Ou Toppies teasers (season 1) for February 2022: Premiere episodes here!

Ou Toppies teasers (season 1) for February 2022: Premiere episodes here!

The Ou Toppies Afrikaans sitcom talks about the happenings in a retirement home. Older adults are still humans nevertheless, and since they must now live together in a retirement home, there is bound to be conflict. The Ou Toppies teasers help you settle into the introductory episodes that unveil the characters' personalities.

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Ou Toppies Teasers
Ou Toppies sitcom cast members. Photo: @SABC_2
Source: Twitter

The Ou Toppies teasers for season 1 are filled with sneak peeks that help to keep the viewers curious about upcoming episodes. For instance, you may find yourself asking, "What is Boetus' true story, and why must he hide from everyone in his past?" The series also comes with a dose of comedy as you are introduced to George and his mysterious snores.

The Ou Toppies Teasers for season 1

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SABC's attempt to give every entertainment lover quality content for their time is why this exceptional drama series is introduced. The educating and entertaining scenes in the show also make it one of a kind series you cannot afford to miss. Check out the series' highlights below before the official broadcast every Tuesday.

Tuesday, 8th of February, 2022 - Episode 1

The little container for Sus' Ashes is lost on the day her memorial service is to be held. Meanwhile, the entire Ou Toppies wish to stay in the room that belonged to Sus, and they decide to settle this hassle by giving the room to whoever can come up with Sus' ashes.

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Boetus, who happens to be Sus' financially-handicapped son, comes for his mother's memorial. He pretends to be injured and ends up in his mother's room. However, he is not planning to leave the room because he is homeless.

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Tuesday, 15th of February, 2022 - Episode 2

George becomes unconscious during the general check-up when he witnesses another person's blood. But then, Gloria believes that George has a low blood sugar level, and she makes sure the whole family is on a high fibre-low sugar diet.

The Ou Toppies household is bored of eating Vikesh's vegan delicacies, and they attempt to get into the pantry where all the good stuff is, though they must steal the key that leads there.

The entire group decides to hire a trainer to take them on a personal fitness journey once every week. But, of course, the Ou Toppies want nothing to do with this arrangement until they meet the pretty Missy Stander and all of a sudden, they become fans of fitness.

Tuesday, 22nd of February, 2022 - Episode 3

The Ou Toppies household wants nothing more than the repetitive routine, and when Gloria goes on a date with a handsome young man, the whole family decide it is time to arrange a fast dating stretch. But unfortunately, the problem becomes challenging if they have to get young girls within short notice.

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Ou Toppies Teasers
The Ou Toppies take advantage of losing the watch. Photo: @zarsg
Source: Twitter

Tuesday, 1st of March, 2022 - Episode 4

George and Jabu get into a big argument, and when neither of them is ready to be the bigger person, they decide to settle it by going physical in a boxing match. As a result, Jabu hires a famous trainer while George makes do with Alvin.

Tuesday, 8th of March, 2022 - Episode 5

Boetus overhears George pronouncing how precious Sus's old watch is, and he now believes it to be his escape plan out of the residence. The Ou Toppies take advantage of losing the watch, but Bowtus vows to remain in Wag-‘n-Bietjie until he recovers it.

Tuesday, 15th of March, 2022 - Episode 6

Dr Gloria makes sure everyone has an earful about how nice the deceased hair is, and the entire residents at the Ou Toppies wish they had longer hairs. In fact, they try to impress Gloria in all manner of ways.

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Boetus unveils a part of his past, and the Ou Toppies realise that he has some dark secrets when he becomes hysterical because they want to share his picture on the internet.

The partners inspire Gloria to give a speech about how feasible Wag-‘n-Bietjie will be in terms of investment.

Tuesday, 22nd of March, 2022 - Episode 7

The Ou Toppies sustain injuries while fixing a bulb, making Gloria consider calling off their fitness sessions to prevent more disaster. Nevertheless, the Ou Toppies find a way to make her see why they need to continue working out their fitness.

Jabu makes some cool cash from his side hustle of selling energy drinks and muscle builders. Meanwhile, the Ou Toppies casually complain about their maltreatment to the business partners.

Tuesday, 29th of March, 2022 - Episode 8

The Karaoke night at the Wagan-'n-Bietjie becomes more of a chaotic event than the fun it should offer. Nhlanhla must talk about the frenzy of the Karaoke night because she wants to pretend to know what's going on.

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Elsewhere, Vikesh bursts Nhlanhla's bubble by telling her to her face that she is a terrible singer, and the latter cajoles Boetus into performing a duet with her. Boetus is constantly freaking out about his pictures being taken, and George makes it a point of duty to investigate why.

Tuesday, 5th of April, 2022 - Episode 9

Everybody in the house is exhausted because a mysterious sound will not let them sleep at night. Finally, their investigation's result leads them to conclude that the house is haunted, but they do not know that the sound they are scared of emanates from George snores.

Gloria is stressed about the partnerships' plan to bring down the house, and she begins to sleepwalk around the house. Unfortunately, this leads her to be mistaken for a spirit.

Alvin shares a picture of George snoring all over the internet while Boetus' confession that he cannot afford to announce his whereabouts at the Wag-'n-Bietjie to the world shocks and increases the Ou Toppies' suspicion.

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Tuesday, 12th of April, 2022 - Episode 10

Alvin and Jabu start an argument about the best between soccer and rugby as they watch a rugby game on the television.

The conglomerate asks a Rugby team to come to make Wag-'n-Bietjie lively on Madiba day, but only an unpopular player arrives and starts painting on a wall.

Ou Toppies Teasers
Ou Toppies cast members. Photo: @officialtvsa
Source: Twitter

Tuesday, 19th of April, 2022 - Episode 11

George is almost a victim of fraudsters after he sets up mobile banking to collect a fraudulent retirement payout. Elsewhere, the Ou Toppies use the power of social media to raise funds for a party, and it becomes trendy.

The Ou Toppies are enthralled because the IT dude looks so much like Jabu, making them wonder if they could be family even though Jabu is oblivious of the similarities.

Tuesday, 26th of April, 2022 - Episode 12

Fanus' presence at the hotel triggers Boetus's memories and the latter hides. Nevertheless, Alvin attempts to check if the IT dude is Jabu's male child through DNA.

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The new tenant, Fanus, and Gloria hit on each other, and the Ou Toppies are unhappy about this.

Tuesday, 3rd of May, 2022 - Episode 13

The Ou Toppies plan to spoil Gloria on her birthday by throwing a surprise party. However, they become conflicted about how to go about organising it.

Gloria asks Fanus to be her guest at the party, and Boetus hides in a funny-looking dress. Eventually, Jabu confirms whether Siyabonga is his child or not, and he is in the least surprised by the report.


This powerful matriarch is in charge of her home and business. She has a handful of people to cater for at home, and she does her best to satisfy them. Unfortunately, the same thing goes for her business side as she must suck up to the partners when they suggest that they may be demolishing her house. Eventually, she finds love in a new tenant, although whether it is genuine or not is entirely different.

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Boetus is a man of many troubles. The activities of his past life majorly haunt him, and he does not feel safe amongst his family because he fears that someone may recognise him from his past. He hates taking pictures for this reason, and when someone who knows him finally arrives at the residence, he must improvise.

The Ou Toppies teasers briefly explain some older people's troubles in a retirement home. While some are having fun and finding love, a few others are stuck in their past, even though they try to avoid it. Get the full story as you watch the show on SABC3 on Tuesdays at 19h30.

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