Nurses Teasers for April 2022: Will Camilo's treatment work

Nurses Teasers for April 2022: Will Camilo's treatment work

Nurses teasers for April 2022 are officially here. This is the best soapie to add to your watchlist if you love medical drama shows. Apart from highlighting the pressure in the medical field, it depicts the drama that medics have. The show also highlights their relationship with patients. Check out these highlights for details of what to brace yourself for in the oncoming Nurses episodes.

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Nurses April 2022 teasers
Nurses Teasers for April 2022. Photo: @DSTv
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Nurses on Telemundo is a Colombian medical drama series. Nurses storyline focuses on the life of a group of nurses, their ups and downs, and how they balance work and romantic relationships. Its plot focuses on Maria Clara, the head of nurses in a busy medical facility. Her marriage to Roman crumbles down, leaving her with so much resentment as she raises her two children. Nurses teasers for April 2022 highlight her highs and lows.

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Nurses teasers for April 2022

Maria Clara is determined to patch things up, hoping to salvage her marriage, although some Nurses cast members will not let her do so. Her situation worsens when Paula shows up claiming Roman fathered her son. The words thwart Maria Clara's hopes. Check out these hints to find out her next resolve.

Friday, 1st of April 2022

When Fabio discovers that Fernanda was diagnosed with cancer, he persuades her to start her treatment as soon as possible. However, the treatment plan might have to factor in her 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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Saturday, 2nd of April 2022

Fernanda faces a difficult decision, and Juan Davis rushes to the hospital. Elsewhere, Sol seeks refuge in Maria Clara's house after a heated fight with her husband.

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Sunday, 3rd of April 2022

Maria Clara's attempts at getting closer to Carlos are an exercise in futility. Juan Davis stumbles upon a disturbing video of his son harming himself.

Monday, 4th of April 2022

Román meets his children to mark his birthday, and Maria Clara and Carlos discuss a patient with an alleged auto-brewery syndrome.

Tuesday, 5th of April 2022

Román receives more bad news. After Chencho's crisis, Carlos persuades Castro to open a room exclusively for him.

Wednesday, 6th of April 2022

Paula opens up to Maria Clara about her situation. Elsewhere, Carlos tells Narciso devastating news about his wife's deteriorating health.

Thursday, 7th of April 2022

Maria Clara accompanies Camilo to the hospital for more laboratory tests. Carlos decides to be more intentional with his relationship with his father.

Friday, 8th of April 2022

Hector toys with the idea of becoming a paramedic. Elsewhere, Maria gets emotional after going through Camilo's test results. Sol and Alvaro support her as she musters the courage to face Camilo and break the devastating news.

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Nurses cast
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Saturday, 9th of April 2022

Valeriano offers Maria Clara some money to stay away from Carlos, and Camilo worries about how much time he has left to live. Carlos reassures him everything will be alright, but his nightmares heighten.

Sunday, 10th of April 2022

Hector assures Camilo that he will bring Rambo, his hamster, to the hospital to cheer him up. Later, Paula, Esteban and Valentina investigate Román's whereabouts.

Monday, 11th of April 2022

A video of Viviana falling over goes viral on social media, and she takes advantage of the situation. An investigation is officially launched to ascertain Dr Perez's conduct.

Tuesday, 12th of April 2022

Borromeo brings Nayibe to the hospital with a bullet wound. Carlos' attempts to get close to Maria Clara's children do not bear fruits.

Wednesday, 13th of April 2022

Camilo has a seizure, and the deteriorating situation overwhelms Maria Clara. Carlos makes it to Bogota safe and sound.

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Thursday, 14th of April 2022

Hector accidentally loses Rambo, his hamster. Dr Palacino attends to Camilo despite his unstable health status after hearing of his deteriorating condition.

Friday, 15th of April 2022

Camilo refuses to start chemotherapy until he finds Carlos' stone. Dr Palacino finally musters the courage to open up to Iñaki about her troubled life.

Saturday, 16th of April 2022

Camilo's family stays by him and persuades him to cut his hair before it starts falling off due to his treatment plan. Meanwhile, Carlos finds Simon hiding with his hamster.

Sunday, 17th of April 2022

Maria Clara makes the difficult decision of ending her relationship with Carlos. Valentina brings Camilo his homework at the hospital, but he is too lethargic and weak to do it.

Nurses episodes
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Monday, 18th of April 2022

Valeriano is impressed to see Carlos working on his relationship with Simon, and Gloria opens up to Valeriano about her strange dreams.

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Tuesday, 19th of April 2022

An accident occurs at McKenzie’s graduation celebration. Evelyn reveals she has been experiencing episodes of amnesia.

Wednesday, 20th of April 2022

Carlos and Valeriano's conversation inspires him to relocate to Medellin with Simon. Elsewhere, Evelyn offers Maria Clara a deal.

Thursday, 21st of April 2022

Felipe asks Castro to help him. Camilo's conversation with an actress who beat cancer persuades him to give in to the treatment plan.

Friday, 22nd of April 2022

Alvaro fails to find a surgeon to treat ‘El Mono’ and is forced to treat him himself. María Clara receives a worrying notice from Valentina’s school.

Saturday, 23rd of April 2022

Maria Clara accompanies Valentina on her visit to Roman, and Alvaro calls the police on Ferney. Things worsen for El Mono; hence, he is transferred to the ICU.

Sunday, 24th of April 2022

Carlos attends to an urgent situation at the health facility. Gloria feels burdened and overwhelmed by her mother's illness.

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Monday, 25th of April 2022

Maria Clara is impressed by Camilo's test results; she is excited that the treatment plan is working. Later, Carlos gets mugged!

Nurses storyline
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Tuesday, 26th of April 2022

Carlos invites Helena to meet him over coffee. Rúgeles' worries heighten even as he prepares to go for his kidney transplant. He changes his mind last minute.

Wednesday, 27th of April 2022

Maria Clara looks into the death of the two babies in the premature ward. Elsewhere, Valeriano and Carlos' argument escalates so fast that he has a heart attack.

Thursday, 28th of April 2022

Castro attempts to cover up his mistakes. El Mono's situation deteriorates; hence, Dr McKenzie operates on him.

Friday, 29th of April 2022

Maria Clara is bummed to learn that Benard McKenzie invited the new ethics committee to investigate Castro's medical negligence. She offers to help him gather evidence.

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Saturday, 30th of April 2022

Hilda, Gloria's mother, is rushed to the hospital after a drug overdose. Felipe orders her admission to the mental health unit.


He goes to the hospital for tests, and the devastating results reveal he has cancer. The doctor recommends he gets on a treatment plan as soon as possible. However, Camilo is stressed by how quick his life has taken a different turn.

A conversation with a cancer survivor prompts him to change his mind. He agrees to start his treatment. Days later, test results reveal he is getting better. It excites Maria Clara so much.

Maria Clara

After her failed marriage, she strikes a friendship with Carlos. However, Carlos seems too consumed with his job and will not give her the attention she wants. At the same time, Valeriano wants her to stay away from Carlos.

Her hopes of getting into a relationship with Carlos dwindle when her children refuse to acknowledge Carlos. She decides to quit her relationship with Carlos and focus on work. Is there hope for their relationship?

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Nurses teasers for April 2022 highlight how captivating the show is. If you wish to check it out, tune in to Telemundo every day at 21h00.

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