Uzalo Teasers for April 2022: Lilly goes public with her sexuality

Uzalo Teasers for April 2022: Lilly goes public with her sexuality

Lilly is afraid to open up to MaDongwe regarding her bisexuality and her relationship with Amahle. She chickens out every time she gathers the courage to come out of the closet. What will MaDongwe do when she finds out? How will the church judge? Discover how the action unfolds from the Uzalo teasers below.

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Uzalo Teasers
Uzalo Teasers for April 2022. Photo: @uzalo_sabc1
Source: Instagram

Kwanda expresses his feelings for Nonka despite being in a relationship with her friend Hleziphi. Elsewhere, Gabisile’s career as a columnist is short-lived, while Sbu reaches a breaking point as he desperately tries to find his freedom.

Uzalo teasers for April 2022

Uzalo on SABC1 is once again your go-to show if you are looking for exciting home entertainment. Find out what happens in the Uzalo April episodes from these teasers.

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Uzalo Teasers
Sbu reaches a breaking point as he desperately works on an escape plan. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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1st April 2022, Friday: Episode 20

Vika strikes again while Gabisile’s great moment takes a turn for the worse. Elsewhere, the unusual mid-week service arranged by Mbathat leaves everyone in shock.

4th April 2022, Monday: Episode 21

Vika gets the weapons that are supposed to be used in law enforcement. Gabisile is happy and satisfied with how she took care of the interview, while things are not going well for Sbu as he reaches his lowest moment.

5th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 22

The KwaMashu authorities are concerned since the Vika incident took place, while Amahle is excited to find out that she and Lilly are finally in agreement. On the other hand, Gabisile is worried that her article writing career might be reaching the end, while Vika does not treat Nkuzi with respect.

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6th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 23

Vika emerges victorious over Nkuzi while Gabisile’s hopes for a better future enter an early death. A scared Lilly decides not to introduce her lover.

7th April 2022, Thursday: Episode 24

A heartbroken Gabisile mourns her short-lived career as a columnist while a certain handsome man is attracted to Nonka. Elsewhere, a rejected ex full of contempt pays Nyawo a surprise visit to make him pay for what he did.

8th April 2022, Friday: Episode 25

Battle lines are drawn when Nkunzi turns down Vika’s proposal and asks him to leave his zone. Gabisile turns down an offer that could change her life from K-MASH FM while Lilly decides not to come out of the closet.

Uzalo Teasers
Kwanda expresses his feelings for Nonka and later breaks up with Hleziphi. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

11th April 2022, Monday: Episode 26

Mondli finds himself in a moral dilemma. But, which decision has lesser consequences?

12th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 27

Cocoa hands Mondli Vika’s gun while Lilly opens up to Nonka about her being bisexual. How will she take her confession? Vika offers Mondli a bribe. Will he take it?

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13th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 28

Mondli finds something that will help the case in a big way while Gabisile decides to take a risky move on her show. Elsewhere, Lilly decides to ignore the orders given by the physician.

14th April 2022, Thursday: Episode 29

Just when things seem to be getting hopeless for Vika, he manages to pull a surprising move. Elsewhere, Gabisile is excited after landing another job while Hleziphi is a gone girl.

15th April 2022, Friday: Episode 30

No one can remove Nkunzi as he cements his influence in the underworld while Gabisile receives the biggest offer from K-MASH FM. Will she take it? Lilly pours her heart to Nonka regarding the problems that people in the LGBTQ+ community face every day.

Uzalo Teasers
Mondli finds himself in a moral dilemma. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

18th April 2022, Monday: Episode 31

Mondli is determined to get an enemy of the police force regardless of the difficulties he is experiencing. Sbu’s woes are far from over while Lilly continues to lead a secret love life. When will she gain the courage to come out? Elsewhere, Gabisile receives heartbreaking news.

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19th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 32

Mondli is doing all he can to get Cocoa and Lilly ready to lend him a hand. Kwanda opens up to Nonka about how he feels about her, but she turns him down. Meanwhile, Lilly is afraid to open up to MaDongwe regarding her relationship with Amahle.

20th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 33

Mondli and Nkunzi make an unlikely collaboration to ensure that Cocoa is found. MaDongwe is angry after learning about Lilly’s sexual orientation. Elsewhere, Hleziphi is not happy when Nonka interrogates her regarding Kwanda

21st April 2022, Thursday: Episode 34

Dangerous surprises are in store for Cocoa’s search team. Will they find him before it is too late? A renowned talk show kickstarts Lilly’s nightmare while Sbu continues to work on his escape plan.

22nd April 2022, Friday: Episode 35

Mondli is woken up by Nkunzi while an angry Lilly goes away from the house after having a heated argument with MaDongwe. Elsewhere, Hleziphi finds out that Nonka expelled Kwanda.

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Uzalo Teasers
Vika is ready to do anything to get out of jail. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

25th April 2022, Monday: Episode 36

There is heightened tension as Hleziphi and Nonka try to solve the Kwanda problem. Sbu attempts to persuade Njeza to conform with his perfectly drawn escape plan. Vika is ready to do whatever it takes to get out of jail, while MaDongwe is reprimanded by a church friend from the past.

26th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 37

Mondli makes Vika learn a lesson that he will remember his entire life, while Kwanda decides to end his relationship with Hleziphi. Lilly prioritizes her happiness as she decides to make everyone know about her love life.

27th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 38

Vika has no choice but to seek assistance from the person he fears the most. Nonka decides to sever all ties connecting her to her admirer while Lilly receives ill-treatment when she least expects such negativity in her life.

28th April 2022, Thursday: Episode 39

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Mondli’s case is negatively affected by an unexpected visit to the station. Elsewhere, Mbatha decides to make a public announcement regarding sexuality and sin in the house of God. At last, Kwanda manages to gain affection from the Shlobos.

29th April 2022, Friday: Episode 40

Nonka decides to forego her heart desires to help a friend. Meanwhile, Sbu is almost achieving the freedom he has been looking for.

Uzalo Teasers
Gabisile's career as a columnist is short-lived. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Uzalo cast?

The April episodes of Uzalo on SABC1 focus on different subjects related to the current issues in South Africa, including LGBTQ+ and crime. Lilly struggles with her sexuality; Nonka sacrifices her love life for her friend, and Mondla is determined to nail an enemy of the police.


She wants to open up about her bisexuality but is afraid of the harsh treatment she might receive. MaDongwe is angry when she finds out about her relationship with Amahle. Lilly later decides to focus on her happiness as she goes public with her love life. However, her happiness is short-lived when she receives persecution. Will she let other people's opinions limit her life choices?

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He strikes again and later finds weapons that are supposed to be used for law enforcement. The authorities are worried after the incident, and Mandla starts working on getting him. Vika tries to bribe Mondla. Later, Vika is willing to do anything to get out of prison, but Mondli teaches him a life lesson. He is then forced to seek help from the person he fears most.

Hleziphi and Nonka

She is not happy when Nonka starts asking her questions regarding Kwanda. She later finds out that Nonka expelled Kwanda from the house. There is heightened tension when she and Nonka try to handle the Kwanda problem. Later, Kwanda decides to break up with Hleziphi while Nonka cuts all ties with the former as she decides to choose her friend and sacrifice her heart.

Get your popcorns ready since the upcoming April episodes of the Uzalo TV series are full of entertaining twists, as you have seen from the Uzalo teasers. The local show airs on SABC1 from Mondays to Fridays at 8.30 p.m.

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Pele fails to understand his wife’s behaviour and is later convinced that things are back to normal, but he is wrong.

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