Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022: Rocky escapes jail twice

Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022: Rocky escapes jail twice

Happy's confession during Chintu's burial ceremony makes Rocky shoot her mother on the spot. Later, Sania frames him with adduction and molestation, but the man flees from the police custody before the court makes a ruling. What about his second attempt? Find out from these Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022.

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Happy Hearts teasers
Actress Jasmin Bhasin plays the role of Happy in the Happy Hearts' series. Photo: @Jasmin Bhasin
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In the upcoming episodes of StarLife's Happy Hearts Indian series, the police recapture Rocky and imprison him. Three years later, he escapes with a plan to harm everyone who doubted his innocence.

Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022

Happy and Rocky become enemies when she criticizes his arrogance. As a result, Rocky kidnaps the lady to teach her a lesson. Surprisingly, Chintu loves Happy and believes that his brother is innocent when she accuses him of abduction. Happy Hearts' February episodes explain how Chintu's death divides and unites these two.

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Tuesday, 1st February 2022

Episode 5

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Chintu comforts Happy when memories sadden her. Later, Happy defends her mum, Sandhya, from Biji's humiliation.

Episode 6

Pratap forbids Happy from attending the engagement ceremony, but she defies his orders.

Wednesday, 2nd February 2022

Episode 7

Pratap lets Happy attend the wedding, while Rocky seeks vengeance on the girl for condemning his behaviour.

Episode 8

After Chintu mistakenly takes a spiked drink meant for Happy, his family blames the girl for it.

Happy Hearts teasers
Happy visits the detained Rocky. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Thursday, 3rd February 2022

Episode 9

Chintu leaves the venue after Happy scolds him and also rejects her apology.

Episode 10

Chintu and Happy have similar marriage opinions. Later, Biji reports Happy's daily schedule to Pratap.

Friday, 4th February 2022

Episode 11

Happy appreciates her sister, Smiley, for attending the wedding venue. However, things go south later when Aliya sets conditions for Rocky.

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Episode 12

Pratap wants to marry off Happy, and Kulwant throws Rocky out of the house.

Saturday, 5th February 2022

Episode 13

Kulwant takes a marriage proposal to Pratap on behalf of his second son, Chintu.

Episode 14

Pratap and Kulwant set the wedding date, unaware that Happy cancelled the engagement because of Rocky.

Sunday, 6th February 2022

Episode 15

While Sandhya is collecting money for her daughter's wedding, Rocky plans to stop it, and Happy is looking for a job.

Episode 16

Happy takes a bold decision after discovering Rocky's plans, and Chintu receives terrific news.

Happy Hearts teasers
The police let her enter Rocky's cell. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Monday, 7th February 2022

Episode 17

People blame Kulwant when Rocky kidnaps and tortures Happy.

Episode 18

Chintu is shocked when Happy concludes that Rocky and Biji want to harm her.

Tuesday, 8th February 2022

Episode 19

Biji and Rocky pretend to be innocent of Happy's accusations. Later, Pratap protects Happy and her mum from Bhatia's intentions.

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Episode 20

Kulwant learns that Chintu saved Happy from Rocky's men and wants to marry her.

Wednesday, 9th February 2022

Episode 21

Chintu assures Sandhya that he will make her daughter happy.

Episode 22

Chintu's family blames Happy when a faulty lift hurts him.

Thursday, 10th February 2022

Episode 23

Everyone mourns Chintu's sudden death.

Episode 24

Happy's confession makes Rocky shoot Sandhya at Chintu's funeral, and Kulwant blames himself for letting these misfortunes happen.

Happy Hearts teasers
Happy shows him the video evidence Sania has against him. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Friday, 11th February 2022

Episode 25

Happy calls the cops on Rocky, and Biji later begs her and Bhatia to drop the charges.

Episode 26

The Khoslas discover that Chintu had a loan. Elsewhere, Happy saves Kulwant from an accident.

Saturday, 12th February 2022

Episode 27

Happy withdraws her charges against Rocky after seeing something on Chintu's phone.

Episode 28

Rocky rescues his family from Bhatia's attack, and Happy finds a better marketing strategy for her product.

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Sunday, 13th February 2022

Episode 29

Rocky lures Kulwant into signing the property's documents, while Happy gets a job promotion.

Episode 30

Happy stops goons from burning down Rocky's house. Later, Bhatia exposes some secrets when Rocky slaps him.

Monday, 14th February 2022

Episode 31

Khushi spots Rocky fuming with anger as guards escort him out of the bank.

Happy Hearts teasers
Rocky insist on being innocent. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 32

Rocky urgently needs money for Kulwant's treatment. Elsewhere, Happy cancels her trip to Chandigarh.

Tuesday, 15th February 2022

Episode 33

Everyone but Kulwant rejects Happy's idea to start a hotel in Chintu's memory.

Episode 34

Happy helps Rocky find an investor for his business.

Wednesday, 16th February 2022

Episode 35

Aman hires Rocky and Happy to plan his daughter's birthday party.

Episode 36

When Anaya informs Happy that she hates the party's theme, Rocky tries to impress her on a short notice.

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Thursday, 17th February 2022

Episode 37

Sania makes it hard for Rocky and Happy to find workers for their project, but Happy's plan-B brings a breakthrough.

Episode 38

Rocky defends Smiley from Ranvir's pervert behaviour. Later, Happy and Rocky accomplish Chintu's dream.

Friday, 18th February 2022

Episode 39

Sania's allies poison Rocky's food while Happy prepares their luxury hotel's launch.

Happy Hearts teasers
Happy takes a stand regarding the case. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 40

Anaya innocently gives Grover a piece of the poisoned cake.

Saturday, 19th February 2022

Episode 41

Sania gets angry when her plan to kill Rocky backfires.

Episode 42

Happy saves the day when Rocky forgets to book the train tickets, and he confesses his love for her afterwards.

Sunday, 20th February 2022

Episode 43

Happy and Rocky jump off the train to escape Sania's men, but the assassins still chase them throughout the lonely forest.

Episode 44

Happy worries more about Rocky than her gunshot wound when a rescue truck leaves him behind. Meanwhile, Sania and her dad are disappointed in the men they hired.

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Monday, 21st February 2022

Episode 45

Kulwant applauds Rocky and Happy for being brave. Meanwhile, Ranvir lays a trap for Smiley.

Episode 46

Sania sneaks into the Kulwants' Holi party. Later, Happy becomes uncontrollable after taking drugs.

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022

Episode 47

Sania breaks into Khosla's house and holds her at gunpoint.

Episode 48

Anaya receives sad news while Rocky looks for Smiley. Unfortunately, the cops arrest him over abduction and molestation charges.

Happy Hearts teasers
Happy walks out on Rocky. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Wednesday, 23rd February 2022

Episode 49

Sania visits Rocky in jail, claiming she has evidence against him. Later, RV defames Rocky during Smiley's case's court hearing.

Episode 50

Sania's words mislead the court, and the sad Rocky asks Bappi to help him meet Happy.

Thursday, 24th February 2022

Episode 51

RV scolds Ranvir for his mistakes, and Rocky discovers Kulwant's secret after breaking out of jail.

Episode 52

Grover's testimony against Rocky and Happy's remarks influence the court's ruling.

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Friday, 25th February 2022

Episode 53

Three years later, Rocky flees from prison to destroy everyone.

Episode 54

A disguised Rocky rescues Happy from an accident and notices she is close to RV. Later, Madhu senses Rocky's presence at the hospital.

Saturday, 26th February 2022

Episode 55

Rocky is surprised to see RV meeting Sania and Bhatia in secret.

Episode 56

Sania stalks Rocky during Bhatia's party, and Rocky later destroys Bhatia's buildings using dynamite.

Happy Hearts teasers
Rocky realizes that everyone has abandoned him. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Sunday, 27th February 2022

Episode 57

Rocky leaves a trace while escaping the Bhatia house. Meanwhile, RV takes Happy to the orphanage that raised him.

Episode 58

The truth makes Happy feel betrayed, and RV does not suspect Rocky when he shows remorse for the demolished hotel.


Rocky tries to stop her wedding with Chintu. Later, Happy drops charges against Rocky after going through her later fiancé's phone, and they agree to establish a hotel to honour Chintu. Later, Sania accuses Rocky of kidnapping and molesting Happy's sister, Smiley.

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He falls in love with Happy after his brother's death. After three years of imprisonment, Rocky finds Happy and RV (Sania's lawyer) on good terms. He disguises himself and starts his revenge by blowing up RV's building.

Tune in to StarLife daily at 21h00 to watch all the episodes unveiled in the Happy Hearts teasers for February 2022.

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