She also promises to settle scores with her father.

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Shantanu deals with the pain of losing his wife. Hell breaks loose when Krishi goes missing. Luckily, he succeeds in rescuing her. When his wife declares her decision to proceed with the wedding, he decides to fast until she changes her mind. Will the truth vindicate him? Will he get his family back?

The snippets of These Streets teasers for January 2022 highlight how eventful the oncoming episodes will be. Ensure to tune in to Zee World, DStv channel 166 and GOtv channel 25 for the events leading to the truth coming out. The series airs every weekday at 19h00.

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Petra is insecure about the people around her. She worries about Andy's influence on her father and even decides to collect enough evidence to prove her concerns to Willem. Meanwhile, Willem insists on seeking Andy's help with his issues.

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