Binnelanders Teasers for February 2022: Will Elise yield the advice?

Binnelanders Teasers for February 2022: Will Elise yield the advice?

Binnelanders South African series is set in Pretoria, where a private clinic opens up plots that involve a mix of doctors and their consistent attempts to take care of their patients. The Binnelanders teasers for February 2022 discuss the new troubles patients and doctors face in and out of the emergency room.

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Binnelanders Teasers
The Binnelanders series is set in Pretoria. Photo: @kykNETtv
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The South African Binnelanders soapie takes its name from a fictional private medical centre in Pretoria, South Africa, known as Binneland Clinic. This hospital is co-owned by professional medical practitioners striving to ensure their clients are healthy and alive at all costs. The series also discusses the challenges doctors have, which they must pretend to be nonexistent once they walk into their place of work.

Binnelanders teasers for February 2022

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The episodes of Binnelanders started uniquely this year. This series is already in its 17th season, showing how much thrill it must have offered the viewers. Read the teasers below to let yourself into a world of suspense, romance, and betrayal within the medical community.

Tuesday, 1st of February, 2022 - Episode 172/3976

Two friends experience harrowing times because of their promise many years ago. Meanwhile, Louis's plans for his future put him in a life-threatening situation, while Yolandi ensures that her plot to entrap someone goes perfectly.

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Elise seems to be in her world since no one engages her, while Karen informs Uys of her suspicions. Finally, however, Naomi is honest, which gets her some support while Tracy's time is running out.

Wednesday, 2nd of February, 2022 - Episode 173/3977

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To find out the truth, some actions must be involved. Meanwhile, the serenity in the atmosphere is disrupted by a radio question and answer session. Uys and Annelize are tired of the gossip being peddled around, while Yolandi's inability to keep a secret lets the cat out of the bag. Finally, an idea is birthed out of the effect of a sleeping medicine and an enclosed mouth.

Thursday, 3rd of February, 2022 - Episode 174/3978

Elise seeks relationship advice from Annetjie, but she gets tired of it all at some point. Naomi and Louis are unable to continue their association. Nevertheless, Tracy's new revelations breed more questions than solutions, while Uys is in a situation that warrants resolving a puzzle. Kobus is plain in his words, and Conrad makes sure that the words are important.

Friday, 4th of February, 2022 - Episode 175/3979

Someone is not ready for reconciliation and must seek revenge, while Tracy is curious about meeting Bob. Annelize and Annetjie have conflicting admonitions for Elize, but she gets the wisdom she needs from an unlikely source. Finally, Louis is in a celebratory mood, but the real victory is close.

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Binnelanders Teasers
Annelize and Annetjie have conflicting admonitions for Elize. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Monday, 7th of February, 2022 - Episode 176/3980

The actions of some persons trigger emotions, and nothing changes even after a confession is made. Conrad is hellbent on his decision, and not even Tracy is likely to change his opinion, while Elise wants permission from Annetjie.

Uys warns a friend about something and consents to meet up at some other time. However, someone somewhere is trying to find answers to questions.

Tuesday, 8th of February, 2022 - Episode 177/3981

Naomi and Uys are not on good terms to see things in the same light, while Elise is scared, which can land her in trouble. Emotions are flying here and there, and impressions are being made. Danny does not know how to answer some questions, while Tracy's past haunts her.

Louis does not bother to convince Conrad when the latter becomes suspicious about something. Meanwhile, Conrad's sentences raise more questions than answers.

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Wednesday, 9th of February, 2022 - Episode 178/3982

Tracy reveals the truth about something to Uys, and the local ways of doing things cause trouble among some people. Louis and Danny are battling a problematic situation, while Elise asks pertinent questions for Annelize. Chanel does a stupid thing, and peace is misinterpreted.

Thursday, 10th of February, 2022 - Episode 179/3983

The truth is revealed, and a final decision is made, resulting in avoidance while Conrad doubts what he is saying. Wynand is grateful for the things happening between Elise and Annetjie. However, something crucial happens among people who used to agree.

Elise is unsure about what will happen in the future, while Tertius advises a friend for the best. Meanwhile, someone who used to be missing sheds more light on the situation of things.

Friday, 11th of February, 2022 - Episode 180/3984

Annelize understands the situation after being questioned by Rian, while an unknown number keeps a missing person agitated. Finally, Jenna discovers the issue with Danny, while Naomi's farewell speech pricks Louis' conscience.

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Annetije's attitude brings so much confusion to Wynand while Elise is working on a concrete plan.

Monday, 14th of February, 2022 - Episode 181/3985

Valentine's Day is here, and time is of the essence, while Elise challenges Annetjie. Danny gets unexpected information and deadlines while Wynand controls his heart and tongue. Elsewhere, Naomi receives a gigantic surprise while celebrating her birthday, and Chanel is not short of tricks like Tommy, while a couple discusses their luck.

Tuesday, 15th of February, 2022 - Episode 182/3986

Wynand cannot be easily manipulated. Instead of a friendly welcome home party, someone comes home to accusations, contractions, and a dead body. Danny does a lot of reflecting while Elise's plans are disrupted. Then, Annelise's nostalgia returns after discussing it with a friend.

Wednesday, 16th of February, 2022 - Episode 183/3987

Chanel finds Elton's conversation amusing when they meet, while Rian's schemes with Gaby are unsuccessful. Two friends develop bad blood because of love, and Danny lands in the emergency room. However, Karen faces an emergency towards the end of her day.

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Binnelanders Teasers
Karen faces an emergency towards the end of her day. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Thursday, 17th of February, 2022 - Episode 184/3988

Elton has his hair done, and Harold's situation fades away. Meanwhile, the hospital staff are eager to attend to a patient rushed into the clinic, while Annelize is unsympathetic towards Elise. Then, Louis is unprepared for the outcome of a meeting and a subsequent promise.

Friday, 18th of February, 2022 - Episode - 185/3989

An unexpected call from At puts everyone in the panic mode, while Annelize is interested in unravelling a medical mystery. Annetjie plans towards the future are based on recent developments. Rian must ask difficult questions to unveil some truth, but this is piecemeal compared to what Louis must ask of his family members.

Monday, 21st of February, 2022 - Episode 186/3990

The future will be determined by an interaction of love and the setting up of a crucial meeting. First, Conrad is not afraid to ask difficult questions that every other person can only think about. Meanwhile, Naomi comforts Louis, who is experiencing a hard time. Then, Rian overthinks things, while Annelize shares her worries with Chanel.

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Tuesday, 22nd of February, 2022 - Episode 187/3991

The Kosters take action after they are accused of murder. Louis disapproves of a meeting, while a parasite infects Annelize's brain. The return of a lover may bring the storm into a blossoming relationship, while Annetjie is relentless in coming up with a situation. A doctor cares less about a family-organised dinner.

Wednesday, 23rd of February, 2022 - Episode 188/3992

Elise is instructed to salvage the situation, while a murder suspect is not convinced about Rian's solution to a challenging situation. Elsewhere, Chanel makes more than one observation during a date, and Louis is unhappy about the ploys of Delia, while Annelize receives a rude shock. However, Elton never gives up, and his determination to come out of a situation victorious is unflinching.

Thursday, 24th of February, 2022 - Episode 189/3993

Gaby is unhappy with the task she must share with Ayanda for the day. Naomi and Louis are not entirely on the same page about a child's future. Meanwhile, Rian puts in the effort to help a friend have a change of heart, while Annelize is convinced that something fishy is going on.

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Wynand wants to make life difficult for Elise, and At wants to discuss something urgent with Piet.

Friday, 25th of February, 2022 - 190/3994

At attempts to do something unexpected for the last time. However, there is bad blood among Gaby, Karen, and Ayanda, while water brings disaster. Chanel feels guilty about some missed calls, and there is cause for concern because of a cramp. Once again, the truth proves to be a bitter pill to swallow.

Binnelanders Teasers
Chanel feels guilty about some missed calls, and there is cause for concern because of a cramp. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Monday, 28th of February, 2022 - 191/3995

Gaby and Ayanda do not seem to be reconciling anytime soon, while Conrad and Louis get an unbelievable message. Karen is very upset about a conversation she had with someone, while Naomi sticks to her gun. Rian must honour a complex request, and Chanel is emotional about a discussion, while At is angry about the news report.


Elise seems to have been left to her ordeals by everyone around her. She becomes wary of her relationship and seeks advice from friends but gets poor ones from her advisors. Elize eventually gets the needed advice. She begins to ask essential questions, which is the beginning of her liberation.

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When Tracy loves someone, she does so with her whole heart and will do anything for them. Time is running out for her on an investigation, but she knows that only by asking important questions. She tries to meet up with someone.

The Binnelanders teasers for February 2022 share a preview of what the characters are up to and how their plots are interwoven with the ill-luck of one another. Therefore, do not miss the show on kykNET from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. The omnibus airs on kykNET on Saturdays from 09h30.

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