Scandal! Teasers for January 2022: Zen gets off balance

Scandal! Teasers for January 2022: Zen gets off balance

The Scandal! South African drama has been ongoing for over a decade. The intriguing plots in this series make it an exciting watch for most viewers. It details the ever conflicting story and squabbles between the rich and poor in the South African socio-economic terrain. The Scandal! Teasers for January 2022 will prepare you for new twists to an already mesmerising storyline.

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Scandal! Teasers
Scandal TV show cast. Photo: @etvScandall
Source: UGC

When Vukile realises that the company is experiencing shades of crisis that can result in a total collapse, he girds up and decides to take matters into his hands to salvage the situation. The Scandal! Teasers for January 2022 provide a sneak-peek into how Nhlamulo intends to save his marriage while on a Vendetta-seeking mission somewhere else.

Scandal! Teasers for January 2022

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eTV is not going back on its deal to provide entertainment to its teeming viewers, and the Scandal! drama series has been one such source of entertainment and continues this legacy in the new year.

Monday, 3rd of January, 2022 - Episode 3,989

The Masekos tribulations are just beginning to surface, while Vukile and his sons are tense following the absence of Vukile. A woman is desperate for a child and seeks the help of someone who she would not have gone to for surrogacy.

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Tuesday, 4th of January, 2022 - Episode 3,990

Someone pretending to be a friend when they are an enemy escalates the tension in an unstable marriage. Meanwhile, it is tit for tat when an inappropriate proposal unacceptably meets the same energy.

Wednesday, 5th of January, 2022 - Episode 3,991

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The partners are deceived by a decisively deceptive will, while Mdala increases the effort toward achieving his goals and unveils a secret ally. Elsewhere, Gloria has huge surprises for Caiphus.

Thursday, 6th of January, 2022 - Episode 3,992

Lera discovers that she is not trusted after she faces an array of interrogations, and the bride must take responsibility for her actions and inactions. A certain man seeks an ally in the most unlikely place when he tries to get help from the wife of an enemy. Finally, a woman becomes haunted by her choices.

Friday, 7th of January, 2022 - Episode 3,993

Lindiwe gets the shocker of a lifetime in a fresh discovery. When a lover loses all she has, her husband is left reeling in the sense of guilt. Meanwhile, the Kubekas find it unbelievable that they are going through what they are experiencing.

Scandal! Teasers
The Kubekas find it unbelievable that they are going through what they are experiencing. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Monday, 10th of January, 2022 - Episode 3,994

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Everyone involved in a feud brought out their most dangerous personality to settle the scores once and for all. However, Vuvu tries her luck with Nhlamulo, while a surprising guest pays the Kubekas a visit and seeks to tarry with them for a while.

Tuesday, 11th of January, 2022 - Episode 3,995

Mdala’s growing influence over Lindiwe becomes stronger, and this is unacceptable to Nhlamulo. However, Caiphus has a difficult time escaping from the law.

Wednesday, 12th of January, 2022 - Episode 3,996

A wife has just been betrayed but gets even more agitated when news get to her that her husband might be in danger. Meanwhile, the law is nowhere to be found when the universe decides to deal with a dishonest man.

Thursday, 13th of January, 2022 - Episode 3,997

Nhlamulo is ready to do anything to regain the trust of his wife. The saying that an idle man will always be the devil’s workshop proves to be true once again, while Gloria rekindles an emotional flame.

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Friday, 14th of January, 2022 - Episode 3,998

Everybody's life is endangered courtesy of the unforeseen repercussions. For example, an associate attempts to settle a couple's marriage, but what he hears rattles him, while Zen becomes unstable under some circumstances.

Monday, 17th of January, 2022 - Episode 3,999

Mdala makes Nhlamulo a new deal and goes back on their previous agreement, while Dudu needs a boost to push through the tension at the workplace. A woman is bonding with someone that she should be running away from.

Tuesday, 18th of January, 2022 - Episode 4,000

A student goes against his master and declares war, while a troublesome boy proves his disloyalty to family in the most grievous manner. But, unfortunately, Gloria does not seem to have learned from her mistakes because she repeats them.

Scandal! Teasers
Gloria does not seem to have learned from her mistakes because she repeats them. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Wednesday, 19th of January, 2022 - Episode 4,001

The unexpected champions instil anger and fear in everyone after they hold power. Meanwhile, Lindiwe gets more than she bargained for after training at the house, while Caiphus and Lindiwe's threats become a source of headache for the Kubekas.

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Thursday, 20th of January, 2022 - Episode 4,002

Zenzele receives troubling news, while Nhlamulo is in a new kind of trouble. Finally, two lovebirds reconcile their differences to prove that time healing is all true.

Friday, 21st of January, 2022 - Episode 4,003

The lion takes advantage of the naivety and weakness of another animal and preys on it. A mother's love is true and proven when a law-abiding mother drops all morals to protect something dear. Whatever is happening to a particular control freak is out of control.

Monday, 24th of January, 2022 - Episode 4,004

Nomvula and Vukile are hellbent on preventing their company from crashing, and they come up with individual plans to salvage the situation unknown to each other. However, TIhogi discovers something shocking, while Nhlamulo is agitated by his distrust.

Tuesday, 25th of January, 2022 - Episode 4,005

Nhlamulo is completely numbed after receiving a shocking message. A woman sows the seed of discord between a father and his son to prevent a secret from becoming public knowledge. Also, Mbali informs Winnie about the aversion to a possible crisis.

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Wednesday, 26th of January, 2022 - Episode 4,006

Nhlamulo plans revenge and decides to use his mental strength over physical prowess. Meanwhile, Dintle and Layla are saddened by the news of Gloria's victory. Mbali's falsehood haunts her after Jojo drops a new song.

Scandal! Teasers
Mbali's falsehood haunts her after Jojo drops a new song. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Thursday, 27th of January, 2022 - Episode 4,007

A plot to bring mayhem is fast-tracked, while a man pulls out his last card to keep a lover in his life. Meanwhile, Nomvula can overcome Vukile because her brain helps keep her secret safe, while Mbali must take drastic measures to keep up with her lies.

Friday, 28th of January, 2022 - Episode 4,008

Vuvu becomes the saviour of the day when one of the fighters depends on her intervention for a likely victory. A father figure is invented, and soon enough, allegations of a troubled past are thrown in the open. An old associate seeks protection from Dintle.

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Monday, 31st of January, 2022 - Episode 4,009

Mbali is in a difficult place after her prominent actor experiences a Prima Donna moment while Dudu aims for something above her capabilities. Dintle's old buddy sinks himself in more lies.


Nhlamulo seems to like courting trouble, and he gets himself into a lot of problems. He is about to lose his wife because of some secrets, and he is willing to do anything to salvage his marriage. He is, however, deceptive and goes back on a promise that he made to an associate while offering a new one. He is all out on a revenge mission.


Vukile has some family issues to solve and is having difficulties resolving several differences. For example, he is easily deceived by a woman and is unhappy about another person's success. He also does everything within his power to keep the family's business up and running, but he will not share his plans and visions with anyone.

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The Scandal! teasers for January 2022 reveal that some of the suspense viewers experienced in the 2021 episodes will return in the new year. This South African drama series is nothing short of a well of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of various social themes.

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