Once There Was a King Teasers for January 2022: Ranaj steps down as King

Once There Was a King Teasers for January 2022: Ranaj steps down as King

The Ameerkot Kingdom is about to experience unusual events in the upcoming January episodes. Ranaj’s first wife, Sulkshana, returns, while Gayatri is declared dead before she can expose Badi Raani Maa’s real identity to the King. Discover how the situation unfolds from the following Once There was a King teasers.

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Once There Was a King Teasers
Once There Was a King premiered on Zee World on 16th December 2021. Photo: @rumashmrez
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Once There was a King on Zee World is a romantic period drama set in the 1940s. The first season talks about Gayatri and Indravadhan’s romance. Gayatri is the daughter of a wealthy zamindar, while Indravadhan Singh, also called Ranaji, is the King of Ameerkot. Ranaji was left traumatized after losing his first wife, Sulakshana.

Indravadhan’s mother, Queen Raj Mata, decides to marry her son to Gayatri to repay the debt she owes her father. Ranaji half-heartedly ties the knot with Gayatri, but they slowly build a strong bond. However, this is only the beginning of the worst experiences in the Ameerkot kingdom as its enemies rise.

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Once There Was a King teasers for January 2022

Once There was a King debuted on Zee World on 16th December 2021 and has quickly become a household favourite amongst Indian series lovers. Here are all the teasers on the drama that awaits in the Once There was a King January episodes.

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Once There Was a King Teasers
Once There Was a King, originally called Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, is a romantic period drama set in the 1940s. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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13th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 29

Indravadhan and Gayatri look for a way to free themselves so that they can escape. Kokila goes to see Swarnlekha and threatens her. Later, Gayatri questions Swarnlekha’s illness. Will she find out what she is suffering from?

14th January 2022, Friday: Episode 30

Indravadhan says he will go to the event while Damyianti is grateful to Ranaj for accepting Gayatri as his spouse. The King later has to put on a dhoti to celebrate pooja. When Gayatri sees him having difficulties draping himself, she decides to assist him.

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15th January 2022, Saturday: Episode 31

Gayatri and Indravadhan take part in the ceremonies held at her home. She later finds out that her belongings have disappeared from her chambers and questions Ranaji about it. He reveals that he ordered someone to take them out to be in one place.

16th January 2022, Sunday: Episode 32

Indravadhan is left speechless by the arrival of a particular individual. The King is surprised by the return of Sulakshana, his first wife, and does not know what to do regarding his relationships with both Gayatri and Sulakshana. He later asks Sulakshana to leave him alone when she confronts him.

17th January 2022, Monday: Episode 33

Swarnlekha flees from Laksharaj, and nobody can trace her. Lakshraj promises to locate Swarnlekha before the Raj Mahal family comes back. Elsewhere, Sulakshana wants Indravadhan to tell her the destinations they have travelled to.

Once There Was a King Teasers
Raj Mata declares her son Ranaj's marriage to Gayatri to repay a debt she owes her wealthy father. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

18th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 34

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Swarnlekha manages to escape from Lakshyaraj and his men who want to murder her. She asks a stranger for help, and the man assists her. Meanwhile, Badi Raani informs Indravadhan that Sulakshana slit her wrist after being heartbroken.

19th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 35

It is discovered that Bado Raani is the one who hired a certain lady to pretend to be Sulakshana. Meanwhile, Sulakshana takes Gayatri as her slave as Indravadhan tells her that Gayatri is his spouse. Gayatri shouts back and says she is his second wife.

20th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 36

Raj Mata gets ready to punish Sulakshana, but Badi Raani foils her plans when she locks her up. Later, Indravadhan goes to see Sulakshana and asks her to stay in her place. She tells him that she is his wife and not Gayatri.

21st January 2022, Friday: Episode 37

Indravadhan announces that he and Gayatri will get away from Raj Mahal the following morning. Elsewhere, Gayatri wants Badi Raani Maa to explain how she knew about the explosion.

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22nd January 2022, Saturday: Episode 38

Badi Raani Maa narrates everything to Gayatri and tells her that Indravadhan is not her grandson. Later, Gayatri stops Indravadhan from consuming the Laddoos and reveals that it has poison.

23rd January 2022, Sunday: Episode 39

Badi Raani Maa reveals that Gayatri wants her dead and is envious of Sulakshana. Will Indravadhan take her words seriously? Meanwhile, Raj Mata disguises herself and tricks Sulakshana. She takes her to the treasure chambers where Gayatri is being held and locks her there.

Once There Was a King Teasers
In the January episodes, the King's first wife Sulkshana returns. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

24th January 2022, Monday: Episode 40

Indravadhan manages to remove Sulakshana’s masks and discovers she is a stranger disguised as her. Later, Indravadhan seeks forgiveness from Badi Raani Maa for his behaviour and vows to believe what she says from then henceforth.

25th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 41

Gayatri makes up her mind to expose Badi Raani Maa’s real identity at the event so that Indravadhan learns the truth. Gayatri is declared dead, and Indravadhan attempts to bring her back to life. A distressed Indravadhan announces his decision to step down as King of Ameerkot and asks Kuwar Singh to replace him.

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26th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 42

Indravadhan is shocked when Kuwar Singh reveals that Badi Raani Maa would take the throne before he does. Badi Raani Maa is furious to see Gayatri alive, and they have an argument. Badi Raani Maa wants to stab Gayatri with her knife, but Indravadhan manages to knock it off her hand with a spear.

27th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 43

Indravadhan declares that Badi Raani Maa is no longer permitted to see her family. Later, Yashoda goes to Raj Mata’s court and reveals his suspicions regarding Swarnlekha’s relationship with an unknown man. Yashoda later discovers that the individual sitting on Raj Mata’s chair is not her but Kokila.

28th January 2022, Friday: Episode 44

Gayatri opens up to Raj Mata that she fears Indravadhan might be in trouble. Raj Mata has not stopped looking for Yashoda, while Chandravadhan hopes that Raj Mata will not know about Yashoda’s death.

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29th January 2022, Saturday: Episode 45

A man says he is Avdesh Singh Chauhan, the heir of a former Ameerkot’s landowner. He reveals he is back to repossess the land. Later, Gayatri asks Indravadhan to stop fighting for Ameerkot. Meanwhile, Kuwar Singh and Kokila debate whether the current battle will bring them personal victory over Indravadhan or a loss for Ameerkot.

30th January 2022, Sunday: Episode 46

Indravadhan decides to replace his sword with a spear after spotting Avdesh with a spear. Later, Indravadhan reveals to Gayatri that he was heartbroken when his wife failed to believe in his capabilities. Avdesh’s wounds are treated, and he cannot stop fantasizing about Gayatri. Avdesh and Indravadhan later link up and talk about their friendship.

31st January 2022, Monday: Episode 47

Indravadhan takes a blindfolded Gayatri to the yard. Avdesh is filled with envy when he spots the lovebirds having a great time and getting romantic. He decides to set the yard on fire, trapping Gayatri and Indravadhan at the centre of the inferno.

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Once There Was a King Teasers
Gayatri is announced dead before she can expose Badi Raani Maa's antics. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Once There Was a King cast?

The situation in the Ameerkot kingdom is quickly becoming chaotic as the King’s enemies work to bring him down. Here is a summary of how the drama unfolds in the Once There was a King January episodes.


She takes part in the events held at her home alongside her husband, Ranaj. Her peace in the Kingdom is disturbed when Sulakshana, Ranaj’s first wife, returns. However, it turns out that she is a woman Badi Raani hired to pretend to be Sulakshana. Gayatri is presumed dead on the day she plans to reveal Badi Raani Maa’s real identity to the King. She later returns and exposes the truth.


He is confused when his first wife Sulakshani returns but later unmasks her and finds out it is not her. Later, he decides to step down as King of Ameerkot after Gayatri is announced dead. However, she returns and exposes Badi Raani Maa’s deeds. He expels the latter and forbids her from meeting her family ever again. When things seem to be going well, Avdesh comes into the picture. He pretends to be his friend but sets the garden on fire, trapping Indravadhan and Gayatri inside out of envy.

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From the above Once There was a King teasers, the adrenaline-raising drama is just starting, and viewers should expect more. The Indian period series airs on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 4.00 p.m.

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