Illusion Teasers for February 2022: Rani sets a trap to kill Pooja in the series finale!

Illusion Teasers for February 2022: Rani sets a trap to kill Pooja in the series finale!

Your favourite Indian show on StarLife comes to an end this February! What happens in the Illusion series finale? Kabir and Pooja grow closer, and he tries to convince Anuradha that her daughter has changed. Suman is also scared of losing her son Kabir to Pooja. Meanwhile, Rani lures her sister into a trap to kill her. Read these Illusion teasers for more!

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Illusion on StarLife teasers
Illusion Indian series airs on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 7.00 p.m. Photo: @glamsham
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All odds seem to be against Pooja in the Illusion series finale. She is accused of stealing cash that someone else has taken. Kabir suspects it is her sister Rani and tries to find incriminating evidence.

Illusion teasers for February 2022

Since Pooja’s infamous revenge against the Mittals that led to the death of patriarch PK, the family has never trusted her, including her mother, Anuradha. Kabir is the only person who believes she is changed, while her sister Rani wants to see her dead. Here are the finale teasers for the Illusion February episodes.

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Illusion Teasers
Pooja tries to find evidence that will expose the Mittals in the Illusion February episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st February 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 85 and 86

Pooja is attacked by Kabir’s hooligans as she tries to rescue her mom. The Mittals cannot believe their eyes when they spot Kalyani at the marriage ceremony.

A suspicious Pooja steals her way into Kalyani’s chambers to gather evidence to incriminate the Mittals. Chopra and Ranjit discover the secret that Kabir has been keeping while Rani plans to tie the knot with Kabir.

2nd February 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 87 and 88

Pooja encounters a problem during the Haldi ceremony. Bauji finds out about what Kabir is planning while Pooja learns shocking details from Amma.

Pooja’s mother finds a way to set herself free, and Kabir and Sonali go out looking for her. Pooja later discovers shocking information.

3rd February 2022, Thursday: Episodes 89 and 90

Kabir is outraged by Rani’s devilish actions while Pooja finds herself in a tricky situation. Kabir later makes a surprising decision during the marriage rituals.

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Pooja makes Kabir drunk during their initial night, hoping to gather information regarding her mom. The couple starts behaving dumb when her scheme takes a twist.

4th February 2022, Friday: Episodes 91 and 92

A drunken Kabir tries to create a friendly atmosphere with Pooja. Rani attempts to deceive Jay, while Kabir decides to give Pooja an exhausting task.

Kabir takes Pooja’s mom to a medical facility, while Shail and Pooja try to locate him. Pooja is shocked by what she sees after storming in with a firearm.

5th February 2022, Saturday: Episodes 93 and 94

Pooja attempts to make Rani see things differently, but she is determined to portray her as a bad person. Pooja is later fooled by her ploy.

Suman is rescued by Pooja from meeting an accident. The Mittals are shocked by the announcement made by the authorities.

6th February 2022, Sunday: Episodes 95 and 96

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Pooja is asked to remove dirt from the house while a worried Suman faints. Rani then locks the two in a room and makes a scene.

Pooja’s conduct when Kabir brings her mother Anuradha home leaves him in shock. Pooja is later heartbroken when her mother admonishes her with a startling statement.

Illusion Teasers
Kabir tries to convince Pooja's mother, Anuradha, that her daughter is reformed. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

7th February 2022, Monday: Episodes 97 and 98

The property papers go missing, and Suman accuses Pooja of taking them. In a surprising turn of events, Kabir decides to take her side, and he later makes a radical decision.

Suman is not pleased when Kabir and Pooja get closer. Pooja later reveals shocking details, and her mother Anuradha forbids her from performing the Havan.

8th February 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 99 and 100

Kabir takes Pooja’s side before the family. Meanwhile, Suman is not ready to see her son Kabir happy with Pooja. Rani is delighted when Anuradha makes a weird demand to Pooja.

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Pooja and Kabir are distressed when they are made to put their signatures on the divorce documents. Elsewhere, Rani starts working on her evil plan, while Suman mistreats Pooja.

9th February 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 101 and 102

Suman is concerned for Kabir after noticing that Pooja is giving him too much work. Ranjeet discovers the truth about Rani’s feelings while Kabir and Pooja cannot find their way out.

The situation gets odd when Pooja and Kabir start talking about their divorce. Anuradha smacks Pooja when she is held responsible for the Mittal’s missing money.

10th February 2022, Thursday: Episodes 103 and 104

Pooja and Kabir resolve to work together to find the person responsible. In an interesting turn of events, Kabir blames her in front of the entire family.

Kabir starts plotting to make Rani’s actions known, but she manages to make the situation work to her advantage. Kabir and Pooja later reveal the love they have for one another.

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11th February 2022, Friday: Episodes 105 and 106

Kabir has difficulty finding out the identities of the robbers while Pooja discovers the reason for the attack. Kabir later steals his way into her chambers.

Rani does the unimaginable to Guruji’s Bhog, and Pooja decides to take the blame to ensure the family’s image is not tarnished. Kabir starts plotting to uncover the culprit.

12th February 2022, Saturday: Episodes 107, 108, and 109 (Series finale!)

Pooja is assisted by Kabir in preparing a pleasant surprise for Bauji. Rani manages to fool Chanda and Jay while Kabir tries to make Anuradha believe that Pooja is a reformed person.

Chanda and Jay lament their foolishness after being rescued by Pooja from great danger. Later, Kabir does not know what to do when Pooja makes up her mind to leave home.

Rani convinces Pooja to head to a warehouse so that she can kill her. Kabir has a hard time locating Pooja, and Rani reveals startling details. Is Pooja okay?

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Illusion on StarLife Teasers
Rani lures Pooja to a warehouse to kill her in the Illusion series finale. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Illusion cast members?

The Mittal household is about to experience unusual circumstances in the Illusion February episodes. Here is a recap of the drama to expect as the Indian series nears the end.


She is determined to gather incriminating evidence against the Mittals and is shocked when her mother Anuradha reprimands her with a shocking statement. She is later accused of stealing money, but Kabir agrees to help her get the culprit. She is mistreated by Kabir’s mother, Suman, who is scared of losing his son. Will the family ever see her as a changed person?


He starts getting close to Pooja and even defends her against the family. They confess the feelings they have for each other, but his mother, Suman, is not happy with their closeness. The lovebirds are devastated when they are asked to sign the divorce documents. How will he convince her mother Suman and Anuradha that Pooja is a reformed person?

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She plans to tie the knot with Kabir and does not listen to her sister Pooja when she tries to advise her. Rani starts plotting against Pooja and later lures her to a warehouse to kill her. Will Kabir locate Pooja before it is too late?

The Illusion series finale will keep you engaged with intriguing drama, as seen from the Illusion teasers. Is Rani going to kill Pooja? The show airs on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 7.00 p.m. and 7.30 a.m. Another fascinating Indian series, A Lockdown Love Story, debuts on StarLife soon after Illusion ends.

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