New! Never Say Goodbye Teasers for January 2022: Two lovers fight social stereotypes

New! Never Say Goodbye Teasers for January 2022: Two lovers fight social stereotypes

The new year seems to have so much in store for you, and a new show is one of them. Never Say Goodbye is the new soap opera on your programme lineup. So, if you have wished to join the soapie bandwagon, this is the best opportunity. As you wait for the first episode to unfold, you need to check out the hints in Never Say Goodbye teasers for January 2022.

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Never Say Goodbye January 2022 teasers
Never Say Goodbye Teasers for January 2022. Photo: @Mangelos Man Singh
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Never Say Goodbye storyline is about two stars who fight social stereotypes. The Romeo and Juliet story focuses on Atharva and Vividha, who suffer the consequences of social stereotypes. They get attracted to their differing personalities. They turn out to be a match made in heaven. However, they face a challenge when Vividha's father tears them apart.

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Never Say Goodbye teasers for January 2022

According to the show's producer, the show is about a son's pride, the coming of age of a daughter, and a husband's duty. Never Say Goodbye on StarLife intertwines all three matters. So, check out the details in these teasers for more hints.

Episodes 1 and 2 – Wednesday, 26th of January 2022

Atharva winds up on his education and returns to Ajmer. Vividha prepares for the Jaagran ceremony by going out shopping. As she goes about her business, she stumbles upon Atharva.

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Atharva tells Sujata about his plan to settle in Ajmer and start a business. Meanwhile, Kailash tells Vividha about his dream to get married into a rich family. Atharva and Vividha get into an argument, and later, she inquires about Sujata's husband from her mother.

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Never Say Goodbye cast
Atharva secures his academic certificate. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episodes 3 and 4 - Thursday, 27th of January 2022

Atharva plans on applying for a business loan, and Sujata assures Kailash that Atharva will settle his loan. Atharva rescues Guddi from goons attempting to hurt her. Later, Guddi apologizes to Kailash and her grandmother for her ill manners.

Dubey attempts to create a good impression about Atharva to Kailash, and Atharva talks to Sujata about not signing Kailash's contract. Kailash lashes out at Ankit for not doing his work and later reveals the agreement's contents to Atharva.

Episodes 5 and 6 – Friday, 28th of January 2022

Vividha tells Guddi that she duped Atharva about the anklet, and Atharva's attempts to find the anklet do not bear fruit. Vividha accuses him of hiding the anklet, and a guilty Arthava suggests selling his bike to buy her an anklet. Vividha feels sorry for him and apologizes to him.

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Sujata questions Kailash for sharing account details relating to her loan to Atharva. Atharva opens up to Sujata about selling his bike. Later, he disagrees with the mechanic when he quotes a higher price to claim his bike. Vividha gets overwhelmed by pity and decides to get Atharva's bike back.

Episodes 7 and 8 – Saturday, 29th of January 2022

Atharva thanks the garage owner for returning his bike, and Kailash insists on finding out why Atharva sold his bike. Kailash invites Sujata for puja in his house and humiliates her. Atharva is disappointed to learn that Sujata went to Kailash's house.

Atharva confronts Sujata about leaving their cows at Kailash's house. She assures him that Vividha agreed to take care of the cows. Later, a villager and his wife steal one of Sujata's cows. Atharva reprimands Vividha for being careless.

Never Say Goodbye episodes
Atharva embraces Vividha. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episodes 9 and 10 – Sunday, 30th of January 2021

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Vividha discovers that someone has stolen the cow. She goes through the video evidence and shares it with Sujata and Atharva. Sujata suspects that the thief might sell the cow in Pushkar; therefore, Atharva leaves for Pushkar.

Sujata worries about Atharva and Sujata's safety, and Uma worries about Vividha's safety when she hears that she has travelled to Pushkar. Atharva rescues Vividha from a swarm of bees. Later, they make it to Pushkar and hope to spot the calf.

Episodes 11 and 12 – Monday, 31st of January 2022

Vividha and Atharva look for the calf in Pushkar, and Vividha goes after the thieves. The police arrest one of the thieves and take him into custody. Later, Vividha finds the calf inside a tent, although the thieves tie her up and abduct her.

Sujata assures Uma that Vividha is safe, and Atharva goes after the kidnappers and rescues Vividha. Later, the police arrest the kidnappers and their accomplices.

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Never Say Goodbye storyline
Atharva faces Vividha's father. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Vividha loves him, although he has a nasty attitude. He is a snob who vouches for relationships between people with the same social background. He does not match up as the perfect husband. Therefore, he embarks on a mission to make Vividha sabotage their relationship.


Vividha loves Athatrva and is willing to take risks for the sake of their relationship. However, her troublesome father gives them sleepless nights. He is against their relationship. A naive Atharva gives up on fighting for the relationship. Will their love for one another overcome the challenges ahead of them?

The snippets in Never Say Goodbye teasers for January 2022 highlight the captivating storyline. So, if you want to find out more details about the new show, tune in to Star Life at 22h00. The first episode airs on Wednesday, 26th of January 2022.

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