Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022: Chintu decides to marry Happy

Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022: Chintu decides to marry Happy

Have you been longing to jump into the soapies bandwagon and are unsure of which show to follow? If so, Happy Hearts would be an ideal pick for you. The best part is, the show recently started airing on your screen. So, you stand a better chance at understanding the plot. Nonetheless, the gist in the Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022 gives a glimpse of the storyline and what to expect.

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Happy Hearts February 2022 teasers
Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022. Photo: @Televisions World
Source: Facebook

Happy Hearts storyline is about a young girl, Happy. She faces her trials and tribulations with a positive spirit. However, her life takes an unforeseen turn for the worst when she meets Rocky, an arrogant goon. Kulwant, Rocky's and Chintu's father, disowns him. Rocky sets up a hotel to fulfil Chintu's dream despite the situation. Chintu meets Happy at the hotel, and a beautiful friendship develops. Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022 highlight how their friendship affects the people around them.

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Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022

As the Happy Hearts episodes unfold, they give a better glimpse of the show's plot. They also depict how talented the Happy Hearts cast members are. So, read through these teasers for the details of what to anticipate from the show in the oncoming episodes.

Episodes 5 and 6 - Tuesday, 1st of February 2022

As Chintu consoles Happy, she remembers her painful past and becomes emotional. Later, Happy comes to Sandhya's rescue when Biji humiliates her.

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Happy insists on attending the engagement ceremony despite Pratap's stern warning.

Episodes 7 and 8 - Wednesday, 2nd of February 2022

Pratap realizes how stubborn Happy is; hence, he allows her to attend the marriage ceremony. Happy makes a mean remark about Rocky's frivolous attitude during the ceremony. A furious Rocky vows to humiliate her.

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Chintu consumes a spiked drink meant for Happy and starts acting crazy. Chintu's family holds her accountable and threaten to get back at her.

Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022: Chintu decides to marry Happy
Happy lashes out at her family. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episodes 9 and 10 - Thursday, 3rd of February 2022

A furious Chintu decides to leave the wedding ceremony after a confrontation with Happy. The following day, Happy looks for him and apologizes. However, he shocks her by what he tells her.

Chintu and Happy engage in a lengthy conversation about the ideal partner. Elsewhere, Biji informs Pratap about what Happy has been up to.

Episodes 11 and 12 - Friday, 4th of February 2022

Happy appreciates Smiley for letting her return to the marriage venue. Later, things get out of hand when Aaliya stalls the engagement ceremony to give Rocky an ultimatum.

Pratap decides to get Happy married at the earliest, and Khulwant threatens Rocky against returning to his house.

Episodes 13 and 14 - Saturday, 5th of February 2022

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Chintu opens up to Kulwant about his love for Happy, but Kulwant discourages him from pursuing her. Later, Kulwant approaches Pratap to tell him about his plan to ask Happy to marry him. How will she react to the proposal?

Pratap and Kulwant proceed with the wedding preparations, and Happy asks Cintu to call off their wedding preparations. When Rocky accuses her of mischief, she lashes out at him.

Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022: Chintu decides to marry Happy
Pratab threatens Happy. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episodes 15 and 16 - Sunday, 6th of February 2022

Happy looks for a job, and Rocky concocts a plan to stop her from marrying Chintu. Elsewhere, Sandhya attempts to raise money for Happy's wedding.

Happy brings Rocky to task for attempting to defame her, and Chintu is excited to receive terrifying news. Meanwhile, Happy plans to do the unthinkable.

Episodes 17 and 18 - Monday, 7th of February 2022

Rocky abducts Happy and tortures her. Everyone blames Kulwant for her disappearance.

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Happy concludes that Biji and Rocky are conspiring against her. Later, she confronts Chintu about Rocky's misdeed, leaving him distraught.

Episodes 19 and 20 - Tuesday, 8th of February 2022

Rocky and Biji succeed in countering Happy's accusation, and Bhatia makes Sandhya and Happy's situation worse, forcing Pratap to make a hasty decision.

Chintu rescues Happy from Rocky and his goons. He takes advantage of the situation to ask her to marry him. Later, Kulwant makes a shocking decision after hearing what Chintu has been up to.

Happy Hearts cast
Why is Happy this mad? GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Happy grows fond of Chintu, although their friendship bothers Pratap. When Chintu tells his father about developing feelings for her, he shuts him. Instead, Kulwant asks Pratap to let him marry her. However, Rocky ruins his plans when he forcefully plans to marry her.

Rocky abducts her and tortures her. Even though Chintu rescues her, she blames him. When he saves her from Rocky's goons, he asks her to marry him. What will she say?

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Happy makes a mean remark about Rocky's attitude, and he vows to get back at her. He instructs his goons to capture and torture her. He promises to do everything to stop her from getting married to Chintu. Rocky and Biji form another plan to counter her allegations when she discovers what he is up to.

Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022 do not pre-empt enough how dramatic the oncoming episodes will be. Will Happy accept Chintu's marriage proposal? If she does, how will Pratap, Rocky and Kulwant react? Tune in to Starlife to learn more about how the drama will pan out.

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