Die Put Teasers for February 2022: The battle for The Pit continues

Die Put Teasers for February 2022: The battle for The Pit continues

The war between Vartolu and the Kocovali family takes a fascinating twist in the upcoming episodes of Die Put on eExtra. Sena has a fallout with Sultan and later reveals she does not want to be part of Yamac's gangster life. Will their love survive? Keep reading the Die Put teasers to discover what happens in February episodes.

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Die Put Teasers
Die Put series airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 9.30 p.m. Photo: @arasbebee
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Die Put, originally called The Pit or Cukur, is a fascinating Turkish drama that revolves around a dangerous neighbourhood, Cukur, that is ruled by a noble mafia family called the Kocovalis. No drugs are allowed in the community, but everything changes when a notorious drug dealer, Vartolu, enters the town. The family is in danger of losing control of The Pit, and the youngest don't-care son, Yamac, must return home and take charge.

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Die Put teasers for February 2022

In the previous Die Put episodes, Yamac was forced to return home after his father was hospitalized and his elder brother Kahraman was shot dead. Idris Kocovali had turned down drug lord Vartolu's proposal, and Yamac was the only one fit to regain control of The Pit and save the family business. Does he have what it takes to uphold the Kocovali image? Go through the teasers for more on what happens in the Die Put February episodes.

Die Put Teasers
Yamac manages to sabotage Vartolu's plans this February. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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1st February 2022, Tuesday: Episode 22

Yamac does all he can to sabotage Vartolu's plans, but the latter has not given up on seeking revenge. Meanwhile, Hale is convinced that Alico is an interesting person while Hatice finally discovers the truth.

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2nd February 2022, Wednesday: Episode 23

Sena and Sultan cannot agree on anything, and Selim fuels tension between the men. Meanwhile, Vartolu is convinced that someone in his squad is leaking important information.

3rd February 2022, Thursday: Episode 24

Yamac has confidence that he can eliminate Vartolu. Can he outsmart him? Celasun has a cunning plan to invade the neighbourhood.

4th February 2022, Friday: Episode 25

Selim might have underestimated Serdar's capabilities, and now he is proving to be more dangerous. Karaca is ready to do anything to be loved, while Sultan is fed up with Sena's attitude.

Die Put Teasers
Sena and Sultan have a fallout because of Sena's attitude. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

7th February 2022, Monday: Episode 26

Serdar wages war against the Kovocalis. Elsewhere, Selim's plan is not unfolding as he had anticipated.

8th February 2022, Tuesday: Episode 27

In this Die Put episode, viewers get to learn about Yamac's life growing up. Serdar blackmails Selim and ends up getting more than what he had bargained for. Meanwhile, is Yamac going insane over what is happening?

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9th February 2022, Wednesday: Episode 28

After Selim's plan fails to work, he and Vartolu have no choice but to speak to the big boss. Yamac is preoccupied with his plan to get to Serdar.

10th February 2022, Thursday: Episode 29

Karaca seeks Celasun's help when he lands in trouble. Yamac's mission to ensure Sena and Idris are back is set in motion.

11th February 2022, Friday: Episode 30

Feyaz tries to play peacemaker between Serdar and The Kovocalis. Meanwhile, Yamac is ready to safeguard the honour of Sena while Vartolu cautions Saadet about an impending attack on their house.

Die Put Teasers
Sena refuses to be part of Yamac's gangster life. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

14th February 2022, Monday: Episode 31

The Kovocali household is in anguish after finding out that Karaca has been gunned down. Selim is fed up with Serdar's games. What is his game plan?

15th February 2022, Tuesday: Episode 32

Feyazz and Idris are set free from prison. Later, Feyazz is met by a terrible occurrence and feels the Kovocali family is responsible. Nedret and Sena discuss the future of the kids while Selim goes to see the Big Boss.

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16th February 2022, Wednesday: Episode 33

Meke resolves to go to Vartolu's hometown and hopes he will locate his former partner. Sena no longer wants to be part of Yamac's gangster lifestyle.

17th February 2022, Thursday: Episode 34

Yamac makes up his mind to take control of Sena. Elsewhere, Idris gets a strange letter while Selim's life is headed for destruction.

18th February 2022, Friday: Episode 35

Emmi and Pasha are concerned regarding the welfare of their society, while Selim shrewdly introduces Munir to Yamac. Elsewhere, Vartolu is confident that he has an advantage over the leader of The Pit.

Die Put Teasers
Selim's plans fail to work in the upcoming episodes. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

21st February 2022, Monday: Episode 36

Idris is doing all he can to locate his son, who disappeared without a trace, while Sena declares war. Meanwhile, Muhittin is on a revenge mission against Vartolu.

22nd February 2022, Tuesday: Episode 37

Yamac is not pleased when Nazim makes it known that he is working as Sena's attorney. Vartolu has no choice but cut off all connections with Saadet.

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23rd February 2022, Wednesday: Episode 38

Yamac tries to persuade Feyyaz that Alico will find a way to assist them while Sena lands in a tricky situation. Nedret wants Emmi to help him with something.

24th February 2022, Thursday: Episode 39

Sena gains the courage to defend herself. Meanwhile, Alico and Yamac are doing all they can to locate the person responsible for the death of Feyaz's son.

25th February 2022, Friday: Episode 40

Yamac has made significant progress in cracking Baykal's real identity. Meanwhile, Vartolu does not give Munir any choice as he forces him to transfer his organization into his name.

28th February 2022, Monday: Episode 41

Baykal is not pleased with Vartolu and Selim's actions while Sena decides to see her people in The Pit. Meanwhile, Yamac looks forward to having a difficult discussion with his father, Idris.

Die Put Teasers
Idris goes in search of his missing son in Die Put February episodes. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Die Put cast?

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Afrikaans-dubbed Die Put series is currently one of the hottest Turkish shows on eExtra. In the Die Put February episodes, Yamac continues to fight to regain the family honour, but the enemy seems to be getting stronger.


He does all he can to sabotage Vartolu's plans and has confidence that he can get rid of the drug lord. He later plans to get Sena and his father Idris back as he resolves to defend Sena's honour after she had a fallout with Sultan. However, Yamac's relationship with Sena seems to be falling apart as she refuses to be part of his gangster life. What will be his priority? To maintain control of The Pit or save his love life?


She and Sultan have differing opinions, and Sultan feels she has had enough of her. Later, Sena reveals she does not want to be associated with Yamac's gangster life, but Yamac resolves to take control of her. She decides to hire Nazim as her attorney, making Yamac furious.

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He is not ready to give up even after Yamac ruins his plans, and he suspects there is a snitch in his camp. He has to speak to the Big Boss when Selim's plan backfires and later has confidence that he has an advantage against the leader of The Pit.

Die Put Turkish telenovela has to be on your must-watch list this February. From the Die Put teasers, the upcoming drama has a fascinating turn of events as the battle to gain control of The Pit continues. The series airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 9.30 p.m.

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