Surrender in Love Teasers for February 2022: Aalekh mistakes Chahat for Naveli

Surrender in Love Teasers for February 2022: Aalekh mistakes Chahat for Naveli

The Surrender in Love Hindi romantic and suspense drama series teaches many familial and friendship lessons. For instance, Neel and Chahat are married for different reasons; the former is searching for vendetta while the latter is hellbent on proving her father's innocence. The Surrender in Love teasers for February 2022 show the attempt to reconcile assumed grievances.

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Surrender in Love Teasers
Surrender in Love Indian series. Photo: @openviewforever
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Surrender in Love story discusses Chahat's continuous encounter with obstacles in her search for justice. So, what will come out of Neel's successful attempt at faking his death? Besides, is Aalekh an ally of Vyasji, or he is just after personal goals? Check the events of the series' upcoming episodes below.

Surrender in Love teasers for February 2022

Before the official broadcast of the Surrender in Love series. episodes, the highlights below share some of the fascinating scenes to watch out for.

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Tuesday, 1st of February, 2022 - Episode 46

Gazala deceives Naveli, who bullies Aalekh into running away with him. Meanwhile, Chahat eavesdrops on a conversation between Naveli and someone and becomes aware of information regarding Saraswati's death.

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Wednesday, 2nd of February, 2022 - Episode 47

Neel gives Vyasaji a bear hug after the latter buys him a present, while Chahat steps out of the home disguised in Naveli's home. Elsewhere, Aalekh attempts to kill Chahat, thinking that it was Naveli. Finally, Neel rescues Chahat, but they are surprised to find Aalekh.

Thursday, 3rd of February, 2022 - Episode 48

Chahat and Neel go back to their house after getting bail from the police station. However, Chahat is blamed for Naveli's misalliance even though the former insists that she knows nothing about it.

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Friday, 4th of February, 2022 - Episode 49

Neel brings Chahat up to speed with his schemes. Elsewhere, Chahat is suspicious of Sunita, and she pays Neel a visit at the clinic. Chahat comes in contact with Gazala while Neel falls out of the scooter.

Monday, 7th of February, 2022 - Episode 50

Chahat accepts responsibility for the break-up in Naveli's association, but Neel doubts that it is true. Nevertheless, Godamvari comes up with a plan to see Aelekh and Naveli become husband and wife.

Tuesday, 8th of February, 2022 - Episode 51

Vysaji discusses with Aalekh the proposed marriage to Naveli while asking the latter to do some investigations about the parents of Chahat. Then, Neel thinks up an elaborate plan to have Dr Baig while Chahat comes up with a plan to contact Dr Baig.

Wednesday, 9th of February, 2022 - Episode 52

Chahat disguises at the guest house, but this does not fool Neel. Meanwhile, Aalekh wants to know more about Chahat's parents and inquires from Bhupender. Gazala runs away with Dr Baig, and bullies Chahat over a phone conversation.

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Surrender in Love Teasers
Chahat disguises at the guest house, but this does not fool Neel. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Thursday, 10th of February, 2022 - Episode 53

Neel provides Chahat with a dress for the Navratri occasion, but it is switched to Naveli's dress. Then, Chahat is oblivious to what is happening but is excited at how the dress fits her, while Neel is mad with rage.

Friday, 11th of February, 2022 - Episode 54

Neel interrogates Naveli about her attire while Aalekh provides Neel with a gift, just as Godamvari reprimands Naveli. Gazala pretends to be Naveli over a phone conversation with Godamvari to obtain vital information.

Monday, 14th of February, 2022 - Episode 55

Everybody becomes unconscious after breathing in the dangerous gas. Ramavataar puts Chahat's identity card in Vyasji's palm and runs away afterwards, while Chahat successfully rescues everybody with the assistance of Bhupender.

Tuesday, 15th of February, 2022 - Episode 56

Chahat regains consciousness, only for Neel to make fun of her real name. However, Vysaji demands that Aalekh investigates the half-burnt identity card, while Aalekh discovers Meera is the name of Neel's girlfriend.

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Wednesday, 16th of February, 2022 - Episode 57

Chahat participates in the Karva Chauth fasting while Gazala and Dr Baig arrive at an ashram with Neel in attendance. Meanwhile, Vyasji reprimands Godamvari and Naveli, while Aalekh thinks about an elaborate plan to see him sell off one of the idols in the temple.

Thursday, 17th of February, 2022 - Episode 58

Chahat feels that something is not right; Vyasji is in a terrible state after being told that Neel is dead. Chahat exhibits the same emotion on hearing the news, but Godamvari thinks the latter is responsible for Neel's untimely death.

Friday, 18th of February, 2022 - Episode 59

Aalekh opens up about his love and wishes to marry Chahat, leaving Vyasji furious. Naveli laces Chahat's juice with some on account of Aalekh's instructions, while Aalekh commences the marital ritual to formalise his union with Chahat, who is still unconscious.

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Monday, 21st of February, 2022 - Episode 60

Aalekh agrees that Neel disguises while Vyasji comes to Aalekh with a video that proves that Neel is not dead. However, Chahat is convinced that Neel is the person before her. Neel wants Chahat to have nothing to do with him again for restitution's sake.

Surrender in Love Teasers
Neel wants Chahat to have nothing to do with him again for restitution's sake. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Tuesday, 22nd of February, 2022 - Episode 61

Vyasji commences the compassionate ritual while Neel rescues Chahat from danger. Meanwhile, some women joke about Neel, but Chahat comes to his rescue with her fitting response. Then, it is no longer news that the gold chains that Vyasji gave out are fake.

Wednesday, 23rd of February, 2022 - Episode 62

Chahat finally puts Neel's mind to rest, and they come up with a plan to discover the miscreant. But, unfortunately, Aalekh's role in the plot is uncovered, which gets him a slap from Vyasji. Then, Vyasji informs Chahat about the Prayag Pushp, while Chahat finds a way to summon the Prayag Pushp to help make Neel well again.

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Thursday, 24th of February, 2022 - Episode 63

The Prayag Pushp helps Neel's wound to be healed while Gazala plans to exterminate Chahat. Unfortunately, Gazala is not aware that he is talking to Neel and contracts the job of executing Chahat to him. Neel keeps his identity a secret to get to the bottom of the matter.

Friday, 25th of February, 2022 - Episode 64

Neel comes to Bhupender's bakery with Dr Baig, and Chahat discovers that Aalekh lied about purchasing the old factory. Moreover, Chahat finds an idol that looks like the one in the temple of the factory.

Monday, 28th of February, 2022 - Episode 65

Aalekh and Vyasji enter the lodge while Pradeep confesses to Neel that Bhupender was the one who asked that he fakes the statue. Men of the police force ransack Bhupender's bakery while Neel realises that Dr Baig saved his life.

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Vyasji is a lot of things, and his personality can be confusing depending on whether he regards you as an ally or a foe. For example, he supports marriage between two people but becomes furious when one of them goes back on that plan. Also, he is involved in a fire accident that almost took his life but chooses to put the wrong person in charge of investigating a piece of evidence that can clear the air on the matter.


Chahat is easily misunderstood, and she does not make it any easier for the other characters in the movie as she is always trying to disguise herself. Chahat gets blamed when almost anything goes wrong, as is evident in the accusation she faces at the death of Neel. Will she be vindicated, or are the allegations going to stick?

The Surrender in Love teasers for February 2022 are a breath of fresh air if you are already curious about what the new episodes have to offer in terms of unravelling suspense. Without mincing words, the Surrender in Love Indian drama is the ideal on-screen entertainment source if that is what you are looking for.

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