Dream Girl Teasers for April 2022: Manav decides to divorce Ayesha

Dream Girl Teasers for April 2022: Manav decides to divorce Ayesha

Ayesha tricks Abhimanyu into trusting her so that he testifies against Laxmi in court. After her court victory, Manav overhears the two talking and finds out about Ayesha's betrayal, including what she did to Laxmi, Karan, and Samar. He decides to divorce her despite her efforts to placate him. But is she going to let Manav go that easily? Go through the Dream Girl teasers to find out how the drama unfolds.

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Dream Girl Teasers
Dream Girl Indian series airs on StarLIfe from Mondays to Sundays at 8.00 p.m. Photo: @Heykollywood
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Samar's worsening drug addiction worries Laxmi, who is disguised as Naina. She decides to expose her identity to him, and the two are happy to reunite. Meanwhile, Karan cautions Laxmi about Ayesha's plan against her while Manav is angry when Ayesha demands 50% of the shares of Navrang Studio.

Dream Girl teasers for April 2022

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Laxmi's dream of becoming the greatest actress ends up being a nightmare because of Ayesha's insecurities and plan to ensure Laxmi does not grow. Where does their fight reach in the upcoming Dream Girl April episodes? Discover more from these teasers.

1st April 2022, Friday: Episodes 122 and 123

Abhimanyu gives Karan, Kartik, Geeta, and Mathur a warm welcome to his home. Laxmi, disguised as Naina, joins Kartik and Abhimanyu to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan ceremony. Meanwhile, Ayesha (Manav's wife) goes to Abhimanyu's home disguised as a pizza lady to spy on him and a disguised Laxmi. However, Ayesha's plan fails when Abhimanyu recognizes her.

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Karan expresses his feelings for Ayesha, but she decides to end things between them after finding out he is on Naina's side. He later warns a disguised Laxmi to be cautious of Manav's wife. Later, actress Ayesha does all she can to expose Naina during her visit to the Navrang Studio, but a disguised Laxmi outsmarts her.

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2nd April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 124 and 125

Manav is busy with the promotion of Ayesha's movie. Later, actress Ayesha is frightened after getting rats in her cabin, and she blames Naina for doing it to torment her. Manav manages to cool things down while Samar is left speechless after finding out that Samar is abuses drugs.

Manav and his wife are also surprised to find out that Samar has turned to drugs to deal with his depression. Manav has empathy for Samar and later asks him to help a disguised Laxmi with script creation upon Ayesha's insistence. Naina is not ready to collaborate with Samar, but Karan convinces her to give it a try.

3rd April 2022, Sunday: Episodes 126 and 127

Manav's wife appoints Samar to work as Naina's assistant so that she can trap her and constantly trouble them when they are working. Samar is not happy when a disguised Laxmi deals with him strictly. Later, actress Ayesha misguides Samar regarding Naina and Atul.

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Manav's wife tricks Samar and makes him release his anger on Atul. An upset Manav then asks Samar to stay away from a disguised Naina. Later, the actress does her best to ensure people know Naina's real identity and goes to the extent of misleading Samar again. Manav tries to quell Atul's anger and then works with him to promote Ayesha's movie.

4th April 2022, Monday: Episodes 128 and 129

Ayesha's performance during the movie shoot pleases Atul and Manav. Later, Manav's wife makes attempts to expose Naina's secret to Samar, but her efforts fail. Abhimanyu and Karan caution a disguised Laxmi to tread carefully because Manav's wife has evil plans against her. Later, Manav's wife and Karan challenge each other, and the former starts stalking Laxmi.

Manav's wife gives several shots to be included in Atul's movie while Samar goes to the studio. During the shoot, the actress meets an unfortunate accident while Samar's condition worsens after he takes a drug overdose. A disguised Laxmi is concerned about Samar's deteriorating health while Karan attempts to make the former see Ayesha's wicked plot.

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Dream Girl Teasers
Laxmi is worried when Samar's drug addiction worsens. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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5th April 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 130 and 131

Laxmi, who is disguised as Naina, is sad when she sees Samar suffer because of his drug addiction, and she makes up her mind to expose her secret to him. However, her decision does not impress Abhimanyu and Karan. Later, Ayesha's plot to mislead Samar and Naina works and the latter makes her real identity known to Samar.

Manav's wife is excited when she manages to fool Samar and Naina. Samar's glow returns when he finally reunites with his beloved Laxmi. Later, Karan, Naina, and Abhimanyu try to make Samar see the evil plan Ayesha has against them.

6th April 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 132 and 133

Samar promises Laxmithat he will expose Manav's wife and is only pretending to be on her side. Ayesha starts suspecting Samar's intentions, and she wants to break free from Laxmi's issue. Several journalists go after Manav and his actress wife to the court, and later during the prosecution, the attorney does his best to prove Ayesha's case against Laxmi.

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Manav's wife is pronounced innocent after Abhimanyu delivers his testimony. Karan is not happy with the latter's decision to bring Naina's secret to light, and he tries to make him see Ayesha's conspiracy. A disguised Laxmi decides to expose her true identity but her efforts to make people see Ayesha's fault fail to work.

7th April 2022, Thursday: Episodes 134 and 135

Manav's wife is thankful to the journalists when they congratulate her following her court win. She was able to win Abhimanya's confidence which enabled her to emerge victoriously. Later, Abhimanyu wants to link up with Ayesha, but she is celebrating with Manav.

Manav's wife does not want to link up with Abhimanyu, and Samar is left speechless when he finds out the truth regarding the two. Later, Manav secretly listens to the conversation between Abhimanyu and his wife. He then asks the latter to come clean, or she will not stay in the house.

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8th April 2022, Friday: Episodes 136 and 137

Manav's wife tries to make her husband see her innocence, but he reminds her of the evil things she has done against Abhimanyu, Samar, Karan and Laxmi. He then makes up his mind to end their relationship, and Samar attempts to comfort a dejected Manav.

Samar empathizes with Manav, who hates Ayesha for betraying him. Her efforts to rekindle their relationship fails. The Sareens turn their back on a sad Ayesha, and she is later happy when her movie Shakti the Woman becomes a hit.

9th April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 138 and 139

Manav's wife has not given up on trying to soften her husband, but he despises betrayal. Later, Manav gives Ayesha the divorce papers for her to sign. She then hosts a ceremony and sends invitations to Karan, Samar, Laxmi, and Manav but later embarrasses them.

Ayesha makes Manav realize that she is the one who promoted the Navrang Studio, including all its movies, and she demands that he gives her 50% of the Studio's shares. Her remarks infuriate Manav and Prem tries to make him feel better. Later, Manav and Ayesha get a joint couple's award, and the former reluctantly goes for the interview.

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10th April 2022, Sunday: Episodes 140 and 141

Karan, Laxmi, and Samar comfort Manav and they make up their minds to fight Ayesha together. Meanwhile, someone from Simla contacts Ayesha to reveal to her about the death of her aunt. Manav vows to Prem that he will not let Ayesha win, and he is ending their marriage. Karan is then made the new creative director.

Atul and Ayesha have a discussion regarding his movie, and he helps her get ready for the shoot. However, she asks him to cancel the photoshoot as she pretends to be ill. Karan is surprised to hear that Ayesha went to Simla. On the other hand, Ayesha handles some confidential matters in Simla, and Manav starts suspecting her intentions.

Dream Girl Teasers
Laxmi loses the court case against Ayesha after the latter tricks Abhimanyu into testifying against Laxmi. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

11th April 2022, Monday: Episodes 142 and 143

Manav is doubtful of Ayesha and is keen to meet her. Escaping from a patrol in Shimla, Ayesha hides a box in the car. The police and the media commend her when she visits the police station to promote her movie.

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Ayesha hides a trunk in her room on her return from Simla, prompting Manav to be suspicious of her. Laxmi and Samar are worried for each other. Laxmi is likely to get a lead role because Manav likes Karan's film story idea.

12th April 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 144 and 145

Karan offers Laxmi a lead role in his film to showcase her uniqueness to the people. Ayesha spikes the drinks of Karan, Samar, and Laxmi and gets them drunk.

Samar opens the trunk, and Ayesha becomes apprehensive; she lets out a flat to hide the trunk. Then, Karan and Manav discuss Samar and Laxmi's engagement. Meanwhile, Laxmi gets a request from Samar for them to get engaged.

13th April 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 146 and 147

Manav reprimands Ayesha for not taking proper care of Meethi. Because of negligence, Meethi falls sick, while Ayesha tries to keep some confidential documents away from Manav.

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Karan is worried for Laxmi; Samar appreciates Karan for assisting him and Laxmi in preparation for their engagement. Karan directs Samar and Laxmi for the film and guarantees Manav of properly handling the film production.

14th April 2022, Thursday: Episodes 148 and 149

Living a lonely life, Ayesha is miserable. For her improper action and not behaving nicely toward Karan, Laxmi is bothered about him. Karan handles the preparation of Samar and Laxmi's engagement.

Samar and Laxmi's engagement arrangement is in full gear, and the Sareens are busy. But unfortunately, Manav is not paying attention to his engagement and is scolded by Sona, who selects Laxmi's outfit.

15th April 2022, Friday: Episode 150

Laxmi is bothered by Karan's well-being, while Laxmi wants to move her engagement to Samar forward because Karan is unhappy with her. He tries to persuade Laxmi that Samar loves her, and the latter is shocked on the other side.

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dream girl cast
Manav decides to divorce Ayesha after finding out about her betrayal. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

16th April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 151 and 152

Ayesha engages the services of a maidservant and gives her instructions. Samar is anxious to unravel Ayesha's secret, and Laxmi's attitude gives the Sareens concern. Manav praises Karan for organising Samar and Laxmi's engagement well.

Rescuing the maidservant, Ayesha injures herself and is treated by a Doctor through Manav, though he still doubts her. Laxmi is anxious to contact Samar, but he is partying with Karan.

17th April 2022, Sunday: Episodes 153 and 154

Ayesha refuses to divulge the reason for her injury from Manav and proceeds to carry out the confidential mission. However, Karan's hardship makes Laxmi unhappy, and she finds it hard to confide in Samar.

Aarti is in Ayesha's room, and the latter hides her from Manav, who is shocked to find her in her room. As Samar and Laxmi prepare for their engagement ceremony, Manav extends an invitation to Ayesha to attend the event. Karan is deeply engrossed in his thought for Laxmi.

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18th April 2022, Monday: Episodes 155 and 156

Ayesha is frightened as Aarti attends Laxmi and Samar's engagement rite; Laxmi shares her excitement with Samar during the ceremony. Aarti's behaviour is shocking to Manav and Prem because her behaviour resembles Ayesha's.

Karan celebrates the engagement ceremony of Laxmi and Samar. In the process, he interacts with Aarti and is stunned.

19th April 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 157 and 158

Ayesha tries to conceal Aarti's identity and consults a doctor for plastic surgery. A function is organised to launch Samar and Laxmi's new film by Manav, while Laxmi and Karan are concerned about Samar's whereabouts.

Ayesha tries to hide Aarti in the car, and Samar spots her; Aarti expresses her dislike for Ayesha for being so cruel towards her. Samar gets Manav, Prem, Laxmi, and Karan upset by not attending the film's premiere.

20th April 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 159 and 160

Samar is anxious to reveal Ayesha and Aarti's relationship with his family. He tries to set Aarti free from Ayesha. Manav arranges for a press conference to advertise Laxmi and Samar's film.

Samar is involved in a road accident, and he is in a pool of his blood; Ayesha ignores and refuses to help him before Karan gets him admitted into the hospital. Samar is in a critical condition, and Laxmi, Prem, and Manov are bothered.

21st April 2022, Thursday: Episodes 161 and 162

Manav shows his appreciation to Karan for saving Samar. Laxmi is happy to know about Samar's quick recovery. But, in her bid to conceal Aarti's secret from the Sareen, Ayesha plans to torture Samar.

Prem and Sonia show their displeasure toward Ayesha for not assisting Samar after his accident. Samar reveals to the Sareen that Aarti is Ayesha's sister, while Manav and Karan save Aarti from Ayesha and bring her home.

22nd April 2022, Friday: Episodes 163 and 164

Expressing her anger towards the Sareen, Ayesha pretends to show affection to Aarti. Samar discloses his disdain for Ayesha for deceiving him and Aarti. A case is filed against Ayesha for her cruelty towards Aarti.

Aarti becomes suspicious and tries to sneak away from the Sareen, while Karan, Manav, and Sona are concerned about Aarti and endeavour to appease her. However, Ayesha is implored to take care of Aarti.

dream girl drama
Ayesha pretends to show affection to Aarti. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

23rd April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 165 and 166

Ayesha administers a sleeping tablet and anaesthesia to Aarti, while Karan Prem and Sona are bothered by Aarti's worsening health condition and take her to see a doctor. Karan looks after Aarti and shares his pains with Laxmi.

Meethi is happy to befriend Aarti and spends quality time with her, while Manav scolds Ayesha for maltreating Aarti; he gets Aarti treated. Finding out Ayesha's intention, Karen and Manov are unhappy, while Ayesha tries to win Aarti's trust again.

24th April 2022, Sunday: Episodes 167 and 168

Ayesha deceives Aarti from the Sareen and tries to separate her from them. Under the tutorage and guidance of Ayesha, Aarti can steal money and documents from Manav's safe. Shocked that the papers are stolen, Manav and Prem are oblivious of Ayesha's concealed plan.

Manav finds the money and the safe key from Aarti's room, and after being shocked, he is sure she is under the influence of somebody to steal. However, Ayesha accuses Aarti of stealing the money to prove herself blameless.

25th April 2022, Monday: Episodes 169 and 170

Aarti's condition saddens Karan, and he scolds Ayesha for making her life so unpleasant. Although trying to find Manav's digital signature, Karan becomes aware of her motive and informs Ayesha to focus more on the film casting instead.

Manav tries to reduce Aarti's suffering by applying a psychological method to heal her but to no avail. He is afraid her condition is worsening, while Prem, Geeta, Sona, and Mathur celebrate Samar and Laxmi's Haldi ceremony.

26th April 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 171 and 172

Aarti saves Meethi from getting injured while playing with her. Prem and Manav are concerned about Aarti's pains and intend to keep her away from Ayesha. Ayesha is seriously looking for a means of finding Manav's digital signature.

Ayesha succeeds in getting Manav's fingerprint, bringing her close to getting his digital signature. The Sareens are happy to arrange Samar and Lakshmi's Sangeet ceremony and welcome guests.

27th April 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 173 and 174

Ayesha keeps Aarti out of sight throughout the Sangeet ceremony, and she mesmerises the guest with her spectacular performances. Manav is shocked by the offence of Ayesha when he becomes aware. Finally, the Sareens celebrate their invitees.

The Sareens and Mathurs bless the couples while performing at the wedding. A fire outbreak is detected in Laxmi and Samar's property, which is part of the Navrang studio. The incident is shocking to Manav, Karan, and Samar.

dream girl soapie
Manav is shocked by the offence of Ayesha when he becomes aware. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

28th April 2022, Thursday: Episodes 175 and 176

Samar and Laxmi's marriage brings joy and happiness to the Sareens and Mathurs. Sona becomes emotional when she remembers Manav's pain and suffering, and Mathur shares his anguish with Laxmi. Ayesha is anxious to become famous.

The death of Manav and Samar in the accidents is overwhelming for the Sareens. A miserable Ayesha faces difficulties accepting Manav's death, while Laxmi is sorrowful thinking of Samar. Karan shares his pain with Aarti.

29th April 2022, Friday: Episodes 177 and 178

Ayesha has transferred a part of the Navrang studious to her name, and Prem is angry. The studio soon runs down, and Ayesha is disappointed at the level of decay and the new film.

Aarti promises to compensate investors for their losses at the press conference, but Ayesha is livid when she learns about her statement. Then, remembering Manav's nobility, Aarti chastises Ayesha for her rebelliousness.

30th April 2022, Saturday: Episode 179

The well-being of Aarti is of primary concern for Karan, and being part of the Sareen family, Aarti discloses her feelings to Karan. Sona and Aarti encourage the workers to rebuild the Navrang studio.

What happens to the Dream Girl cast?

Dream Girl on StarLife has a thrilling storyline this April as the feud between Laxmi and Ayesha reaches new heights. Here is a recap of what happens to the characters in the upcoming Dream Girl April episodes.


She disguises herself as Naina but decides to reveal her true identity to Samar when his condition starts to deteriorate because of drug addiction. Her fight with Ayesha reaches new heights when the latter tries her best to expose Laxmi's identity. Later, during court proceedings, Abhimanyu betrays her after being tricked by Ayesha to testify against her, and she loses the case against Ayesha.


She is determined to see Laxmi's downfall and even tricks Abhimanyu to testify in her favour during her court case against Laxmi. Later, Manav finds out about her betrayal and decides to divorce her. Ayesha tries to prove her innocence, but Manav has had enough. She then demands that he gives her half the shares of Navrang Studio since she is the one who promotes the studio and its movies. Will Manav give in to her demands or change his decision about ending their marriage?

The Dream Girl StarLife show has to be on your must-watch list because things are about to get heated, as revealed by the above Dream Girl teasers. What is Ayesha planning to do after Manav asks for divorce? The Indian show airs on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 8.00 p.m.

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