A Lockdown Love Story Teasers for April 2022: Dhruv loses his memory!

A Lockdown Love Story Teasers for April 2022: Dhruv loses his memory!

Sonam goes to Raghav’s place to kill him after he tries to force her to marry him. Dhruv learns about it and goes to rescue Sonam, and a fight breaks out. Dhruv ends up being hospitalized, and the doctor reveals he has amnesia. How will the Jaiswals tackle the situation now that Milky's obsession with Dhruv is threatening everyone's safety? Find out how the drama unfolds from the A Lockdown Love Story teasers.

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A Lockdown Love Story Teasers
A Lockdown Love Story Indian series airs on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 7.00 p.m. Photo: @openviewforever
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Lockdown Ki Love Story revolves around Dhruv and Sonam’s romance. Their parents move in together during the Covid lockdown, and the two sneak into each other’s rooms. Dhruv’s mother, Nutan and aunt Sheetal are against the union because of Sonam’s modern ways. Sonam’s father, Pratap, feels Dhruv’s family is too traditional while Sonam’s mom Subhadra and Dhruv’s dad Shashikant see nothing wrong with the two being together.

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A Lockdown Love Story teasers for April 2022

How is Sonam and Dhruv’s romance affected in the upcoming finale episodes of A Lockdown Love Story on StarLife? Go through these teasers to discover how the action unfolds.

A Lockdown Love Story teasers
Sonam goes to Raghav's house to kill him, and he tries to force her to marry him. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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1st April 2022, Friday: Episodes 95 and 96

Dhruv (Nutan's son) and Sonam (Pratap's daughter) share great moments. Later, Sonam is left speechless when the authorities visit the Jaiswals. Elsewhere, Dhruv’s aunt Sheetal learns about the evil plans that Raghav is working on.

Pratap's daughter is determined to find a solution to the problems between Nutan and her son Dhruv. Meanwhile, Shashikant has a surprising choice when it comes to Milky’s nuptials.

2nd April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 97 and 98

Sonam asks her mother Subhadra to rethink her decision to end her marriage with her father, Pratap. Raghav enhances his appearance in a groom's attire for the nuptials, and his mother is left speechless.

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Nutan's son is surprised when Sumitra reveals what Raghav is planning to do. Meanwhile, Sonam arrives at the home of Raghav to end his life.

3rd April 2022, Sunday: Episodes 99 and 100

Raghav tries to force Pratap's daughter to marry him while Dhruv hurries to rescue her. Later, a fight erupts at Raghav’s household when Dhruv gets there.

Nutan's son is admitted to the medical facility, and Nutan blames Sonam for being responsible for his condition. Later the next day, Pratap's daughter sees a surprising thing.

4th April 2022, Monday: Episodes 101 and 102

Dhruv’s folks are informed about his memory loss, and the news leaves Pratap's daughter speechless. She later accompanies her mother Subhadra to visit the Jaiswals.

Pratap's daughter is dressed in kids’ attire when she goes to meet Dhruv at the park. Later, she refuses to go back to Mumbai as Dhruv’s recovery continues to worry the family.

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5th April 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 103 and 104

Nutan's son loses his mind and bites Milky when she attempts to give him food. He later disappears mysteriously, leaving the Jaiswals worried.

A disappointed Dhruv screams after finding out that his mother Nutan burnt his favourite attire. Meanwhile, a concerned Sonam comes up with a plan that she feels will help Dhruv.

6th April 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 105 and 106

Not knowing the truth, Dhruv feels uneasy about introducing Pratap's daughter to his mother, Nutan. Later, children seek Dhruv’s apology and decide to become his friends while Nutan reprimands Sonam.

Nutan is left speechless after Shashikant makes a not-so-good revelation regarding Dhruv’s condition. Later, Dhruv creates a chaotic situation while his aunt Sheetal intimidates Sonam.

7th April 2022, Thursday: Episodes 107 and 108

Dhruv’s aunt Sheetal is threatened by Sonam, while Dhruv gives the family a hard time when he does not want to be injected.

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Sonam stands by Dhruv when her father Pratap tells him that he is insane. Meanwhile, Milky sees a great opportunity in the ongoing situation and attempts to incite Dhruv.

8th April 2022, Friday: Episodes 109 and 110

Sonam ensures Dhruv is back home, but his mother, Nutan, cannot stop insulting her. Pratap later wants her daughter Sonam to decide whether she will choose her family or Dhruv.

Shashikant does not obey Nutan’s orders and asks Sonam to continue staying at the house for the sake of Dhruv. Later, Dhruv gives Milky a hard time when he does not want to eat, and a disappointed Milky decides to lock him in a room.

A Lockdown Love Story teasers
Dhruv loses his memory after fighting with Raghav. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

9th April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 111 and 112

The Jaiswal family is left speechless upon receiving a ransom note from the abductors. Meanwhile, Milky and her mom are happy when their plot of abducting Dhruv unfolds as expected.

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Pratap's daughter gets a crucial clue that can help her locate Dhruv. She later sees something surprising at Milky’s house when the authorities come to search the place.

10th April 2022, Sunday: Episodes 113 and 114

Milky lets the family see her real side. Nutan realizes her mistake and is remorseful about it, while Shashikant is in for a big surprise.

Dhruv creates a mess in the house, but Sonam supports him and the Jaiswals. Milky later cautions Dhruv and creates trouble for his family.

11th April 2022, Monday: Episodes 115 and 116

Milky starts making a fool out of the family and is helped by Ankita, a decision that shocks everybody. Ankita later prevents Milky from committing an unbelievable act.

Nutan makes up her mind to celebrate Lohri. Milky is not done with her plan as she shows the family a video that leaves everyone speechless. Elsewhere, Dhruv’s aunt Sheetal starts working on her grand plot.

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12th April 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 117 and 118

Milky sees an opportunity in Nutan’s ignorance and decides to set her shawl ablaze. The family gets heartbreaking information while Dhruv is admitted to the medical facility.

Dhruv’s condition deteriorates while Milky does everything in her power to make Nutan and Sonam’s lives a living hell. Sonam later hurries to help Dhruv.

13th April 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 119 and 120

Milky wants to put up the house for sale and get a cure for her critical ailment. A smarter Sonam helps the family by making Milky land into huge trouble.

The Jaiswals family, alongside Sonam, feel like a huge load has been lifted when their Dhruv starts recovering. Sonam says she will go away from Jaiswal’s household when Milky manages to get her way in.

14th April 2022, Thursday: Episodes 121 and 122

Milky sabotages the plan that Sonam had in place and later murders Bataasha and forces Dhruv’s mother, Nutan, to support her decision. She later leaves the family speechless with her spontaneous decision.

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Sonam and Sheetal are determined to unearth the truth regarding Milky’s claim that she is expectant. The girl continues to fool Nutan while Sheetal starts working on her clever plan.

15th April 2022, Friday: Episodes 123, 124, and 125 (Series finale!)

Sonam’s Haldi ceremony kicks off while the authorities break the news of Batasha’s murder to the family. Nutan is forced to put the blame on Sheetal even though she knows it is not true.

Milky wants Nutan to kill her son’s fiancé, Sonam. Sheetal and Sonam are determined to dig out the truth regarding Batasha’s mysterious demise.

Milky, who is determined to have Dhruv all by herself, starts working on a plan to bring her competition Sonam down. In A Lockdown Love Story series finale, it is a happy ending for the Goyal and Jaiswal families. The children Sonam and Dhruv finally get married!

A Lockdown Love Story Teasers
Pratap asks her daughter Sonam to choose between her family and Dhruv. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the A Lockdown Love Story cast members?

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The Jaiswals have a lot to deal with in the upcoming April episodes of A Lockdown Love Story on StarLife. Dhruv's worsening condition worries the family, and Milky's obsession with him puts everyone at risk.


He is shocked to find out about Raghav’s evil plan and heads to his house to save Sonam. A fight erupts, and he ends up being admitted to the medical facility. He loses his memory and starts creating chaos in the Jaiswal household. Later, he disappears, and the abductors send a ransom note to the Jaiswals. It is later discovered that Milky and her mother arranged for Dhruv’s kidnapping.


Raghav tries to force her to marry him, but Dhruv arrives to rescue her but ends up being hospitalized. Nutan blames her when her son Dhruv loses his memory. She later refuses to return to Mumbai with his father Pratap so that she can look after Dhruv. She stands against Milky's aggressive attacks and the show ends when she and Dhruv are happily married.

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From the A Lockdown Love Story teasers above, it is evident that the April 2022 episodes are filled with thrilling drama. Catch the Indian show on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 7.00 p.m. A new series, A New Love, debuts on 16th April after A Lockdown Love Story finale.

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