Dream Girl Teasers for February 2022: There is a new Dream Girl!

Dream Girl Teasers for February 2022: There is a new Dream Girl!

Laxmi strives to make her dream a reality in February episodes of StarLife's Dream Girl. She is excited to start working with superstar Ayesha and later discovers her icon is against her success. Laxmi participates in the Dream Girl contest, but Ayesha conspires to keep her from proceeding. Will Laxmi fulfil her dream of becoming the next Dream Girl? Keep reading the Dream Girl teasers to find out.

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Dream Girl Teasers
Dream Girl premiere episodes air of StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 8.00 p.m. Photo: @Heykollywood
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Dream Girl on StarLife revolves around a young girl from Jodhpur called Laxmi. She dreams of becoming a great actress and moves to Mumbai to meet her idol, superstar Ayesha. Her journey to greatness and possible ruin starts when she begins working alongside Ayesha at the Navrang Studio.

Dream Girl teasers for February 2022

What happens to Laxmi's dream in the February premiere episodes? Here are the Dream Girl teasers on how the drama unfolds during the month.

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Dream Girl teasers for February 2022
Samar manages to fool Laxmi but she later discovers his real identity. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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1st February 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 5 and 6

Manav advises Ayesha to ignore the press while Samar successfully fools Laxmi and her aunt about his identity. Later, the girl is required to make a portfolio to proceed to the next stage of the audition, but she does not have enough cash. She resolves to sell the theatre tickets of Ayesha's movie to raise money.

Laxmi assists Samar in trading the samosas and, in the process, earns some money. Meanwhile, Ayesha is thrilled when her movie becomes a hit and later promises not to lose Manav to Nandini. The aspiring actress is able to finish her portfolio and is angry when a security guard mishandles it.

2nd February 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 7 and 8

Samar is pleased with Laxmi's determination to fulfil her dream of becoming a great actress. Samars finds out that Ayesha is looking for a new female lead and informs Laxmi, who heads to the Navrang Studio to meet with the actress. Meanwhile, Ayesha's brother Karan is unhappy when Manav refuses to launch him.

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The aspiring actress pretends to be blind and goes to Ayesha's cabin, but she is asked to leave when Ayesha discovers the truth. Manav tries to convince Ayesha that Laxmi is the perfect fit for the lead role in Samar's upcoming movie. Later, the girl is not happy after learning that Ayesha employed her, but as a personal assistant and not an actress.

3rd February 2022, Thursday: Episodes 9 and 10

The girl resolves to say yes to Ayesha's proposal, while Manav is overjoyed when his daughter arrives. Karan fools the girl and makes her perform a sketch. She accidentally hits Ayesha and asks for forgiveness. Ayesha pretends to look after Laxmi in front of the staff. Why is she hard on the aspiring actress?

The superstar poses a challenge to the girl, and she promises to win. However, Ayesha has plans to expel her from her position, knowing she will not perform well in the challenge. Samar learns that he was fooled by the culprits while Ayesha and Nandini have a misunderstanding.

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4th February 2022, Friday: Episodes 11 and 12

Ayesha gives Meera a warm welcome when she returns to the house while Laxmi is working on a strategy that will help her win the challenge. Later, Meera tries to create a rift between Manav and Meethi. The following day, members of Ayesha's staff are concerned after seeing Laxmi's suicide note. Later, the actress is concerned when Laxmi tells lies.

Laxmi successfully tricks the Navrang Studio staff while Ayesha tries to create a rift between the aspiring actress and Manav. Later, Laxmi is concerned when Ayesha reveals that Manav is not happy with her and wants her to seek forgiveness from the staff. Laxmi later goes to Ayesha's home to return the jewellery she took.

5th February 2022, Saturday: Episode 13 and 14

The aspiring actress wants to see Samar Sareen while Nandini plots to set Manav and Ayesha apart. However, the actress seems to be a step ahead as she manages to fool Nandini and stop her from performing puja with Manav. Laxmi is surprised to get Samar in the Sareen House.

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The girl resolves to enter the Sareen House by pretending to be a swamini, but Ayesha recognizes her. She seeks Ayesha's forgiveness and tries to explain her situation. Meanwhile, Meera is unhappy with the Sareens and wants them to leave her in peace.

6th February 2022, Sunday: Episodes 15 and 16

The Navrang Studio staff fools the aspiring actress, making her feel ashamed. Samar is employed and is later assisted by Laxmi to trade samosas. The girl has an idea of how to make it up to the staff.

Meera tries to create a rift between Meera and Meethi, while Samar sees a worried Laxmi after her plan to impress the staff fails. Laxmi is determined to be the heroine in Samar's upcoming film, but the superstar misleads Samar regarding her. Ayesha also learns about Meera's inferiority complex situation.

Dream Girl teasers
Ayesha is determined to keep Nandini away from Manav. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

7th February 2022, Monday: Episodes 17 and 18

The aspiring actress resolves to fool the Navrang Studio staff by lying that she has been selected to feature in the upcoming Salman film. The superstar is filled with worry after the revelation, but a guilt-ridden Laxmi later reveals that she was lying. Meanwhile, Samar manages to earn money from trading samosas.

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Ayesha conspires with Amrita to put Laxmi to shame at the ceremony, but the girl is excited, thinking that the party invitation is a kind gesture from the actress. Later the following day, the staff embarrass her when they make fun of her costume.

8th February 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 19 and 20

Laxmi is put to shame by the Navrang Studio staff, and Ayesha pretends to look after her and later decides to retain her. Later, the superstar makes a deal with Karan to ensure that the aspiring actress is cut from the studio for good. The girl puts her signature on the contract without reading it because she trusts Ayesha.

The superstar starts mistreating Laxmi while Samar later seeks her assistance to make food. Karan fools the girl, leading to an injury. Later at the Navrang Studios, the staff make her pay, but she vows not to give up.

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9th February 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 21 and 22

The superstar is angry at Laxmi when she makes her fish die. Samar tries to comfort the girl while Ayesha successfully fools Meera. The following day, Manav comes back home from a business trip and finds that Ayesha is hurt. The latter continues to plot against Laxmi so that she resigns.

Karan finds out that Laxmi is preparing to hold a meeting with a Japanese delegation at the studio, and he decides to infest the room with rats. Samar gains access to Navrang Studio in disguise while Laxmi is doing her best to remove the rats. Later, Samar lands a deal with the studio to supply samosas.

10th February 2022, Thursday: Episodes 23 and 24

The aspiring actress is distressed when Ayesha gets angry after the meeting with the Japanese fails to take place. She does not want her dad to know what she is going through and later gets advice from Samar. Meanwhile, Samar, disguised as a samowala, manages to fool the Sareens, but Manav decodes his identity, ruining his plan.

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Laxmi resolves to prove the staff wrong and is later asked to stand in for Ayesha at the cycle race competition. Elsewhere, Samar is worried about the boss sales target that he must meet. Karan plots ensure that the girl does not participate in the race till the end.

11th February 2022, Friday: Episodes 25 and 26

One of the racers intentionally pushes the girl, making her fall in a trench. She successfully rejoins the competition, finishing last. Meanwhile, Samar is doing all he can to attain the sales target, and his boss is angry when he fails. Nandini promises to make Manav appreciate her worth.

The superstar plots to use her acquaintances' dog against Laxmi. The girl is frightened when she spots the scary dog, and Karan tries to fool her by asking her to look after the dog. She does her best to train the canine but is later fined when she takes it to the park.

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12th February 2022, Saturday: Episodes 27 and 28

The aspiring actress stays with the canine overnight at the studio, and she is threatened by thugs. The thieves steal Ayesha's personal computer, but Karan and Ayesha accuse her of the theft. She is in more trouble when she discovers that the dog has disappeared.

The girl decides to make a statement regarding the missing canine and later hires a dog that looks like the other one and takes it to Ayesha. The superstar recognizes the fake dog and resolves to set a trap for the girl. Ayesha accuses the girl of being negligent.

13th February 2022, Sunday: Episodes 29 and 30

Karan intimidates Laxmi as the staff look on and wants cuts her hair to make her pay for her actions. Laxmi is rescued by the dog that had gone missing, and she tells Karan that she will attain her dream of being a dream girl.

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The superstar asks the aspiring actress to take up the role of her body double in the movie while Karan sets his and Ayesha's plan against Laxmi in motion. Later during the film shoot, Laxmi faints, and she is shocked when she discovers who Ayesha really is.

Dream Girl teasers
Ayesha is insecure about being replaced by Laxmi as the next Dream Girl. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

14th February 2022, Monday: Episodes 31 and 32

The girl is left speechless when Ayesha takes the credit for her performance, and she laments idolizing her. Nandini learns that Ayesha is deceiving Meera while Laxmi makes up her mind to resign.

Laxmi later accosts Ayesha at her house, but the superstar rejects her resignation, citing that she must fulfil her contract. Later, Samar discovers that Laxmi is a staff member at Navrang Studio, and the two have an argument.

15th February 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 33 and 34

Samar thinks the contract was prepared because Ayesha does not want Laxmi to leave Navrang. The superstar is shocked to get Laxmi at work, and the latter decides to get revenge by embarrassing the actress. She later receives an assignment from Karan.

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Laxmi stands her ground when Ayesha embarrasses her. Later, Manav informs Ayesha that Samar has to be launched, and he is ready to get a new dream girl by conducting a competition. Ayesha does not want the upcoming actress to take part in the competition.

16th February 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 35 and 36

Samar finds out about the Dream Girl competition while Manav persuades Ayesha to become a judge. Later, Karan fools Ayesha and wants her to inform Manav about his launch. The thought of Laxmi becoming the next dream girl worries Ayesha.

Laxmi finds out about the competition, and Samar tries to talk her into getting in while Ayesha is plotting to stop her from taking part. Later, Samar accompanies Laxmi to get wine for Ayesha.

17th February 2022, Thursday: Episodes 37 and 38

Samar gets drunk after tasting the wine, and Laxmi fails to believe him when he reveals that he is Samar Sareen. Elsewhere, Ayesha is convinced that the girl will not make it to the competition but is later shocked to find her at the Navrang Studio.

Laxmi asks Karan to help her apply for the competition while Nandini deceives Meera. Samar is happy knowing that Laxmi knows his identity, and the latter is visited by her dad and brother.

18th February 2022, Friday: Episodes 39 and 40

Laxmi tells her dad that Samar is the real Samar Sareen, while Samar finds a way to take care of her dad and brother. Later, the upcoming actress asks Samar to sleep on the balcony for the night, and she fails to sleep as the audition freaks her out.

The girl gets ready to participate in the contest, but Ayesha wants Karan to ensure she does not make it. A fellow competitor steals Laxmi's script, and Karan is angry as he blames her for being negligent.

19th February 2022, Saturday: Episodes 41 and 42

Karan manages to audition despite being prevented by Karan. She manages to impress Prem, and she later appreciates her dad for supporting her. Meanwhile, Ayesha cannot wait to see the girl's performance.

The upcoming actress and Samar spend quality time together, and she confesses her love for him. Elsewhere, Manav and Ayesha watch the audition footage to judge the contestants, but Karan manages to hide Laxmi's footage from Ayesha.

20th February 2022, Sunday: Episodes 43 and 44

Samar is excited to stay with Laxmi and her family while Prem and Manav talk about the contest with employees. Later, Samar tries to comfort a heartbroken Laxmi, and they decide to shoot a movie. Her dad is fascinated by her daughter's acting skills.

A frightened Laxmi hides when she spots Karan at the film shoot. Manaz reassures Nandini when she starts worrying about Nandini. Later, Laxmi's dad is excited to meet superstar Ayesha, unaware that she does not want his daughter to do well as an actress. The aspiring is heartbroken regarding the movie shoot.

Dream Girl Teasers
Samar and Karan both plan to propose to Laxmi. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

21st February 2022, Monday: Episodes 45 and 46

Laxmi fails to trust that Ayesha has a genuine concern for her while the Sareens are happy when Meera is discovered. Ayesha accosts Nandini for accusing her of deceiving Meera. Elsewhere, Karkit reprimands the girl for wanting to become an actress, and Samar defends her.

Samar tricks Laxmi, while Ayesha wants Manav to know that she is concerned about Meera. Karan secretly trains the girl on everything she needs to know regarding the dream girl competition, while Manav is excited to meet Samar.

22nd February 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 47 and 48

Manav is happy to learn that Samar has feelings for someone, and he is later surprised to find out that Nandini tried to kill herself. An excited Laxmi does a photoshoot with Samar while an unhappy Ayesha does not want her to progress.

Ayesha is afraid that the upcoming actress might appear among the top 10 competitors. Karan makes sure that the actress does not find out about Laxmi's performance but pretends to support her. The girl is also able to hide her participation from the actress and Manav.

23rd February 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 49 and 50

Samar is impressed with Laxmi's passion and is confident that she loves him. A distressed Ayesha is surprised when the girl appears in the top 10 and worries about her winning.

The girl cannot describe her happiness when she is shortlisted, but Ayesha starts plotting against her. The actress unleashes her fury on Karan for helping Laxmi, but Manav mistakes it to be a genuine concern for Laxmi.

24th February 2022, Thursday: Episodes 51 and 52

Laxmi and Ayesha argue regarding the competition while Samar resolves to propose to the former. Laxmi asks Saniya to stay at her house, and Samar later proposes to Saniya, thinking it is his fiancé. The superstar is worried about her future, and Nandini mocks her regarding the Dream Girl competition.

The superstar is angry when she spots Nandini close to Manav and plots to separate them. Samar and Laxmi share quality time while Ayesha wants Karan to know she cares for him. Later, the superstar grooms the contestants but is not concerned about Laxmi.

25th February 2022, Friday: Episodes 53 and 54

Ayesha advises Laxmi to take a particular tablet to sabotage her beauty, while Samar does all he can to regain Laxmi's love. Later, Nandini is unhappy to see Ayesha and Manav close while Karan briefs the contestants regarding the brand ambassador competition.

Laxmi suffers from a lip allergy, making it impossible for her to take part in the brand ambassador competition, and Ayesha teases her. Sania is chosen for the ad shoot while an infuriated Manav fires Karan from working on the contest for being negligent.

26th February 2022, Saturday: Episodes 55 and 56

Laxmi successfully makes Manav reconsider Karan, and he decides to re-appoint him to the dream girl project. Later, Ayesha tries to trick Karan regarding Laxmi, while the latter is heartbroken when Samar spends time with Sania.

Ayesha exposes Nandini's deception to Manav. Nandini fails to win back Manav while Karan plots to ensure that Laxmi does not continue participating in the competition. The girl is frightened when she is trapped in a room, while Ayesha is happy to know about the situation.

27th February 2022, Sunday: Episodes 57 and 58

Karan discovers that Ayesha deceived him regarding Laxmi, while Samar finds out that the latter is yet to arrive at the Navrang Studio. Samar manages to save her while Karan repents for his mistake. Later, Ayesha is shocked to see Laxmi at the studio.

Ayesha is angry with Karan, but he fights back as he promises to make Laxmi the new Dream Girl. Later, the girl finds out that her dad has been taken to the ICU, and Samar gives her the strength to perform. She ends up impressing Manav.

28th February 2022, Monday: Episodes 59 and 60

Manav confesses that he lied to Laxmi about her dad as a test, while Ayesha is insecure when the girl proceeds to the next level. Later, the girl prevents Ayesha from exposing the truth to Manav, while Karan asks her to change her perception regarding Laxmi.

Laxmi wins as she becomes the next Dream Girl and celebrates with Samara. Karan resolves to propose to Laxmi the following day while she is envious when Samar hangs out with Sania.

Dream Girl Teasers
Laxmi is thrilled to be crowned the new Dream Girl. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Dream Girl cast?

Dream Girl February episodes are full of riveting and addictive drama as Laxmi tries to fulfil her dream of becoming the next big actress. Here is a recap of the upcoming drama on the new StarLife series this February.


She is determined to become an established actress and goes to seek work at the Navrang Studio. She later finds out that her idol Ayesha is working against her, but it does not deter her from striving to become the next Dream Girl. She also finds out about Samar's true identity and confesses her love for him.


She starts feeling insecure when Laxmi starts working at the Navrang Studio. She also fears that Laxmi will become the next Dream Girl and conspires to have her eliminated from the competition. Her fears come true when Laxmi wins. Ayesha is also insecure when Nandini gets closer to Manav.


He manages to mislead Laxmi and her aunt about his identity, and they know him as a person who sells samosas. Laxmi even helps him sell the samosas, and he is impressed with her determination. She later finds out about him being Samar Sareen, and he plans to propose but makes a blunder.

Get ready to be inspired by Laxmi's determination in the upcoming episodes, as revealed by the Dream Girl teasers. What will be Ayesha's next plan now that her Dream Girl position has been replaced? The Indian series airs on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 8.00 p.m.

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