Emperor Ashoka Teasers for January 2022: How does Ashoka handle his enemies?

Emperor Ashoka Teasers for January 2022: How does Ashoka handle his enemies?

Helena and Sushim’s hatred for Ashoka reaches new heights in Emperor Ashoka January episodes. Helena tries to turn Siamak against him while Sushim frames him for what happened to Ahangara and then plans to worsen his punishment. How will he prove the warrior in him? Keep reading the following Emperor Ashoka teasers for more.

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Emperor Ashoka Teasers
Emperor Ashoka period drama airs on Glow TV from Mondays to Fridays at 7.00 p.m. Photo: @jennyjeong786
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The Emperor Ashoka series is a critically acclaimed period drama based on one of India’s most powerful ancient empires. It revolves around the rise of a great warrior and the 3rd emperor of the Maurya dynasty, Ashoka the Great.

Emperor Ashoka teasers for January 2022

Since coming to the palace and finding out he is a prince, Ashoka has earned favour in the King’s eyes. However, his enemies who feel threatened by his presence cannot stop plotting his downfall. What happens to him in Emperor Ashoka January episodes? Here are all the teasers on the drama to expect.

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Emperor Ashoka Teasers
Chanakya discusses Ashoka's future with King Bindusara in upcoming episodes. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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3rd January 2022, Monday: Episodes 171 and 172

During the competition, the final question leaves the judges confused, and Chanakya is left with a difficult decision to make. Will the final ruling favour Sushim or Ashoka?

Chanakya discusses the future of Ashoka with his father, King Bindusara.

4th January 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 173 and 174

Noor links up with King Bindusara to make him aware of her wish to visit Avrat, the holy place. However, the King is unaware that she is planning to see Dastaan. What are they up to?

Sushim drags Ahankara to the forest, where he ties her to a tree with tigers in close vicinity. Will she be devoured by hungry wild animals? Elsewhere, a strange lady wearing a veil is watching Bindusara without his knowledge.

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5th January 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 175 and 176

A shocked Dharma asks her son Ashoka why he is in Ahankara’s chambers. His efforts to defend himself do not work. What will they do with him?

Sushim finds out that two judges will be present to decide the most suitable punishment. He then plans to worsen the sentence for him.

6th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 177 Part 1 and Part 2

Ashoka finds out that pieces of land belonging to his friends are being reclaimed as ordered by the King. They started protesting when Sushim did not want to listen to them.

Ashoka reassures his old acquaintances that he will assist them in regaining possession of their land. However, they are yet to find out that Ashoka is a prince. What will they do when they discover the truth?

7th January 2022, Friday: Episodes 178 and 179

Khallatak goes to visit a giant man. He wants him to be part of Akramak’s battalion so that they are strong enough to kill Ashoka.

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Helena attempts to turn Siamak against Ashoka. Elsewhere, Ulka plots to earn the trust of King Bindusara by rescuing him from a scorpion she plotted. But will he fall for her tricks?

Emperor Ashoka on Glow TV teasers
Helena tries to turn Siamak against Ashoka in the upcoming January episodes. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Emperor Ashoka cast?

The drama in Emperor Ashoka Indian serial never disappoints, and the cast’s flawless delivery has made it a household favourite. So what are the show’s characters up to in upcoming January episodes?


After a mind-boggling competition against Sushim, Chanakya discusses his future with King Bindusara. He later lands in trouble when he is discovered in Ahankara’s chambers after Sushim has left her in the jungle to be eaten by wild animals.

Sushim plans to worsen his punishment while Khallatak recruits a giant man to join Aktamak’s battalion and kill Ashoka. Helena also tries to turn Siamak against him.


He will do anything to see Ashoka fall. After tying Ahankara in the jungle and leaving her to be eaten by hungry wild animals, he makes Ashoka take the fall then plans to worsen the punishment. He later makes Ashoka’s old friends revolt after refusing to listen to them when their land is being taken away.

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Emperor Ashoka teasers reveal the dangerous exploits Ashoka is about to face at the palace this January. Catch all the episodes on Glow TV from Mondays to Fridays at 7.00 p.m., and 7.30 p.m. Repeats are aired at 12.00 p.m. and 12.30 p.m. and the omnibus every Sunday from 10.30 a.m.

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