The Red Room Teasers for January 2022: Piraye and Deniz start afresh

The Red Room Teasers for January 2022: Piraye and Deniz start afresh

Indeed, problems shared are half solved. Besides the plots of domestic violence, community pressures, and childhood traumas that The Red Room storyline discusses, the show also portrays the importance of seeing a specialist who helps confront your past and the benefits of doing so. Interestingly, The Red Room teasers for January 2022 discuss some of the fascinating events in the concluding episodes of the drama series.

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The Red Room Teasers
The Red Room cast. Photo: @officialtvsa
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The Red Room storyline features Doctor, a mental health specialist, offering therapy to cast members. She converses with and convinces them to open up about their pasts. The room where the therapeutic sessions occur is known as the Red Room, and different people enter it to unburden their hearts, hoping to find peace.

The Red Room Teasers for January 2022

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What does Fahri see in Kumru that gets him so interested in her that he cares less about what had happened to her in the past? Now that she has recovered from her past, will she be willing to go into another relationship? This month's highlights discuss what to expect before the show's official broadcast.

Monday, 3rd of January, 2022 - Episode 129

Kumru discusses how she had Duru and Fahri get involved in protecting them. Meanwhile, she found it challenging to trust him initially because of all she went through because men came into her life. However, Fahri is distinct; he is straightforward and decent, and Kumru notices it, thanks to Gümü.

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Tuesday, 4th of January, 2022 - Episode 130

Kumru recovers and wishes not to hide anything from Fahri. At the same time, she wants to discuss everything with him, although Fahri is already aware of all that happened in her past life. Nevertheless, he loves her the way she is and cares less about what happened in her past.

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Wednesday, 5th of January, 2022 - Episode 131

Nazli’s journey to discover who she is ends; she becomes a free woman capable of standing on her own feet without seeking people's approval. Yet, at the same time, she is at peace with herself now, and after the last time she spent with the doctor, she departs from the clinic to begin afresh.

Moreover, Piraye and Deniz have a fresh start, and Piraye eventually honours Deniz’s proposal. They are excited about how things have taken a new shape.

Thursday, 6th of January, 2022 - Episode 132

Sadi informs the doctor about the time spent with Shipboy, and both of them visit Abdullah’s place to work for him. However, the buddies find a way not to associate themselves with Abdullah’s dirty jobs. Also, Shipboy becomes wounded like Sadi and gets kicked out by his mother working in a nightclub.

The Red Room Teasers
Sadi informs the doctor about the time spent with Shipboy. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Friday, 7th of January, 2022 - Episode 133

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Piraye and Deniz prepare to bid the clinic goodbye. Meanwhile, Dr Manolya has two new clients: Zafer Karahanolu and Nihal Karahanolu, his wife. They talked about their marriage and discussed completely different things when they had their first sessions. Elsewhere, Nihal gives the impression that they are delighted while Zafer confesses heartbroken.

Monday, 10th of January, 2022 - Episode 134

Zafer begins to discuss himself, and as he talks, it seems as if they are diving into 1001 Arabian Nights tales. Unlike Nihal, his family is wealthy and powerful from Ottoman Empire. Nevertheless, he mentions his loneliness in his marriage and why he married Nihal.

Elsewhere, Recai wants to meet with the doctor after Nazli because of his misery after their breakup. But, at the same time, he wants the doctor to heal him the way she recovered Nazli.

Tuesday, 11th of January, 2022 - Episode 135

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Series finales as Recai discusses his childhood, including the hard times he has experienced. Meanwhile, he makes Nazli worthless because people made him that way when he was a child. Nevertheless, he seems determined to create a new start as Nazli did.

The Red Room Teasers
Recai makes Nazli worthless because people made him that way when he was a child. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Elsewhere, the clinic personnel organise a farewell party for Deniz and Piraye before their departure and send them for their new life while they cannot stop their tears.


After much considerations, Piraye eventually decides to honour Deniz's proposal. To ensure they have a new beginning, they resolve to vacate the clinic. In appreciation for all they have done and how much the lovers will be missed, the clinic's staff members organise a party for them.


Fahri is not just an honest and decent man, he has qualities that distinguishes him from others, which everyone around him, including Kumru, notices. Since she has proved that he is worth confiding in, Kumru resolves not to hide anything she had been through in the past with him. But to her amazement, Fahri already knows, even though he chooses not to make that as the yardstick to determine whether to love her or not.

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The Red Room teasers above unveil what viewers should expect this month as the drama series ends. Although the Jim Carrey comedy-drama Kidding replaces the show after completing, ensure to catch up with the drama as they broadcast on SABC3 from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

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